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Another life
Oleg Panfilov
There are now two popular people in Kazakhstan: this (of course) Nursultan Nazarbayev and the British comedian Sasha “Baron” Cohen, who dared, to the dismay of the Kazakh administration, to ridicule a great country.

Everything is clear with Nazarbayev: in recent years he has constantly inspired the entire world community that Kazakhstan’s democracy is not what you should not eat beshbarmak (© - Jaba Ioseliani). That Kazakhstan’s democracy is so distinctive that to be a democratically elected president with an almost complete absence of democratic institutions (for example, an independent television) is considered to be in the order of things. And if someone tries to doubt this, that one is a foe, an enemy and an opponent of everything that the Kazakhstani economy has achieved, read oil and oil pipelines.

Attempts to criticize Kazakhstan's democracy (please do not confuse it with democracy in general) are fraught with all sorts of consequences. For example, the entire pre-election process took place in the active operations of the special services and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of this oil-rich country. The opposition press was caught and destroyed like infected chickens and geese in Eastern Europe. At the same time, they detained, arrested and tried oppositionists trying to apply the principles of democracy (read, democracy is not in Kazakhstan). They, the oppositionists naively thought that they also understand the subtleties of Kazakhstan’s democracy ...

The result is stunning, plunged into the dismay of neighbors. Islam Karimov has been building his vertical for so many years - without oil, international observers and a free press, but it becomes harder and harder to maintain stability in such a percentage of his supporters.

You should not mention about Turkmenbashi at all. From the very beginning of his sun-likeness, Saparmurat Niyazov set the minimum percentage of self-love - 99 percent. But he does not even hope to chair the OSCE. He would remain neutral until the end of his presidency, that is, until the end of his days.

The country, which is trying to arouse compassion in international organizations, reduced the banal will of the electorate to the triumph of democracy in Kazakhstan. Officials overdone. It turns out that only a few percent of the population of Nazarbayev causes rejection, which is not normal, from the point of view of common sense, initially. That's when Islam Abduganievich or Saparmurat Atayevich are elected with such a percentage, no one really hopes to get an explanation. But to be the chairman of the OSCE in the polls "approve", sorry is not fair.

The second hero of the post-election campaign is British comedian Sasha “Baron” Cohen, who in recent years has appeared in the image of the Kazakh journalist Bolat Sagdiyev. All these years, neither in Almaty, nor in the center of democracy in Kazakhstan - Astana did not pay attention to the tricks and frank nonsense of Cohen. He's a comedian, and therefore looking stupid is a genre, a special artistic talent.

But the terrible roar of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry put everything in its place: they do not hide the fact that the harsh reaction to Cohen’s speeches is related to the fact that presidential elections are scheduled in the country and Nursultan Nazarbayev, who parodies the comedian, is running again for a new term. “We reserve the right to take any legal methods to prevent such speeches,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Yerzhan Ashykbaev.

In response, Sasha “Baron” ridiculed Asykbayev, focusing public attention on other features of the country: “Please, captains of the industry, come to Kazakhstan, with its incredible natural resources, diligent workforce and the cleanest prostitutes in all of Central Asia.”

The result of this information war was predictable: in Kazakhstan they had long been eyeing the possibility of controlling the Internet, and therefore the domain borat.kz was valiantly closed earlier this week. President of the Association of IT-Companies of Kazakhstan Nurlan Isin, who was appointed by the government as the administrator of the national domain space, said: “So that he does not hayal Kazakhstan under the KZ domain”.

Approximately with the same words, they started to destroy dissent in Turkmenistan in the early 1990s, and by the mid-1990s, the entire press of Uzbekistan had ceased to “hayat”. In Kazakhstan, all is not lost - ahead of 7 years of the next term of Nursultan Nazarbayev. In 2012 he will be 72 years old. Leonid Ilyich ended his rule in 76 years. The head of the country Comrade. Brezhnev was 18 years old, Mr. Nazarbayev will rule for 22 years.

Although, who knows how the Kazakh democracy will develop?

Of course, the Kazakh authorities may be offended by these lines, unworthy of Mr. Ashykbayev’s attention: they say, how many congratulations Nursultan Abishevich received from around the world. And that is true. This is called diplomacy, when formally neither the head of the country, nor the prime minister, even in a bad dream, will see the process of an official visit to a country where democratic norms are treated like, sorry, to the usual satisfaction of natural needs. But congratulations - please receive.

However, the population of Kazakhstan will not know about it. Television - in the hands of the next of kin and associates of the president, the print press, which has not yet been destroyed, will try not to cause aggression on the part of the authorities. But as soon as Kazakhstan realistically claims for supremacy in the OSCE, one can say that darkness has come on earth ...
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