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Second Akayev?
Stanislav Pritchin (Moscow)
Discussion of the draft of the new Constitution continues in Kyrgyzstan. This is how the main demand of last year’s tulip revolution is realized. The new Basic Law should prevent the establishment of an authoritarian regime. For this purpose, it was planned to involve various representatives of civil society in the project. But it became obvious that the open process of work is only an appearance. In fact, a new draft of the Basic Law is being created in the presidential administration. He assigns to Kurmanbek Bakiyev elected in July all the powers that the overthrown Askar Akayev had. Bakiyev’s team in every way delays the implementation of the reform. Now it is planned to hold a referendum in November 2006, in order for the new Constitution to enter into force in 2009-2010. To thwart the plans of the president, the democratic parties and representatives of civil society created the People’s Coalition of Democratic Forces (NKDS).

The question of changing the political structure of the republic was raised immediately after the coup of March 2005. In April, it was decided to convene the Constitutional Conference (CC) - a body designed to develop changes to the Basic Law, consisting of 114 people. “Kyrgyzstan, as an Asian state, is characterized by the establishment of an authoritarian government. That is why the Constitutional Court should create such conditions so that the situation does not happen when the president and his entourage monopolize power in their hands, as happened with Askar Akayev, ”the doctor, member of the coordinating council of the My Country party, comments on the purpose of convening the Constitutional Court. Historical Sciences Zaynidin Kurmanov.

In August 2005, at the initiative of Parliament Speaker Omurbek Tegebaev, President Kurmanbek Bakiyev headed the Constitutional Court. The President immediately declared that the composition of the Conference should be revised. After that, this body was increased from 114 to 289 members. The renewed squad included, mainly, officials from the entourage of the president. This development caused discontent among representatives of civil society. “First,” considers Kurmanov, “Bakiyev is interested in preserving all the powers that Askar Akayev had. Not once did he talk about the desire to change the political system of the republic. Expanding the Constitutional Conference, Bakiyev seeks to make his work ineffective and to "blur" the voices of civil society representatives insisting on making major changes to the Constitution. "

According to observers and participants, the work of the meeting in the new composition is simply impossible. Opinion of Oleg Pankratov, one of the members of the Constitutional Court, as he called himself - from the “extras”: “If each participant gets one minute to speak on Article 1 of the Constitution (although it’s impossible to speak during this time), then given the number of articles (97) It will take 58 working days (if you work 8 hours a day). But it is also necessary to analyze each opinion and choose the most acceptable formulation, and so on. Perhaps that is why the president determined that from the time of the first meeting until the publication of the finished version, just over 20 days would pass. It turns out that the president initially deprived most of the participants in the meeting even the opportunity to speak. ”

To create the appearance of the meeting, an editorial board was chosen. It should handle the proposals from the public. Then on their basis to formulate new provisions of the Constitution. But at the regular meeting, 26 members of the drafting committee out of 49 expressed disagreement with the fact that the development of a new draft of the Constitution takes place without their participation. In addition, they accused the president of the fact that the new Constitution will not differ from the previous one.

President of the Kyrgyz Republic Kurmanbek Bakiyev has repeatedly expressed his vision of the reform. On November 2, 2005, he declared: “The constitution that is in effect in our country is presidential-parliamentary, let it work. To evaluate the control system, it is necessary to live in this system. It takes four to five years to say that this management system has justified or did not justify itself. ” So the President of the Republic put the expected point on the most urgent problem of amending the Constitution, stating that he supports the preservation of the existing administrative system.

Simultaneously with the beginning of the discussion of the new version of the Constitution, the Erkendik party, led by Topchupbek Turgunaliyev, announced that it had collected two hundred thousand signatures for the dissolution of parliament. That is, now that the time has come for open discussion, the deputies have been given a clear signal not to insist on increasing the powers of parliament. Observers note that the collection of signatures took place with the participation of social services.

The beginning of 2006 was marked by the emergence of a new democratic party, the People’s Coalition of Democratic Forces, which brought together 18 parties and non-governmental organizations. The principles of the formation of the new Constitution have become a stumbling block between the parties and organizations that are included in the NKDS, and the president of the republic Bakiyev.
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