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05.02.2006, Tajikistan, Dushanbe
The article about Tajiks of Samarkand is relevant. Everyone suffers from cretinism Abduganievich! I hope the other will come to Tajikistan in the Republic of Uzbekistan will be good, as the Uzbeks in Tajikistan now.
Safarov R.M.
[email protected]
01.31.2006, USA, Miami
Ochen 'interesno i smelo.Mudrosti i udachi Vam! Otkroi'te shirokoe prostranstvo dlja obxhenija, sotrudnichestva i svjazei'.S uvazheniem.
[email protected]
25.01.2006, Russia, Irkutsk
I go on your site and the eye rejoices! You are directly sharply different from all that previously seen on your subject. Thank!
Nurila-Maxym to. G.
[email protected]
17.01.2006, Osh, Kyrgyzstan
Can I publish my views on upcoming events in Kyrgyzstan? If I can then within what volume should the publication be?
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Phil Lee
[email protected]
I really like your online magazine. I want to write more good articles on OASIS. Thank.
[email protected]
11.11.2005, UKRAINE, KIEV
Dear I send the address of your site to read www.kurds.narod.ru if you like or write suggestions .... AZIZ ..... WWW.KURDS.NAROD.RU //////////////// ////// POKA ////////////////////
Dear Aziz, Thank you for your interest in our site. If you wish, send a banner your site and we will post it on our site. Oleg Panfilov, project Manager
Mirzoev Izzat Ibodovich
[email protected]
16.10.2005, Tajikistan, Dushanbe
I am from RTSU, a 5th year student of the journalism department. What about articles, what should I do? I want to cooperate with you, i.e. write for you. Write me the "what" and "how" you need. And of course about the payment (your rates) ...
[email protected]
03.09.2005, Israel, SHELOMI
Dear! Thank you for the site, very interesting, but I will ask, if possible, from Tajikistan KANIBADAMtsev write to me. There is something to ask and consult. Thank you in advance. My contact address is: [email protected]
[email protected]
July 05, 2005, Tajikistan, Dushanbe
I really like your online magazine. In fact, you have cool criteria. I want to write more good articles on OASIS. Thank. Kayumars, a journalism student at the TSNU
Asanov Azat
[email protected]
Why did Kulov drop from a “post” of a presidential candidate to an ordinary agitator (like Vladimir Putin during the presidential elections in Ukraine)? You do not know? And I know! Because Kulov from the first days of the Revolution began to lie to the people. How he skillfully organized the looting, how he secretly met with Akaev, received congratulations from him ... not to list all his actions. Why do such pseudo-patriots like Madumarov, Usenov, Bakiyev, Dosbolov, Isakov, have no prospect of remaining at the helm of the state? Because they blatantly lie to the people, they skillfully brainwash the population of Kyrgyzstan. Remember how Askarkul began (his real name) Akayev. First of all, he replaced the passport to remove the word "cool" (slave). As president, what words he said, you all know. And what was the result in the end? I think you know that too. Therefore, Bakiyev and his team have no prospects. Bakiyev developed and signed Operation Typhoon (Aksytsev Firing). To come to power. If you do not believe, you can compare: 17.03.2002 year-Aksy and 17.06.2005, year-Bishkek. Do you feel the handwriting? He is also a coward. During the attack, the White Heads fled from the podium. Only Beknazarov remained there. After 17 minutes, the White House was taken. The most interesting was later. We waited for him for more than two hours so that he would appear before the people.
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