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Forced pluralism
Rakhmon Boltaev
Two new political parties were registered this autumn in Tajikistan - the Agrarian Party of Tajikistan and the Party of Economic Reforms. New political movements with a bright program have aroused great interest in Tajik society, but are they really independent? Or are parties in Tajikistan created with the goal of not losing credibility in the eyes of the world community?

The Agrarian Party of Tajikistan (APR), registered with the Ministry of Justice in November 2005 and at the first congress of the party’s founders, held on October 1, 2005, announced its long-term program, outlining goals and objectives. We formulate them literally in several sentences. The Agrarian Party of Tajikistan sees its main task in building a civil society, improving the well-being of rural residents and protecting the interests of the population of the republic. The farmers, along with the promotion of democratic processes in the country and the strengthening of various areas of the agricultural sector, want to achieve the ultimate goal of ensuring food independence through the introduction of advanced technologies. And what kind of technology is not specified.

According to the party leader, Vice President of the Tajik Academy of Agricultural Sciences Amir Karakulov, “The Ministry of Justice checked the number of members on a list that lists more than one thousand people, and for the registration of a political movement, one thousand people are needed. The process lasted about a month, making sure that the number of party members in the list corresponds to the actual number, the Ministry of Justice gave the green light. Therefore, there were no significant problems with the registration of our political movement. We simply exercised the right given by the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan. Farmers are almost as good as other political movements. ”

The Party of Economic Reforms, registered by the same Ministry of Justice of Tajikistan in October 2005, no less loudly announced its program for the next five years.

“The task of the party is to implement mechanisms for reforming the economy and, on this basis, improving the welfare of the people and the sustainability of the country's political image in the international arena,” said the party’s leader, rector of the Tajik transport institute Olim Boboyev to the Oasis correspondent, we are rather opponents of the current government. The opposition is sharp, and our movement prefers to work together with the authorities. All political movements have one goal - to ensure a decent life for their citizens. But the ways to achieve this goal are always different. We have our own development model, the main priority of which is a market economy based on democratic values. ”

The chairman of the newly-made party, in an interview with the Oasis correspondent, long and meticulously outlined a model or concept for the development of Tajik society, explaining each step with a clear example. “The market assumes the freedom of interaction between the producer and the consumer. A person is only free when he has property and income from this property in addition to wages. We want to move from a state monopoly to a market allocation of resources, ”says Boboev. According to him, the party offers a cooperative social economy model. Cooperation in the areas of consumption, production, finance. That is, equal participation in management. “After all, today many countries of the world are switching to such a model of government. A person, having property, manages and enjoys the fruits of his labor. To implement our model of government, we need a legal basis, a strong government, and for this, the Economic Reform Party was created, ”Boboev also said.

To the direct question of whether problems occurred during the registration process, the chairman of the new party answered that there were no complaints from the Justice Ministry, because before declaring themselves as a new political movement, the party’s leadership carefully studied every clause of the Law political party organizations. ” However, most representatives of the opposition parties in Tajikistan believe that the newly created parties cannot be truly independent in the implementation of their program documents, if only because their leaders are the nomenclature of the government. “Consequently, their function and social purpose is only to support the candidacy of the current president in the upcoming elections in 2006, if other parties nominate a single candidate or agree on the strategy and tactics of participation in the upcoming elections. And if, due to the lack of a democratic environment and political will, the imperfections of the electoral legislation, opposition parties refrain from nominating their candidates, then two new parties will nominate their candidates, not popular enough among the people, ”the political technology expert said. Democratic Party of Tajikistan (SDPT) Shokirjon Khakimov. He also notes that if we compare the situation with the registration of other parties, then these parties are registered without any problems. And this, of course, in his opinion, is surprising.

“In my opinion, the Government of Tajikistan and its political consultants were forced to quickly create two political organizations. Over the past half year in Tajikistan, several media representatives were prosecuted, and some activists of leading political movements, such as the Islamic Renaissance Party (IRPT) and the Social Democratic Party of Tajikistan, were convicted by courts of various instances. Of course, these facts negatively affected the reputation of Tajikistan in the international arena. In order to soften the international reaction, the current government artificially created two political parties, thereby attempting to create a favorable social stance on the development of pluralism and multiparty system in Tajikistan, ”says Khakimov.

The leader of the Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan, Hikmatullo Sayfulozoda, believes that these two new parties are “pocket-sized”, which are created by separate power structures.

“If these parties work only for themselves and in order to achieve their goals, then they will not firmly defend their position and the interests of the people. The leader of one of the parties recently announced that they organized a party in order to help the government in solving economic problems. But this should not be so and this is a delusion, ”he said.

At the same time, the deputy of the Social Democratic Party of Tajikistan, Shokirjon Khakimov, believes that the level of development of political culture in Tajikistan has not yet reached the necessary level so that potential candidates for the post of head of state, being a nomenclature, have the opportunity to create a political organization .

Recall that at present in Tajikistan, in addition to two new parties, six political parties are officially operating - the ruling People’s Democratic, Communist, Islamic Revival Party, Socialist, Democratic and Social Democratic, as well as one not registered Tarakkiet party.
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