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Babaev LED İrgaşeviç
[email protected]
03/07/2008, Russia, Moscow
I read the article about the corpses, which states that the embassy will cover half the cost of transportation. This article has many questions, year after year recurring. Reminds Krylov's fable "And things are there." I am 50 years old, accidentally got to Russia, I live and work here for a decent salary. Difficulties with housing, like all visitors, but not the main thing. I want to go home, but I can't. Working as a sports leader in the region for a meager salary, how to feed a family ??? ... ... The answer is, and so they live, and if you can’t get out and constantly do business. Therefore, they are going to work honestly and get decent wages for their work. The problem may be much more complicated. I know that not only workers are leaving, but also scientists, engineers, etc.
[email protected]
10/15/2007, Moscow, Russia
Hello! I would like to clarify the postal address of the Turkmen National Institute of World Languages. D. Azadi. It is necessary for the work of the company "East View Information Services" in this region. Thank.
[email protected]
08.08.2007, Kyrgyzstan, Osh
Has anyone read "Guestmaster"? Can you drop the link to it?
Ibragimov Ahmad
[email protected]
23.07.2007, Tajikistan, Kulyab
CIS journalists unite !!! Consider the merger on this site.
[email protected]
Why are there no articles about Uzbekistan? Does this mean that there are no journalists in Uzbekistan or are you afraid?
MICAGON Jankenova
[email protected]
16.05.2007, Kazakhstan, Almaty
Hello! My name is Michgona. I study in journalism. I really want to write on analytical topics and make materials hot and relevant. And where else can I learn this, if not on your website! I will be very grateful to you if you give me this opportunity!
Sergey Solyanik
[email protected]
September 28, 2006, Kazakhstan, Almaty
Please convey condolences and words of support to your colleague who works under the name of Murad Aitakov. To the author of the material "To kill a journalist".
Silence, double standards, flirting with criminal authorities, both politicians and the public, is the result of what we now have in Turkmenistan - the fascist regime, which gives a dark medieval.
From each of us, in varying degrees, depends on what happens in the country. The main thing is not to be silent. And if possible act.
With solidarity
Sergey Solyanik
[email protected]
15.08.2006, Russia, Novorossiysk
Andijan people - hello. I miss Asia. Anyone who remembers 37 schools (1978) and a music school (1982) from Andijan, write. [email protected]
She's in love
[email protected]
04.04.2006, Tajikistan, Dushanbe
Friends! I send the address of our website ... www.khudshinos.freenet.tj
Miraveev Refat
[email protected]
March 18, 2006, Russia
Hi Asians. I miss Andijan. I have not been there for 25 years. School 37 and music. School, all Salam.
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