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Oleg Panfilov,
project Manager,

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chief editor,

Roman Zyuzin,
webmaster [at] cjes.ru

Adil Dzhalilov,

a diamond stylus,

Nargis Zokirova,
zokirova77 [at] mail.ru

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in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
not disclosed

Lyudmila Burenkova,
technical editor,
lyuda [at] cjes.ru

Elena Dorokhova,
11 (11) August 2005
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Back to the Future?
Dmitry Alyaev
Turkish march
Rasul Beckham
Chronicle of two weeks
Turkmenistan may happen its "Andijan"
Alisher Tangribergenov
Presidential ambitions
Daniyar Musaev
Every 300th citizen of Kyrgyzstan is in prison
Wave Namatbaeva
Skins are still free
Tajik NGO activities are subject to scrutiny.
Madina Saifidinova, Rano Bodjonova
Back to the Future?
In the second issue of our journal, an interview was published with a professor, doctor of historical sciences, a member of the scientific council of the Carnegie Moscow Center, a specialist in Islam Alexey Malashenko. Then he was asked the question: how real is the aggravation of the situation in the countries of Central Asia, and in which of which the next “color revolution” can occur? The professor then called Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan as the most problematic countries. At the same time, he did not expect widespread unrest in Uzbekistan in the near future, since there “the government has not yet exhausted itself”.
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Turkish march
The school year is on the nose, and the doors of the seminary of the Turkmen State University (TSU) are closed. The Human Rights Foundation “Forum18”, registered in Norway, informs that contracts with Turkish theological teachers have been broken in a hurry, they have already returned to Istanbul, courses for applicants have been frozen, and the remaining students have been included in the number of students of the Faculty of History.
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Chronicle of two weeks
In Kazakhstan, the long-running story with the uncertain timing of the presidential election has reached its climax. Apparently, in the coming days, the optimal date for the election of the head of state will still be determined by the Constitutional Council (CC), which is considering a deputy request on this topic. More recently, the Constitutional Court declared that it could make its decision-recommendation already on August 8. However, the head of the Constitutional Court Igor Rogov, well-known for his extreme caution, probably decided once again to insure himself and invited law experts Sergey Udartsev and Zaygali Kenzhaliyev to consult.
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Turkmenistan may happen its "Andijan"
The leader of all Turkmen does not like anyone, but Dashoguz. For what does not love - nobody knows, though there are plenty of assumptions on this score. Some argue that this dislike is the result of the participation of the natives of Dashoguz velayat (region) in the so-called “stealing of the century”, when more than $ 40 million were irrevocably transferred from the depositories of the country's Central Bank using modern systems of transferring funds to accounts in foreign banks. There are other explanations.
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Presidential ambitions
Kazakhstan claims to be the OSCE chairman. But in order to carry out this intention, Kazakhstan must comply with all the requirements of this organization, and in particular, in the field of democratization and human rights. Experts believe that these requirements are not met. Kazakhstan nominated its candidacy for the post of OSCE Chairman-in-Office in 2009 two years ago. The chairman of the organization is elected by vote of all 55 participating countries and some of them have already expressed their support for the candidacy of Kazakhstan.
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Every 300th citizen of Kyrgyzstan is in prison
About ten thousand citizens of Kyrgyzstan may fall under the amnesty if the new law is signed by the president of the country. The prosecutor general of Kyrgyzstan speaks against the amnesty. If this bill is passed, 10,124 people will be able to go free, and more than 800 will shorten the time. According to Deputy Minister of Justice Emil Orozov, people convicted of minor crimes will be released. This is the fifteenth amnesty in the country since 1991. As of today, over 16,800 people are in prison.
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Skins are still free
The case of the murder in St. Petersburg of a Tajik girl Khurshedy Sultanova was again transferred to the prosecutor's office, RIA Novosti was told in the office of the St. Petersburg City Court. The court found violations committed by the prosecutor's office. In particular, in the documents of the case, mistakes were made in the patronymic of one of the accused. In addition, the court demanded to separate the case of the defendant accused of killing a Tajik girl into separate proceedings, explaining that the remaining defendants accused of hooliganism did not request the jury to consider the case.
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Tajik NGO activities are subject to scrutiny.
NGO activities in the Sughd region, in northern Tajikistan, are subject to verification by law enforcement and fiscal authorities. NGO leaders believe that such close attention of the authorities is associated with recent events in neighboring Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.
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