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Yellow bullets in the direction of Guli
Yadgor Norbutaev (Tashkent)
The personality of Gulnara, the eldest daughter of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, to this day remains one of the most scandalous and mysterious in the political scenario of the republic. The most incredible stories are told about her, her photos are periodically printed by “glamorous” magazines, and some even predict her the chair of the country's leader. Any man in the street, unless of course he is afraid, will tell you about the “golden plane”, about her participation in the centralized supply of sex slaves to the Middle East, about untold riches. With a special hostility about Gulnara women. They can understand which one of them in the soul does not dream of being a princess, and if they are unlucky with kinship, they want to at least find a flaw on the dress of the lucky woman. Men are also far behind women. In any case, in Uzbekistan with great pleasure, they will tell you this ... And under green tea, and under the appropriate snack, even more.

Of course, from all the piling up of facts and rumors to get something reliable is difficult, but comparing the elements of this salad is quite possible to isolate something reliable and believable.

After Gulnara returned home from the United States, the press, mostly yellow, presented her with a sort of “superwomen” - a “black belt” in karate, a doctor of political science, and in general she was just beautiful. Business European woman. Then a caring mother, a talented designer, a successful businessman, a political scientist, an artist, and, finally, a poetess appeared before us. Is it too much? Two in one, well, three in one, but not as much?

The first of this series falls "black belt". In one of her interviews, Gulnara said that she practiced taekwondo for some time (Litsa magazine, March 2005). No competitions, titles, and so, was engaged for myself. It was impossible at all, and if it was, how long and what results it is impossible to say. Now about education. In the above-mentioned interview, Gulnara reports that she passed the entrance exams to Harvard University on a computer, on the network, and the additional four-hour exam on language skills - being six months pregnant. What in such cases exclaimed the great Stanislavsky? Here we are, after him, also doubt. Further study at the university, including the defense of a doctoral dissertation, took only one and a half years ... Well, stories like this are known. The last Emir of Bukhara, not knowing the Russian language, was sent to Russia at a very young age, where he received a higher education, however, after four, not one and a half, years ... Gulnara Islamovna had to learn about five hundred pages of text material in the nursery had to run only a few minutes. Thus was born the new doctor of political sciences, so steel was tempered! He was lucky for the applicant and with the head, he lived in Tashkent for many years and knew the traditions and gratitude for the help. True, evil tongues claim that the name of Mrs. Karimova is not in the register of Harvard students, but they are also evil tongues. Our search of the online monograph of Dr. Karimova, corresponding to this degree, was not crowned with success.

Athlete, excellent student, what's next? Yes, beauty! We did not have to meet with charming Gulnara, but in those photos that are often published, she looks just lovely. Of course, to emphasize the attractiveness of women by means of modern technology, a great deal can be achieved, but, nevertheless, some “foundation” is needed. The only exception is the case where Gulnara and her son were captured next to Russian tennis players. In our opinion, this angle is more plausible. Who likes pop, who will get their tastes, leave with them.

Let's talk about the passion of Mrs. Karimova. She calls it jewelry design, designs it and makes it herself. We can imagine Peter the Great at the lathe turning wood trinkets to his liking, and present the daughter of the president of Uzbekistan with miniature files, cutters, soldering tools, what else, no, thank you. Another thing is if you often have to order jewelry made of precious stones, “collect” them, accumulate them, then everything becomes clear. You can clearly determine which, say, a necklace or diamond pendants, you want to buy, even sketch a sketch, but this has nothing to do with the design. Occupation is not at all reprehensible for a very rich woman, and even more so if part of the collection is periodically sent for sale to a network of its own stores. Such a steady hobby, a hobby, may well bring real profit. But this, perhaps, is already a business, by its nature, not particularly peculiar to the Uzbeks.

Marital status Gulnara Karimova also causes a lot of gossip. The reason for her divorce with Mansoor Maksoudi is not really clear and it makes no sense to discuss the opinions of each side. Parted, well, parted. There were persistent rumors about the marriage of Gulnara and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan Sadik Safayev, but they were categorically rejected by the diplomatic services. The very daughter of the president in all recent interviews states that one is raising her children.

The size of the state of the daughter of the Uzbek president is impossible to calculate, and is it worth it ... If even part of the rumors are true, then it is measured in hundreds of millions of dollars. You can not talk about specific numbers, but only about their order. It seems that even the crowned dad does not quite represent the scale of the subsidiary business. Taking advantage of her patronage, hiding behind her name, officials of the highest rank are doing this that would make the hair stand on end at a caring and trustful father. He is surely aware of how rumors about his daughter’s riches are beating his presidential image. Since concrete links are impossible, let us share our own experience of collision with the “persistent” advancement of the business interests of the Infanta. In one of the regional centers of the country, the eldest daughter of the president looked at one “object”, let's call it that. The issue was resolved in a matter of days, but the most interesting thing is that the entire infrastructure of the “object” - access roads, central sewerage, heat supply, etc., was thoroughly repaired or rebuilt, at the expense of the local budget and in an incredibly short time! And nobody hid the name of the future owner of the “object”! And then there is the younger sister and Gulnara Islamovna's aunt!

The most interesting, in our opinion, about the activities of the doctor of political science Karimova can be found in the article by Professor Fayzullaev “Gulnara Karimova did not take away from me the“ Center for Political Studies ”. While reading it, we mentally applauded the professor! In the article, he emphasizes that the Center for Political Studies was created “according to the idea” of Gulnara Karimova, but at the time of its creation Gulnara herself went to work in Moscow, at the Embassy of Uzbekistan. Professor Fayzullaev, being the first vice-rector of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy (UWED) “made his modest contribution” to the creation of the Center and concurrently headed it. Then he went on a “long trip”, and on his return he went to work at the same UWED for the position of acting president. (!!!) professors.

Well, how do you like the portrait of our heroine now?

Let us turn to the main thing - the possibilities of Mrs. Karimova to become the president of Uzbekistan, many people write about this today. This can be judged by the publications, they, in our opinion, allow it. We tried to divide them into three conditional groups. To the first one, we attributed the frankly “yellow” texts written for the sake of sensation and the articles of people “disliking” Father Gulnara, and, consequently, her own. This group does not need comments.

The second group is represented by publications that intend to probe the situation and, by reaction to it, determine the extent to which Mrs. Karimova can be promoted to the Uzbek throne. This action is carried out by separate clan groups who see for themselves, in perspective, comfortable places that their representatives can take under favorable circumstances. Competent authorities are probably involved in this, such is their service - they should consider all possible options.

The third group is initiated by Gulnara Karimova herself to create a certain image of her own. To her, we will return.

How does Islam Karimov himself relate to the question of the succession to the throne? We are absolutely sure that at the present time it is extremely negative. In any case, the last word will remain with the current president. To whom, if not to him, know all the positive and negative features of his zealous daughter! Oh, there would be a son, but, alas, he is not and will not be.

Yes, and how to push the daughter to his (for the present) place. In the beginning, she needs to “sit on the ground,” give orders to the viloyat (region), and then go to the premieres. Where only to get such viloyat, when everything falls apart before our eyes, it rests on the strong fist of the president. Would it be possible to ask my own daughter to the fullest extent for not fulfilling the plan for picking cotton? And under whose influence she can get there, away from home? You will not follow. And all her miscalculations will be projected onto him, Islam Karimov. No, no, no way! Let it be better behaved with what it has.

And Gulnara Karimova herself needs to think about the future, her and her children. What will be the fate of the boy, her son, who is now also named Islam Karimov, in future Uzbekistan? Well, the year can be lived here again, well, two, and then? No, only money, big money are needed for the future. This money must be securely attached, stashed. And then where to go it is necessary to decide now, immediately. In Russia? Not a fact, and there they can get it ... To think, to think! We need to create a favorable public opinion about ourselves, but not here, not in Uzbekistan. At home, nothing has been corrected. It is necessary to publish articles about yourself abroad, at least in the same Russia. Let everyone think - smart, talented, but in her own way unhappy mother of two children ...
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