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Jamilya Huseynova
[email protected]
06/01/2005, Tajikistan, Dushanbe
The idea is beautiful. We journalists can communicate further by e-mail thanks to Oasis
[email protected]
Thank. Once again - not disappointed. A little idea appeared - can you organize "news export (headlines)" (such as an informer) from your site and the same journal .... for placement in other personal sites by including the HMTL code. Successes! Good luck!
We will think about exporting headlines from magazine articles. But the news ... this is not our own innovations, but the news of our friend Central Asia Regional News ...
[email protected]
Why do you always be late with the issues of the magazine .....
The magazine is out today. We are not late anywhere. Wait a bit...
[email protected]
05/24/2005, Russia
I really liked your site! The design is very good and you don’t need to litter the site with pictures! Independence is good. Just one request: do not stoop to the level of compromat.ru
Internet newspaper of Kyrgyzstan "KGSTAN"
[email protected]
21.05.2005, Kyrgyzstan, Karakol
The best online newspaper of Kyrgyzstan "KGSTAN" News, Articles, Analytics, everything is all for you.
[email protected]
20.05.2005, Tajikistan, Khujand
The project is original, serious and necessary. But, you need not to publish a journal twice a month, but at least weekly. Thank you. And then, it is necessary to attract new and new authors, especially young ones, who with sober ambitions and anti-power spirit ...
[email protected]
Great! Here is the feedback. Already appeared "search engine". Thank!
The Kassem
[email protected]
15.05.2005, KG, Bishkek
The idea is good, develop it! Now, more than ever, there is a need for versatile, objective and operational information about the Central Asian region. I often visit Centrasia.org and each time I am more and more convinced that the site is clearly pronazarbayevsky, embellishing inf. from KZ and in every possible way blackens the events of other Central Asian countries. At the forum, strict censorship, with posts with foul language and insults, calls for interethnic. discord is not removed, even welcome, and unflattering remarks about the admin site, the authorities and President Kz are instantly removed! I hope you will not have this ... And yet: little information. Not a word about the unification of Bakiyev and Kulov in the elections. This is an event of great importance! Let's get more info. Here you are clearly losing to other CA sites. Foum should be simple and accessible. go for it!
Mobile reporter
[email protected]
Help your homeland. Tell the truth about what is happening in Adinjan. Journalists are "bound" by publication policy and fees. They write what they are asked for. I sent my message and oo will be posted on the network and will be available to the owners of mobile phones. Mobile Reporter is a public information project created to receive and disseminate information in crisis situations. The reason for creating a project is an information vacuum related to the coverage of events occurring in Andijan. In order to access the news of the agency, the mobile user must access his phone number at http://winksite.com/amn/mr
Muzaffardjon R. Khudoikulov
[email protected]
13.05.2005, Tajikistan, Dushanbe
“Kabutar” is offering young thinkers space to publish their ideas, unrestrained from the agendas of established political-intellectual elites, bit by bit we can effect positive changes in our troubled era.
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