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Elena Dorokhova,
State shepherds
Daniyar Karimov
30 years ago, the current president of Kyrgyzstan worked as a loader at a fish factory, and the Vice Prime Minister drove tractors in his own collective farm

Can a shepherd rule the country? It is not excluded. In the presidential election, the usual housewife tried to challenge the head of state’s portfolio. And in the team of the executive can meet not only former workers in the canteen, but also court clerks or veterinarians. The main thing that unites these people is ambition, which allowed them to climb to the top of the vertical of power. And, perhaps, the smile of Fortune and the confluence of favorable circumstances.

It is unlikely that one of the loaders of the Kuibyshev fish factory guessed that with them the future president of the independent republic was bending his back. However, Kurmanbek Bakiyev himself at that time did not anticipate how his fate would change drastically. His partner in tandem Felix Kulov also did not think about the political arena. The current Prime Minister sought to become a fighter against crime and even in his youth he tried on a police uniform. Adahan Madumarov didn’t dream of a bureaucratic chair either. He was a simple worker in his own collective farm, until he finally left pensions in favor of a great future. Not lost.

In the distant Soviet period, the now well-known presidential human rights activist Tursunbek Akun, for example, was also interested in a completely different path. He was preparing to become a veterinarian. And even received a diploma. But the democratization, the last wave of all the Union republics, pulled a man into the whirlpool of unexpected events for him. In 1990, exchanging the fifth decade, Akun became an important figure in the local human rights movement. And then - one of the participants in political battles.

It’s hard to say who the current foreign minister wanted to be. But he received his first diploma as a forestry engineer. However, this very “forestry” Alikbek Jekshenkulov was quickly bored. Two years after graduating from an agricultural university, he abruptly changed his role, moving into commissaries. And already, in principle, practically did not leave the palaces of power. In 1992, he fell into the presidential administration. Seven years later he graduated from the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Minister of Education of Kyrgyzstan Nur uulu Dosbol, before getting into power, worked as a historian. Reputed man persistent. If only because he has worked for more than twenty years at the same institute of the Academy of Sciences. Published more than 100 papers. He has doctor regalia. Surely he would have become an academician, but 10 years ago he decided to try himself in another field and went to parliament. Now he is trying out the strength of another branch of power - the executive.

The head of the State Committee on Migration and Employment, Aigul Ryskulova, began her career as an ordinary courier in the district court. Two years later she was entrusted with the position of court clerk. This woman, in total, has been marching to prestigious positions for about a decade. Along the way, I managed to get two formations - legal and economic. However, now specializes in the social direction.

The current head of the Prime Minister’s office, Turusbek Koenaliyev, also passed a rather tortuous path to the top of the power Olympus. He had to try his luck in various positions and fields. Koenaliyev had a chance to visit the laboratory of a sports boarding school, a worker in the canteen, a policeman. Fortune smiled at him after graduation. The chief government apparatchik received the profession of an English language and literature teacher. But he practically didn’t work in a direct specialty - Koenaliyeva was invited as a translator to the Chui State Administration. A year later, he became an assistant to the prime minister and almost without any difficulty walked up the career ladder.

Miroslav Niyazov, before getting into the state security system, worked for several years in the production of anything but “secret matters”. The current Security Council secretary was a foreman at the Lenin Machine-Building Plant. And even rose to the senior master, but a little later he changed the labor front to the front "invisible". On the capable mechanical engineer laid eye of the special services.

Another mechanical engineer in the corridor of power is now sitting in the chair of the State Committee on State Property Management. Tursun Turdumambetov once specialized in transport and led a fleet of vehicles. But then he went to the village council, and then - a decade later, he was called up for civil service - into the structure of the state property fund. And, in principle, did not leave them to this day.

The well-known Kyrgyz Democrat Zhypar Zheksheev, who is enviably participating in the elections, also did not prepare himself for big-time politics. DDC leader was once an ordinary artist. He graduated from the school named after Chuikov, and then the State Institute of Arts. But the story disposed of with him otherwise. In the late 80s of the last century, Zheksheev entered into a confrontation with the communist nomenklatura. It is believed that it was his movement that led the Democrats to power in Kyrgyzstan.

Opponent of the current parliament Topchubek Turgunaliev began his career as a simple teacher. In total, he gave the education system about three decades. Before getting into the power of politics, I even managed to visit the directors of the Opera and Ballet Theater. But in the nineties he realized that culture and enlightenment are less important to him than the state. Which he, in principle, is still trying to change.

The speaker of the Kyrgyz parliament, Omurbek Tekebayev, is not only an honored lawyer, but also an enviable specialist in other science - physics. He taught this difficult subject for ten years, right up to his election to the Supreme Soviet - in 1990. Since then, he no longer left power. But about physics, they say, do not forget.

reference: Turkmen leader Saparmurad Niyazov began his career in 1959 in the Turkmen territorial committee of trade unions of workers and employees of geological exploration as an instructor. He graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. He worked as an energy engineer at the Buzmeinskaya State District Power Plant, where he became a senior master. From 1970 to 1980 in the party organs. In 1980, Niyazov was the first secretary of the Ashgabat city committee of the Communist Party of Turkmenistan. On October 27, 1990, Saparmurat Niyazov became president of Turkmenistan.

Nursultan Nazarbayev worked as a laborer at the Construction Administration “Domenstroy” of the trust “Kazmetallurgstroy” (1960). in 1976 he graduated from the correspondence higher party school at the Central Committee of the CPSU. Passed the way from primary management to the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR. 24 Apr 1990 at the session of the Supreme Council was elected president of the Kazakh SSR.
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