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№ 8 (28) April 2006
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Order is given to him to the west
Dmitry Alyaev
Unnecessary graduates
Kristina Prokhorova (Kostanay)
Chronicle of two weeks
Spring castling in frames
Bakehod Habib (Tashkent)
Loaned life
Igor Shestakov (Bishkek)
The Last Frontier
Payrav Chorshanbiyev (Dushanbe)
Yellow bullets in the direction of Guli
Yadgor Norbutaev (Tashkent)
Mission Complete
Farid Tuhbatullin (Vena)
Word of Dashtijum
Ummu Armand (Kabul)
The struggle for water may "drown" the Fergana Valley
Bakyt Ibraimov (Osh)
Order is given to him to the west
The Russian media triumphantly reported on the successful conduct of military exercises with the participation of almost all CIS countries. According to the legend, the defense forces were working on the attacks of “international terrorists”, who for some reason were supposed to attack combat fighters and, as usual in such cases, on captured passenger aircraft. At the same time, an attack was expected from the south of the country and from the west. From the south, the Russian border covered Kazakhstan, and from the west - Belarus.
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Unnecessary graduates
The school year is about to end. This means that thousands of students will start looking for work. Graduates are already worried, they are said to look after suitable vacancies. But not many of them will find "a place under the sun." Only a graduate knows how scary it is to get out of the university and be unclaimed.
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Chronicle of two weeks
On April 26, a meeting of the defense ministers of the six countries - members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), comprising Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, took place in Shanghai. Mongolia, India, Iran and Pakistan have observer status in this organization, but their defense ministers are not invited to the meeting. However, India de facto marked its presence, if not at the meeting, then in the region.
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Spring castling in frames
Spring in Uzbekistan again distinguished not only the oddities in the weather (either cold or warm), but also changes in the executive branch about which they were talking or on the sidelines of bureaucratic structures or in the vast expanses of the Internet, but not in the official press.
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Loaned life
Is Kyrgyzstan ready to recognize itself as a poor country in the eyes of the world community? This issue is increasingly becoming the subject of heated debate in the socio-political life of the country. The reason for this was the Hypik international program initiated by the G8 countries to help the poorest African and Latin American countries. But recently the geography of economically disadvantaged countries has expanded - Moldova has joined the program.
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The Last Frontier
Previously, there were two bateknesset in Dushanbe (as the Jews call the synagogue). One of them was demolished by Tajik authorities 40 years ago. Now the threat looms over the last synagogue in Tajikistan, built in the late XIX century. In the coming months, the authorities intend to demolish the last synagogue in the republic. In place of the Jewish temple will be erected "Palace of Nations" - the future residence of the President of Tajikistan, with an adjacent park.
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Yellow bullets in the direction of Guli
The personality of Gulnara, the eldest daughter of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, to this day remains one of the most scandalous and mysterious in the political scenario of the republic. The most incredible stories are told about her, her photos are periodically printed by “glamorous” magazines, and some even predict her the chair of the country's leader. Any man in the street, unless of course he is afraid, will tell you about the “golden plane”, about her participation in the centralized supply of sex slaves to the Middle East, about untold riches.
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Mission Complete
The long-awaited event, as usual, happened unexpectedly. We are talking about the resignation of the Prosecutor General of Turkmenistan Kurbanbibi Atajanova. In a country where leaders at various levels manage to work in their posts for no more than 2–3 years, Atadzhanova held her position for 9 years, and this event in itself is not ordinary.
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Word of Dashtijum
The Pyanj and Amu Darya rivers, still according to the calculations of the Soviet authorities, were to turn into the Klondike hydroelectric power stations. 13 projects turned out to be technically sound. With their full implementation, Tajikistan could produce 82 billion kW / h. For Tajikistan, perhaps, this is the most ambitious legacy from the USSR. Dushanbe has already placed great hopes on the resources of these rivers.
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The struggle for water may "drown" the Fergana Valley
The problem of water supply and sharing of transboundary water resources remains one of the main sources of tension, posing a threat to regional security of the countries of the Fergana Valley. The system of using water resources for Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan acquires a new qualitative context, since water scarcity in any of the countries is considered in the prism of a direct threat to national interests.
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