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Who are the judges?
Aziza Rasulova
The Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan is holding a trial of the first group of 15 defendants accused of committing terrorist acts and other crimes in the city of Andijan on May 12-13.

Investigations by authoritative international organizations, including the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, show that Uzbek government forces shot at civilians who had gathered at a rally of many thousands in Andijan Square. According to human rights groups, the death toll can reach thousands of people. It is very difficult to find out the exact number of dead in view of the fact that the Uzbek government is blocking any attempts of investigation on the territory of the country. The General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic cites its casualty figures: 187 killed and 287 wounded. The report of the Prosecutor General’s Office also states that the investigation is continuing against 106 people who “took direct part in the terrorist acts.”

The forerunner of the Andijan events was the arrest of 23 entrepreneurs accused of "religious extremism." Outraged, in their opinion, the unjust court supporters of the defendants attacked the patrol and inspection service, seized weapons and a truck, after which, attacking the prison, they released hundreds of prisoners. Then, armed men seized the regional hokimiyat and organized a rally in the square.

The government strongly rejects criticism for the “unreasonable use of force” and speaks of carefully thought-out actions aimed at overthrowing the constitutional order.

According to the official version, it turns out that some Western forces represented by international human rights organizations want to destabilize the situation in Uzbekistan. To do this, they hired the leader of the Islamic Movement of Turkestan, Tahir Yuldash, who allocated $ 300,000 in cash to extremist leaders inside the country. Meanwhile, 60 militants received special training on the territory of Kyrgyzstan and at the appointed time moved to Uzbekistan. In addition, the militants enlisted the support of major Western news agencies, which sent their journalists to Andijan in advance to cover the events in detail. The Prosecutor General’s Office claims that “in parallel with the attacks, it was planned to initiate imaginary“ peaceful ”actions of the population to imitate mass unrest.”

Islam Karimov has been scaring the Western powers for many years with the Islamic factor in this connection, he was knowingly nodding and forgiving flagrant violations of human rights. However, from this version it turns out that the Americans and Europeans themselves wanted to create an Islamic state in the Fergana Valley.

At the trial, the defendants fully confirm the version of the government. They admitted that they are members of the extremist organization Akramiya. Each of the defendants monotonously, for almost one hour, without stumbling, talks about his actions, names the leaders, sources of funding, training places for militants and the true purpose of the uprising - building an Islamic state throughout the Fergana Valley. At the trial, called open, there are no relatives of the defendants. All lawyers are provided by the state. Human rights organization Human Rights Watch cites information that one of the lawyers was hired by the defendant’s relatives, but at the very first meeting the defendant refused to protect him.

Witnesses and victims unanimously assert that they were held by force in Andijan Square, where the rally was held. They claim that women in hijabs shouted "Allah akbar" and "Caliphate". However, Western journalists who witnessed the events say something else: the protesters complained about worsening economic conditions, corruption and judicial arbitrariness.

According to the prosecutor’s office, “Akramia is a local underground Islamic group that is a branch of another Islamic movement Hizbut-Tahrir.” The group is led by former mathematics teacher Akram Yuldashev, convicted in 1999 of extremist anti-constitutional activity. A brochure written by Yuldashev, “The Road to Faith,” was found to be unconstitutional, calling for the overthrow of the government.

In June of this year, three entrepreneurs were sentenced to 16 years, just for keeping this book in their possession. One of the convicts said: “You can shoot me if I ever say anything against the president or against this government in general”. The defendants were initially subjected to administrative punishment for 15 days imprisonment. One of the entrepreneurs said that during this time the special services themselves trained the defendants, that they need to talk about the Akramia organization at the trial. From such a harsh sentence it follows that this little brochure can threaten the foundations of the state. The state, which according to official sociological surveys is fully supported by the main population of the country.

For reference: According to the examination of the Committee on Religious Affairs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan, the current "Akramia" appeared in 1997-1999. in the Fergana Valley, is unconventional, illegal, acting against Islamic values. It has a goal - the construction of an Islamic state. It carries out its activities on the basis of the five-stage program described by the spiritual leader Akram Yuldashev in the book “The Way to Faith”.

The first stage is “Secret”. Emotional people inclined to religion, dissatisfied with their lives, having managerial and organizational skills are revealed. Propaganda work is carried out with these people and they are inclined to join the movement (organization).

The second stage - "Financial". Much attention is paid to financial assistance only to members who have joined the organization. They are offered financial support, work with the condition of transferring 1/5 of the income to the development of the organization.

The third stage is “Ideological”. Members of the organization undergo an ideological "reforging". Acquainted with extremist and terrorist literature aimed at overthrowing the existing regime.

The fourth stage is “Bound by purpose”. Prepared in all respects and ready to execute any order, members of the organization are introduced into state and public organizations. They carry out vigorous activity, achieve popularity in a society.

The fifth and final stage is “Overthrow.” At this stage, “akramists” are already conducting vigorous activities to implement their main goal, overthrow the existing constitutional regime and come to power.

However, according to independent analysts, this group was created artificially and exists only in the minds of the special services of Uzbekistan.

The court continues to hear against the background of how obedient media trumpeting in one voice about the imperialist conspiracy and the information war unleashed against Uzbekistan. The local mass media, in the spirit of the most stagnant Soviet times, stigmatize journalists and human rights advocates who sold for Western dollars, who are still trying to find out the truth about the Andijan events.
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