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Elena Dorokhova,
The heirs of the "red" empire
Who will take the vacant place of the parties in power
After March 24, much in Kyrgyzstan turned upside down, or vice versa. The opposition has passed into power, part of the Akayev team has gone over to the new rulers. The other is trying to play the role of an opponent of the ruling elite that is unfamiliar to them. Will it succeed? However, this is not the main issue in domestic politics. Much more important is who will replace the deposed guards in white shirts.

More than 60 parties are now registered in Kyrgyzstan. Political diversity, however, only seems so. In fact, the majority of domestic parties initially play the modest role of a springboard for applicants for power. And they are created only for the period of election battles in order to imitate the appearance of mass support of one or another candidate. Alas...

One of the remarkable features of party building in Kyrgyzstan, however, is not this. And the existence of the so-called parties of power, which at one time or another appeared in all countries of the post-Soviet space. In neighboring Kazakhstan, for example, there are two political organizations created and headed by President Nursultan Nazarbayev and his daughter. In Russia, as we know, similar parties also operate, which do not hide their orientation toward supporting Vladimir Putin. The same can be said about the other republics of the Commonwealth.

It is quite obvious that such a phenomenon is a relic of the Soviet past. Only 15 years ago, in the vast expanses of the Soviet empire, there was a real political monster - the CPSU, which pressed whole nations under it. However, in the last years of its existence, this colossus more and more assumed the form of a nomenclature structure. People, as we know, were pushed into the ranks of the Communists not by the idea of ​​building a brighter future, but by striving to ensure career growth and advancement into power. Another way to take a place under the sun in the Soviet Union was almost impossible. In favor of this statement was vividly testified by the massive handing over of red party membership cards, which began in the years of perestroika.

The ruling party of the USSR rested in the Bose along with the "red" empire. But with the legacy of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to finish in the post-Soviet space so far failed. Perhaps because most of the Communists managed to repaint in the Democrats. And, in fact, to slow down the process of party building in the ruins of the country of the Soviets.

It is symbolic, but true: the names of the parties in power in pre-revolutionary Kyrgyzstan began with the first letter of the alphabet - “A.” From her - the initials of the first president - Askar Akayev. Accident? The idea of ​​spin doctors? Perhaps, although this version is not confirmed by official sources.

The first real party of power was "Adilet \ Justice". Its distinguishing feature from the other political organizations of the republic was the strong administrative resource it had. Partly, because the authorities wanted to get into it - the heads of state departments, governors, deputies, middle-ranking officials and the small heads of the district service. With their help, the party could secure a powerful bureaucratic support and lobby.

The unofficial leader of Adilet / Justice was Askar Akayev. For securities - the head of his administration. However, this did not change its essence at all. In recent years, the party has sought to actively participate in elections, counting on the successful promotion of its members in power. Only for the parliamentary race of spring 2005, for example, “Adilet / Justice” officially nominated 27 candidates. Informally - much more.

Another party of power was once considered the party "My country". In particular, due to the fact that its leader - Dzhomart Otorbaev - held senior positions in the government, and his colleagues in the organization successfully ran for parliament. However, in recent years, a party that is quite loyal to the ruling elite has gradually occupied a niche of constructive opposition. And later - through the efforts of its members, joined the Tulip revolutionaries. However, if the party pursued it, it did not receive much benefit. But that's another story.

For some time, another party in power, “Alga, Kyrgyzstan! \ Forward, Kyrgyzstan!” Led a no less active struggle for power. The brainchild of the daughter of the first president, Bermet Akayeva, and, in fact, her support team. A party that was proud that it officially does not have a permanent leader, and therefore, in theory, is not personified as a mass of other political organizations in the country.

“Alga” was considered one of the young political organizations created in Kyrgyzstan. She appeared two years ago as a result of the merger of four parties. However, she very soon deserved the hostility of the opposition because of the factual proximity to the family of the first president.

One way or another, but the people of the nomenklatura were also drawing to Algu, who were counting on promotion. In addition, the party succeeded in attracting successful businessmen into its ranks, also seeking the support of those in power. With their help, “Alge” managed to popularize the image of an organization close to the people. Charity events were held throughout the country - distribution of gifts, festive events, community work days, lighting restoration. With the help of its members in the high bureaucratic cabinets, the party solved the everyday problems of future voters. But the war for the electorate brought her not the results that she expected.

March 24 struck a crushing blow to the existing parties in power. “Alga, Kyrgyzstan!” And “Adilet”, according to their representatives, a large number of members left. That, in principle, was to be expected, given the fate of the CPSU. Now politicians prefer not to spread their affiliation to these organizations for fear of a witch hunt. Nevertheless, an impressive part of the current parliamentarians and state officials, has party tickets of the above structures. However, unfortunately, it is common for most politicians to change color.

According to some information, some of the members of the former parties in power have now safely moved into the ranks of pro-government and pro-presidential structures. So, in the near future, power parties like “Alge” or “Adilet / Justice” may reappear in Kyrgyzstan. The history, as is known, develops in a spiral.

“Surely they will,” believes the coordinator of the party “My Country”, Galina Kulikova. - Unfortunately, we have not moved away from such "traditions." They even say that soon, allegedly, in Kyrgyzstan they will open the party of Bakiyev. Maybe this is too exaggerated, but the party of the nomenclature may appear. ”

Another no less famous politician, leader of the Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan (CCP) Klara Azhibekova, adheres to a similar point of view. “I can’t rule out the appearance of parties in power in our republic,” she said. - One is definitely there. Kulov's party - Ar-Namys \ Dignity. She is gaining strength and is supplied financially. The government also supports the socio-political movement "Kyrgyzstan", which includes the Communist Party. This is a big block of political organizations. But whether Bakiyev will receive his full support depends on what convictions the president will adhere to and what he will do at his post. ”

The appearance of the ruling parties, according to the CCP leader, is a natural process. But the possibility of the collapse or mass desertion of members, according to Azhibekova, threatens only the bourgeois parties, but not the Communist one. Including "Ar-Namysu \ Dignity". “It seems to me that if Felix Kulov leaves the government, out of the party whose leader he is, the outflow of people will begin,” says Azhibekova. “Only the backbone that was formed before the events of March 24 will remain.”

But the leader of the Justice and Progress Party Muratbek Imanaliev is not so categorical in his assessments. But nevertheless, he is sure that in Kyrgyzstan there will definitely be a new party in power. “It cannot fail to appear,” he said. - The political situation itself, both in Kyrgyzstan and in Russia or Kazakhstan, implies the existence of political organizations defending the interests of the ruling elite. It can be assumed that the place of the party in power will take the NDK. But I understand that this is not entirely true. Although it is possible. "

“To establish a democratic system, strong real political parties are needed,” says Omurbek Tekebaev, speaker of the Kyrgyz parliament and leader of the Ata-Meken / Fatherland party. - Our legislation should ensure genuinely free competition of political programs, without giving any power a monopoly on power, artificial privileges and advantages. Only the people should decide which group, which ideology to entrust their fate for the coming years. ”
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