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News feed provided by monitoring group Central Asia Regional News.
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Kyrgyzstan: Young oppositionists alarmed by presidential statement on media
On Tuesday, April 1, representatives of the youth wing of the Kyrgyz opposition Ar-Namys party issued a statement in which they were alarmed by the statement made by Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev at a meeting ...
Uzbekistan: Tax Amnesty Begins April 1
On Tuesday, April 1, a decree of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov came into force, exempting citizens from declaring and paying all taxes on funds deposited into deposit accounts in the banks of the country, Interfax reported. According to this...
On the meeting of deputies of the European Parliament and the Parliament of Kazakhstan in Brussels
Consultations between delegates of the European Parliament and the Parliament of Kazakhstan took place on Monday and Tuesday in Brussels. The focus is on the implementation of the agreement on partnership and cooperation between the EU and Kazakhstan ... ... as well as strategies ...
EU Special Representative for Central Asia completed a visit to Kazakhstan
The visit of the Special Representative of the European Union, Pierre Morel, to Astana was connected with the upcoming meeting in the EU-Central Asia-Troika format in Ashgabat from April 9 to 11. During his visit to Kazakhstan, Pierre Morel held a series of meetings, in particular ...
Berlin hosts international conference on water management in Central Asia
The German government intends to help the authorities of the Central Asian republics in resolving conflicts related to the distribution of water resources and water supply problems in the region. The German government intends to help the authorities ...
Why can not agree with ?
In the Central Asian region today, a rather interesting situation has arisen regarding the implementation of contractual processes relating to the distribution and use of transboundary water resources of the two river basins - the Amudarya and the Syr Darya ....
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