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Amir Temur is a great democrat?
Umida Niyazova
In April 2000, Islam Karimov instructed the leading scientists of Uzbekistan to develop the concept of national ideology. In his speech, the president said: “We need a national idea, a national ideology, like water and air, because in the battles that are underway in the world, the biggest, most acute struggle is in the sphere of ideology. For us, a great danger is that in such an environment, our young people sometimes get carried away with false ideas. ”

After some time, this ideology came into being, it became known as the Ideology of National Independence, which, according to the developers, will unite the people of the country to achieve the main idea - “Building Uzbekistan as a State with a Great Future”. The ideology of national ideology is based on the ideas of national consolidation, social and inter-ethnic harmony, and a nation-wide state. In such circumstances, any manifestation of dissent and opposition should be regarded as a shaking of the foundations of social stability and interethnic harmony.

Although the Republic of Uzbekistan is officially proclaimed a democratic state, the essence and role of democracy in the republic is assessed in a special way. Democratic institutions should take into account the mentality, especially the culture of the people. The western pattern of democracy is not suitable for Uzbek society. Due to the inconsistency of the state ideology of independence, the government takes away licenses from private media, as was the case with the TV company “HP” in Khorezm, closed non-governmental organizations, destroyed textbooks. The directors of secondary schools were instructed to withdraw and destroy textbooks in school libraries published at one time in Moscow by the publishing house Enlightenment.

Due to the lack of textbooks, they decided to leave only a small part of the “Soviet” books, provided that everything that could remind of the Soviet Union would be deleted from them. The teachers, armed with ballpoint pens, crossed out all the words: USSR, Central Committee of the CPSU, Lenin, Stalin, the publishing house "Enlightenment", the Soviet and even the names of the heroes of the Soviet Union, such as Yuri Gagarin. At the same time, Russia is called the strategic partner of Uzbekistan.

The media as national heroes are cultivated by military and Islamic leaders who lived several centuries ago. Thus, Amir Temur became the greatest and wisest ancestor of the Uzbek people. Amir Temur seems to be a man who laid the foundation of a great state, a commander who conquered half the world, whose name has been glorified through the ages. "Our people, who have been in a colonial grip for many years, have been deprived of the opportunity to honor their great compatriot, to pay tribute to his historical achievements," said at the celebration of the opening of his monument in Tashkent.

Meanwhile, to date, there is no statutory definition of the “idea of ​​national independence”, except for the philosophical reflections of the ideologists of the regime. And the Constitution of Uzbekistan prohibits the establishment of any ideology, idea as a state. But this does not embarrass the government, which has identified one of the main tasks "based on the idea of ​​national independence, cultural, spiritual and moral traditions of the people of Uzbekistan, the implementation of cultural and educational work among the population."

The main population of the country, living in poverty, thinks more about how to feed their families rather than high ideas. Thus, current problems such as unemployment, corruption, the environment and many others remain unresolved due to the lack of real reforms in the country's politics and economy.
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Hanas Vladimir
[email protected]
18.02.2007, Ukraine, Ternopil
INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF GENDER JOURNALISTS “CAUCASIA” LEADS COLLECTION OF SIGNATURES WITH THE REQUIREMENT TO THE UZBEK AUTHORITIES TO RELEASE A HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTOR. You can leave your signature on the page created by the Ukrainian group “Caucasus”: http://petition.org.ua/?action=view&id;=349 You can subscribe in Ukrainian, Russian or English. Signatures will be handed over to official bodies of Uzbekistan, as well as to international human rights organizations. THANK YOU FOR SOLIDARITY GenderMediaCaucasus Journalists Association. International Coalition of Journalists "CavcAsia"
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