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14 questions to be answered by the text of a professional journalist
A source: http://journalism.narod.ru/smi/0001.html

Analytical journalism in Russia: a view from the inside
Release year: 2003
A source: http://www.russ.ru/politics/20031022-resp.html
“Independent analytical journalism is the missing link in the democratic process” is the title of one of the discussion platforms submitted to the Russian Forum, held in Nizhny Novgorod from October 23 to October 25.

Basov O. Analytical journalism in market categories
A source: http://www.russ.ru/politics/20031024-basov.html
The organizers of one of the discussion platforms at the Russian Forum suggest speaking about "analytical journalism" as a "lost link in the democratic process." I have to admit that this “loss of the link” itself has caused me the feeling that there is a certain standard democratic process, fully equipped with spare parts and stored in the city of Sevres along with a reference meter and a reference kilogram.

Golyshev V. Transitional Analytics
A source: http://www.russ.ru/politics/20031023-golyshev.html
Analytical journalism, most likely, never existed in our pure form. In the heyday of this genre in the 90s of the twentieth century, it was more like journalism and even propaganda, mimicking analytics.

How to work with opinion polls
A source: http://journalism.narod.ru/smi/0012.html
For journalists and professionals working in the field of public opinion, the question is the main tool for collecting information.

Kozhbakhteev V. Analytical journalism in Russia
A source: http://www.statya.ru/index.php?op=view&id;=2389
The article considers: all analytical genres, their structural organization, history and problems of analytical journalism in Russia.

Kuznetsov I.N. Tutorial on information and analytical work. Information: collection, protection, analysis
Publisher: Yauza
Release year: 2001
A source: http://www.evartist.narod.ru/text/21.htm
The textbook deals with a wide range of problems in working with sources of information of different form and content, ensuring the process of preparing and conducting information and analytical work.

Master class with Alexander Rozhkov. Lesson 1. What is “analytical journalism”, its place and role in modern media
A source: http://www.mediaprovinces.kz/index.php?r=44&c;=690
Journalism, which has existed in its usual form for more than 400 years, has taken its roots from the need of society for applied information. For example, the first chronicles, and then the printed newspapers consisted almost entirely of news-chronicles ...

Master class with Alexander Rozhkov. Lesson 4. Analytical article - the most common species genre of analytical journalism
A source: http://www.mediaprovinces.kz/index.php?r=44&c;=871
Modern journalistic practice comes close to the fact that the genre in it is increasingly giving way to the concept of “text”, which incorporates features of different genres and becomes a more convenient and universal form of presenting information to the audience.

Proceedings of the seminar "International Standards" in Almaty, March 4-6, 2002
A source: http: //www.iwpr.net/development/workshops/training ...
The training seminar was conducted by representatives of the London office of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. The main issues that were discussed at the seminar are the standards of international journalism, genres of journalism, the technique of interviewing and searching for sources of information, the work of a journalist and editor on an article, etc.

Moskovkin L., Vakurova N. Parliamentary journalists are not people, but media channels ...
A source: http: //www.russ.ru/politics/articles/99-05-28/mosk ...
Parliamentary journalism as a set of media channels between the parliament and the electorate

Musayev Bahadir Andijan fan - killing machine
Release year: 2007
In this work, the main thing for the author was the desire to look behind the other side of armored personnel carriers and sniper rifle sights, from which the fire began to kill, that is, to determine the true face of power. Actually, who are they, let's say, these reform imitators and politicians? What is the source, cause and explanation of their short-sightedness and inferiority, readiness to commit crimes and crimes for the sake of maintaining their positions of power?

Editorial article: it draws a line
A source: http://journalism.narod.ru/pressa/0015.html
Chapter from the book "Handbook for Journalists of Central and Eastern Europe"

The role of the media in the military-political conflicts of our time
A source: http://psyfactor.org/smi.htm
The globalization of information processes and the inclusiveness of information flows, the rapid development and increase in the volume of influence of the audience of telecommunication networks marked the end of the 20th century.

Randall D. Universal journalist
Издательство: Independent Training & Consultancy, Amsterdam, in cooperation with the Independent Journalism Centre
Release year: 1996
A source: http://journalism.narod.ru/pressa/0029.html
Dedicated to all Russian journalists and editors who taught me that there is such a thing as universal journalism.

The current state of the genre political portrait
A source: http://www.5ka.ru/26/25014/9.html
It so happened that the interest in the visual image of a person is constant, no social or social changes can influence it. Each historical epoch has left us its examples, capturing the images of different people.

Tertychny A.A. Analytical journalism
Publisher: Moscow
Release year: 1998
A source: http://jur-ka.narod.ru/library/library.html
As you know, journalistic genres are understood as stable groups of publications united by similar content-formal features. These signs are called genre-forming factors.

Tertychny A.A. Periodical press genres
Publisher: Aspect Press
Release year: 2000
A source: http://elibrary.tomsk.ru/library/main/tertichnii/
This book presents the modern concept of the genres of periodicals. The role of the subject, functions, methods, level and forms of display of reality in journalism as its main genre-forming factors is revealed. The characteristic of the main journalistic genres. The theoretical positions are supplemented by the analysis of specific publications, which makes it possible to use the book both for scientific and educational purposes.

Mist D. Media creativity: Tutorial. Genre features of journalistic materials
Publisher: Kazan
Release year: 2002
A source: http://www.mediart.ru/content/view/17/88
Genre in French means - genus, species. This is a historically established literary and journalistic form with certain persistent characteristics ...

Ullman J. Journalistic investigations: modern methods and techniques
A source: http://journalism.narod.ru/smi/0011.html
This book touches on two sides of the same problem at the same time: journalists take themselves too seriously, but at the same time they are not serious enough about the process of preparing analytical journalistic materials.

Schiller G. Mind controllers
A source: http://psyfactor.org/infmanipulat2.htm
To achieve the greatest success, the manipulation must remain invisible. The success of manipulation is guaranteed when the manipulated believes that everything that happens is natural and inevitable.