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Good reasons
Oleg Panfilov
On September 14-16, the jubilee summit of the United Nations was held in New York, which was expected to be attended by the leaders of more than 170 countries - members of this largest international organization. Some of the leaders of states used this opportunity to hold bilateral meetings, to settle and even develop relations. For example, the new president of Kyrgyzstan met with the prime minister of Turkey, and the president of Tajikistan with George Soros.

All the leaders of the Central Asian countries, including those who did not come in the end - Nursultan Nazarbayev, Islam Karimov and Saparmurat Niyazov were expected to speak. However, if Turkmenbashi ignores almost all international meetings, the absence of the leaders of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, who filled their seats with foreign ministers, is not officially commented.

Other commentators make various assumptions, especially if the commentators are oppositionists. They write that Karimov is supposedly ashamed of the Andijan events, and Nazarbayev fears arrest on charges of participating in a high-profile corruption scandal christened Kazakhgate.

This is at least strange. It seems that the UN remains the only organization that rarely makes claims to states, preferring to use the decisions of the General Assembly and the Security Council as a guillotine. On the contrary, in many post-Soviet countries there is a preference for another organization, the OSCE, which is accused of interfering in the internal affairs of states, especially during election campaigns.

But the problem seems to be quite simple - the UN headquarters are located in the United States, and the prosecutors of this country do not favor the President of Kazakhstan because of the charges of accepting bribes on a large scale. “According to the Kazakhgate case, the very first crime event - giving $ 41 million of a bribe to N. Nazarbayev and N. Balgimbaev for concluding a deal with her to develop the Tengiz field - relates, at the earliest, to May 17, 1996. Five-year limitation period it would expire at the earliest in May 2001

The US authorities began collecting evidence in this case abroad in June 2000. Even before the indictment was filed, the US government, through the Department of Justice, secured a special renewal order for the period of evidence collection abroad under Article 18 of the US Code, section 3292. The law allows a three-year restriction for the duration of such an order. This term has not expired, since the Grand Jury of the Southern District issued its indictment on April 2, 2003, ”the website www.eurasia.org.ru reports.

Recently, the charges have been directed by official Washington and against Tashkent, but they concern the Andijan events and the subsequent demarche of the Uzbek authorities, who called on the United States to leave military airfields in Uzbekistan.

Of course, in New York were not afraid to come other outcasts. For example, the new Iranian president was constantly in the spotlight, and Alexander Lukashenko did not hesitate to remind the American authorities about the once “flourishing Yugoslavia”, and about Afghanistan and about the “massacre in Iraq”. Only the decrepit Fidel Castro stopped coming to the UN summits, preferring to curse “imperialismo americano” in the evening calls to the population on Cuban TV. But all previous meetings, Comandante Fidel neatly came to New York, using the UN rostrum to tell the Americans everything he thinks about them. He has nothing to lose - nobody will remove the blockade anyway ...

But, as you can correctly note, there are political or ideological opponents, but there are those subjects of international law who interpret laws in a peculiar way, at the same time declaring themselves to be democratic countries, and they don’t like at all when they are pointed out to violations. The presidents of these countries are offended, turn away and pretend that they already have a lot to do in order to travel to some New York for some kind of summit.

But the truth is that the newly appeared states that 14 years ago were “sisters in a single Soviet family”, behave as if they invented the UN, OSCE and other organizations. On the one hand, they signed all documents when joining these organizations, therefore, pledging to fulfill their requirements. And time passes, and the presidents of the CIS countries begin to talk about some special way of developing democracy. They are told about violations of human rights, and they, in response, “interfere in internal affairs”. They are “eradicate corruption,” and in response, “we are learning a market economy.”

Most often, scandals begin during elections. Well, who already does not remember how the elections were held in the USSR? Almost the same as now, only now you are constantly being convinced that you are making a democratic choice. At the same time, television is a state, administrative resource - from the same place. International organizations speak to the authorities about violations, and the answer is heard - “none of your business.”

Probably, internal official channels have already sent letters to the UN explaining the absence of Nazarbayev and Karimov at the jubilee summit in New York. Maybe they even called valid reasons. Most likely, they will be trusted once again, since it is already known that Nazarbayev will win the presidential election (and how else?), And Karimov will further isolate the country, driving out journalists and human rights defenders at the distant approaches to Uzbekistan ...
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