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Oleg Panfilov,
project Manager,

Dmitry Alyaev,
chief editor,

Roman Zyuzin,
webmaster [at] cjes.ru

Adil Dzhalilov,

a diamond stylus,

Nargis Zokirova,
zokirova77 [at] mail.ru

Representative Names
in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
not disclosed

Lyudmila Burenkova,
technical editor,
lyuda [at] cjes.ru

Elena Dorokhova,
№ 7 (27) April 2006
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St. Petersburg initiative
Dmitry Alyaev
"Shut up! Shut up!"
Oleg Panfilov
Chronicle of two weeks
Unsuited relatives
Anastasia Tarasova (Almaty)
NGO passions
Rahmon Boltaev (Dushanbe)
It is impossible to execute, pardon. But how?
Inga Sikorskaya (Bishkek)
Karimovskys flexibility
Yadgor Norbutaev (Tashkent)
Save or spend?
Murat Beysenkulov (Almaty)
Private water
Yusup Kamalov Nukus
St. Petersburg initiative
In the last thematic issue, which was devoted to the relations of our citizens to their neighbors in the region, did not fit another material of the author from Kazakhstan, which we publish today. In addition, we are pleased to announce that the competition on water issues in the region is coming to an end. In the next two issues will be published the latest articles on this topic. Then we proceed to the debriefing.
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"Shut up! Shut up!"
After the publication of my editorial in the previous issue of Oasis, a certain website www.gzt.uz, which was allegedly created “with the assistance of the Public Fund for the Support and Development of Independent Print Media and News Agencies in Uzbekistan”, published a note entitled “What Not happy with Mr. Panfilov and K °? ". Of course, the creation is anonymous, and its style takes us away in the near days of the existence of propaganda departments of district committees, city committees, regional committees and the Central Committee. The text can be read on the above site, so I will not abuse the repetition of this “masterpiece”.
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Chronicle of two weeks
In Kazakhstan, the plan to establish a regional financial center (RFCA) in Almaty is becoming more and more outlined. The issue of creating a RFCA court is already being discussed. True, the discussions on this topic divided the legal community into those who believe that a court with a special status and simplified procedures does not contradict the Constitution of the country and will attract investors to those who doubt it. The final decision remains with the Constitutional Council.
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Unsuited relatives
It so happened that we always knew what was going on behind the wall of our neighbors. Birthdays or commemorations were celebrated together, became related, cursed, poured water on each other once a year, always called the district police officer for fights, and then quietly trusted the keys. On the same staircase, we lived in the same panel apartments, as in “The Irony of Fate” we had the same furniture, dishes, books on the shelves and did not complain about anything.
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NGO passions
In Tajikistan, a new draft law “On public associations” has been developed, which is not supported by many public organizations of this country and needs, in their opinion, additional comments.
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It is impossible to execute, pardon. But how?
For the past 7 years the death penalty has not been applied in Kyrgyzstan. Although some articles of the criminal code provide for the death penalty, since June 1998 the country has imposed a moratorium every year. Now, by decree of President Bakiev, from 1 January 2006, the moratorium has been extended to its full abolition by law. "HSE" is supposed to be replaced by life imprisonment.
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Karimovskys flexibility
The American weekly “PARADE Magazine” recently published a rating list of the most marginal dictators of our time, where Uzbek President Islam Karimov took fifth place ahead of his colleague Turkmenbashi, who ranked eighth on this pedestal. It is difficult to determine which of this team is more consistent with the image of an absolute tyrant, but it can be said with confidence that they are all smeared with one world. Last year's Andijan events contributed to the rapid rise of the Uzbek president on this ladder, from fifteenth to fifth in one year.
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Save or spend?
Nowadays, it is rare to meet someone who would not understand the need to protect the environment. The idea of ​​harmonizing the relationship between society and nature is close and understandable to everyone, since the dependence of people's well-being on the quality of their natural environment becomes more and more obvious.
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Private water
The main problem in the management of water resources in Central Asia is the uncertainty of the relationship between water users and the state. This uncertainty is caused by the inconsistent actions of the governments of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, and to some extent Tajikistan. In these countries, for the time being, the centralized economy remains and land resources belong to the state. Rigidly tied to the plan for the delivery of products, agricultural workers are not the real owners of neither the land nor the resulting harvest.
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