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Bahodir Musaev. "Andijan fan - killing machine". Download the book in PDF format here or read on our website here.
"Uzbek" April
Dmitry Alyaev
NEP in Kyrgyz
Stanislav Pritchin (Moscow)
Allow me!
Murad Aytakov (Ashgabat)
Tell me how to ask ...
Payrav Chorshanbiyev (Dushanbe)
"Flowers of life" as an object of violence
Yulia Kuznetsova (Almaty)
"White City" Ashgabat
Mohammed Geldiyev (Ashgabat)
Opposition revenge
Damir Vacancies (Moscow)
Rahat - not really borat
Rasul Ibragimov (Almaty)
Whole room
CIS: to the future - with optimism
At the end of last week, a regular meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers (COM) of the CIS countries was held in Moscow, in which the head of the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan, Marat Tazhin, took part. During the meeting, participants ...
Russia should provide equivalent military assistance to Kyrgyzstan in the event of the promised transfer of $ 1 billion in arms to Tajikistan
Information on the transfer of the 201st Russian military base to the authorities of Tajikistan, its full re-equipment and equipping with new models of weapons and equipment is differently evaluated by politicians and military experts ...
Yury Susloparov: Central Asia, sir.
The Volga flows into the Caspian Sea, the president of Kazakhstan is Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Moon is a satellite of the Earth. Here, a short list of the truths of acquaintances from early childhood. Add one more, the West is back and ready to dominate ...
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