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Site creation "Oasis" has several goals.

First is the attempt create a source of information independent of political views what is happening in the countries of Central Asia.

Secondly, using the magazine "Oasis" develop such rare in central Asian genres of journalism as research and analysis.

Thirdly, to support the younger generation of journalists, for which it is closed “Entry” into “serious” publications.

Finally try using the site and the journal raise to another, higher level, discussion about journalistic ethics, about the need to develop modern high-quality journalism, based on laws, both national and international right.

Website "Oasis" consists of several sections:

  • information tape provided by the monitoring group Central Asia Regional News;
  • materials intended for journalists trying themselves in the genre of research and analysis;
  • magazine "Oasis"publishing two once a month - every second and fourth Wednesday.

Magazine "Oasis" published twice a month - in second and fourth environments.

A4 format, 8 pages.

Rolled up in pdf, magazine "Oasis" is available everyone who has a program in their computer Adobe Reader and printer of any brand.

You just need to open the file up to 150 KB and press button "print".

For friends and colleagues, you can make any number of copies.

If you can not open our site and, accordingly, download or open file with the next journal number, subscribe, and you will receive file by email.

You can become not only the reader, but also the author of the journal, by sending your article at: [email protected]

Please do not send more than 4,000 characters with spaces.

If we are interested in your material, the chief editor will write you a letter.

But remember the main condition of our magazine: the article must be politically not biased, your opinion should be minimal, but most of all - versatile views on the event described by you, at least two or three people. We need your analysis of the situation, independent view on the event.