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Unnecessary graduates
Kristina Prokhorova (Kostanay)
The school year is about to end. This means that thousands of students will start looking for work. Graduates are already worried, they are said to look after suitable vacancies. But not many of them will find "a place under the sun." Only a graduate knows how scary it is to get out of the university and be unclaimed.

The problem of employment is very acute in the student environment. Many graduates remain out of work. Years of study, the knowledge gained is simply nowhere to apply, they are not needed by anyone. The phrase "no experience - no work" has become, a kind of, we implore for young people. Not surprisingly, if only to hear it. Many of them, focusing on the deplorable experience of their predecessors, and completely lost hope of finding a decent job. And students overcome this problem alone, the state is not their assistant. One gets the feeling that it simply does not think about its future. Why universities do not monitor the labor market and not nurture popular professionals? Why is the labor market overcrowded with some specialists who are not needed, but you cannot find specialists in popular professions? Why there is no close cooperation of universities with enterprises? Why is the practice in universities so poorly organized, and students are forced to settle for it themselves? Paradox, a vicious circle, which rolls from generation to generation and has not yet found a solution.

In a small town, finding a good job as a student is almost impossible. Your modest resume, without any special professional achievements, does not make any impression on the employer. Because there is no experience, because an overabundance of specialists of this profile, and graduates of past years have occupied a niche, so do not break through. Moreover, in a small town there may be several universities and only a couple of large enterprises. For example, Kostanay State University publishes journalists in sufficient numbers. But in the whole city there are only two TV channels and a few newspapers. In the ten years of the faculty’s existence, hundreds of students have completed their studies, who have fulfilled the need for journalists. States of newspapers and TV channels are tightly staffed. Only sometimes there is a free vacancy. And where to order to go to the young specialist? When he was an applicant, no one suggested to him what specialty was in demand at this stage. If the mother is a doctor, the father is a driver, they will not tell their child who a “marketer”, “crisis manager” is and where they are taught for such specialties. There are dozens of professions that the prospective student has no idea about, but which society will need in the future. Thousands of economists, lawyers, and accountants "stamp" large-scale universities, and no one wonders why and where to put them all. The motivation of universities is clear - “real money”. The applicant also comes from ignorance, and professions like popular. And if popular, then apparently necessary.

As such, there is no vocational guidance program that would help make the right choice for an entrant and replenish the labor market with really necessary people. In Kostanay region there is a great need for technologists and agricultural workers. Employers themselves come to these faculties with suggestions. But often educational institutions are not able to meet the demand of this kind of specialists, they simply are not enough. “It’s not prestigious,” most young people think. And all of what? From the fact that no decent information work was carried out. The problem is aggravated by the lack of mutually beneficial interest, the contract between universities and employers. It is becoming more and more difficult for students to get a job training, he even sometimes has to lay out a tidy sum of money. And if he “broke through” a place for himself, then no one is going to invest knowledge in it. What an interest, if in the future he will not work in this enterprise. The example of fruitful cooperation between the Rudny Industrial Institute (RII) and SSGPO (Sokolovsko-Sarbaysky mining and processing production association) is indicative. SSGPO is interested in almost all students graduating from IIS. Most of the graduates are employed in the Rudny plant by profile. RII also actively cooperates with Russian mining enterprises, concludes contracts and trains specialists for them. By the time the student defends his diploma, he will already have a job and feel confident about the future. A tripartite agreement between a university, a student and an employer has become actively practiced in Russia. From the first year the company takes patronage over the student. He invests money, knowledge into it, provides a place for practical training. Such cooperation is beneficial for all three parties. For a student, because he has a workplace, which means confidence and a double incentive to study, for the university, as graduates of this particular institution are in demand. This form of cooperation is also beneficial for the employer: the company receives a professional who is ideally suited to all requirements. Moreover, it’s always a pleasure to take your offspring, in which so much energy and resources have been invested, into “native land”.

"Deaf phone"

Students say that it is almost impossible for young graduates to get a civil service or other solid work. The exceptions are those who have powerful parents, friends, money. This is mainly urban youth. Rural children and children from ordinary families more difficult.

Toyzhan, 24, accountant: “I have been looking for work for a year. I sent dozens of resumes, attended interviews - in vain. I tried to get a job in the bank, it turned out that this was impossible. I had to earn money by teaching computer courses for meager wages. Now I work in an orphanage as a chief accountant. I made it myself. the university did not help me in this. ”

Alexander, 20 years old, future teacher: “Employers are not interested in a person without experience. Somehow, incredulously, they relate to beginners. If you are lucky, you will get a job in a small company with a low salary, or you will learn for yourself a new profession "errand boy". Do you want the truth? I am an educator. A year later, I finish, but they say that teachers are by far the most unclaimed profession. The excitement to learn was gone. I try not to think about it yet. ”

Nikolay, 21 years old, lawyer: “Yes, finding a decent job is difficult. But I think that everything is in the hands of man. Move forward yourself, rely only on yourself and do not expect help from the state, you will not wait. I know that I will have to go through many steps before I achieve something. But I believe that everything will be fine. "

Employers respond

The director of the petrol station network: “Why are we wary of taking on recent graduates? Everyone knows the quality of education. It is known how good marks and diplomas are obtained. I always suspect a diploma with only fives. Students do not study as they should. And then, not every excellent student is a good specialist. Naturally, a probationary period is given for a person to prove himself. If he could not prove his professional suitability - goodbye. It is now difficult for young people to find a talented, persistent, hardworking worker who can be fully relied upon. Therefore, you have to resort to the recommendations of friends. Although if an ambitious and serious come to me, I will not be able to refuse it. Such people are always needed. ”

Yevgeny, director of a printing company: “Our company is trying to hire young people. From a young man can "blind" a worthy specialist. He is not spoiled yet, not capricious, he is attentively listening to your advice. More trouble when he grows up. Any director will not give up on an intelligent, budding employee who can benefit the firm in the future.

I think that students choose the wrong specialty. For example, I need a technologist. Gave ads in the press, there are no specialists anywhere. There is no such faculty in our region, although the printing industry is well established and the specialty is in demand. A technologist would come to me, take me to work without hesitation. ”

What to do?

Search for points of contact. Such a point of contact should be special programs, projects, and widely informing young people about the situation on the labor market.

In Kostanay there was an attempt to create a personnel center for students. It was created in September last year. The personnel center was conceived as a social project. There were a lot of ideas and ideas. But they were not destined to come true. The situation is commented on by the chairman of the Association of Children's and Youth Organizations of the Kostanay Region, Natalia Borisovna Novodvorskaya.

“The need for our personnel center is clear to everyone. Students are not ready for employment, do not have knowledge in the field of labor law, do not know how to look for a job and how to write a resume. When studies were conducted, it turned out that about 80% of students never looked into the labor law. What is a labor contract does not represent for itself 50% of graduates. Many talented guys can not find a job. Our personnel center was designed to help, advise, employ. Now there is a question about the closure of this project. We counted on the help of organizations, went with the project to the department of internal policy, tried to win the tender of the akimat (administration). But in vain. At the Republican Conference in January 2006, our employment project was recognized as the best in the country. For half a year the guys worked in the personnel center absolutely free. They tried to "unleash" the idea, and then ask for money for it. We conducted research, developed business cards and promotions for employers, so that they pay attention to young professionals. During the existence of the Center, about 1000 applications from students have accumulated. There are applications from employers. We have developed a program for vocational guidance. Tested schoolchildren. These tests help to reveal the hidden reserve abilities of a person. Tracked the labor market and advised students. But at the meeting it was decided to close the Personnel Center, because funds are needed for any printouts, information material. Now there are only training to protect the rights of young professionals. Trainings are conducted by Counterpart. In June, they were going to start employing graduates, but it is not clear. ”

For the first time, the Youth Information Service of Kazakhstan (MISK) implements the Internship Program for Students. Within the framework of the program, it is planned to select business and economic faculties on a competitive basis and send them for an internship in a business organization with possible further employment. And she is a success. Students endlessly carry their resumes, and employers are happy to consider them. At the moment, about 15 students in the Kostanay region will undergo an internship.

Looking into the future, I want to see more of these organizations engaged in the employment of students. So that every student could find a job in his specialty and be in demand in this world.
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