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chief editor,

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webmaster [at] cjes.ru

Adil Dzhalilov,

a diamond stylus,

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technical editor,
lyuda [at] cjes.ru

Elena Dorokhova,
№ 1 (21) January 2006
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Vent policy
Oleg Panfilov
Chronicle of two weeks
Geopolitical bridge
Ummu Armand (Kabul)
Gene pool running out
Svetlana Gafarova (Bishkek)
Moor can leave
Aziza Rasulova (Tashkent)
Empty "Mecca"
Soleh Yahyaev (Samarkand)
Slow lake killing
Anna Stepanenko (Almaty)
Vent policy
When in 1997 journalist Vitaly Portnikov published his article under the heading “CIS - Commonwealth of Independent Gas Pipelines” in “Obshchaya Gazeta”, the problem of transportation of raw materials and related political differences then concerned mainly the European and Caucasian parts of the former Soviet Union. And the main object of discontent of the Kremlin was the new education of GUUAM, which united Georgia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova.
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Chronicle of two weeks
In Uzbekistan, the trial of human rights defender Saidjahon Zainabitdinov began, which told the international media about the suppression of unrest in Andijan by government forces last May. According to Suter Ikramov, Reuters, the chairman of the Initiative Group of Independent Human Rights Defenders of Uzbekistan (IGNPU), Saidjahon Zainabitdinov was detained during general arrests a few days after the Andijan uprising. As Ikramov said, the trial of a human rights activist began in one of the courts of the Tashkent region and is accused of slander, illegal border crossing and the creation of prohibited extremist organizations.
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Geopolitical bridge
When it comes to building a bridge between Tajikistan and Afghanistan over the Pyanj River, one can hear that the Soviet Union did not build this bridge due to fears of uniting two Tajik banks. It is no secret that the policy of the Soviets in the region was anti-Tajik. This is evidenced by the so-called history of the division of Central Asia into zones of influence of Britain and Tsarist, and later Bolshevik Russia. As a result of this separation, almost 30 million Tajiks who previously inhabited one country turned out to be residents of three different states — Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan. And of these, only 5 million today live directly in Tajikistan.
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Gene pool running out
Habibe Marasulova was barely 14 years old when her parents decided that it was time for her to get married. The girl did not particularly resist, in her native village early become wives and mothers. By today's 19 years, Habiba has three children and a “bunch” of diseases that need to be treated, but there is no money. This young gypsy girl earns a piece of bread by begging. Every morning and at any time of the year with a group of women and a bunch of kids, she is selected from the village of Yangi-Makhallya, located in the outskirts of Osh.
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Moor can leave
Uzbekistan’s courts are holding closed trials against people accused of organizing mass riots in Andijan, for which 73 people were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. On 28 December, the Supreme Court of Uzbekistan sentenced nine Andijan police officers and two prison doctors. Heads of the Andijan Department of Internal Affairs and officers of the patrol and inspection service received from 1.5 to 3 years for negligence, abuse of power and official authority. Two medical officers received 8 and 11 years for accepting a bribe and exceeding official authority.
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Empty "Mecca"
The abundance of national parks and reserves, numerous architectural and historical monuments, modern networks of hotels, tourist complexes, engineering and transport communications are all on their face to turn this land into a tourist Mecca. The World Trade Organization (WTO) has determined the capacity of Uzbekistan’s tourism resources at one million people per year. Such predictions also fascinate local businessmen. A new private hotel “Omar Khayyam” in the city of Bukhara, like many of the 163 other hotels throughout Uzbekistan, were built to receive foreign tourists. “A lot is being done for the development of tourism, a lot is invested in this business.
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Slow lake killing
Today, in Central Asia, in addition to economic and political issues, there are acute problems of using water resources between countries, as well as depletion and pollution of water. In addition, there is a dangerous ecological situation that could lead to the disappearance of one of the largest inland waters of the world - Lake Balkhash. This problem today requires an immediate solution. Kazakhstan is the largest Central Asian state.
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