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Elena Dorokhova,
Where the heads fly
Adil Dzhalilov (Almaty)
In recent days, the whole world has shaken at least twice. The reason in both cases was the head. And both - with a terrorist tinge.

The first head still belongs to a Frenchman of Algerian origin, working in the Spanish football club "Real" as a player, as well as the captain of the French national team. Everyone knows his name - Zinedine Zidane. Usually discreet and never pretending, Zizou, as fans call him, played his last match in the World Cup final. The score was zero, and the presence of a charismatic leader of the multiracial French team on the field was encouraging to its fans. However, unexpectedly for all in response to some phrase of the Italian footballer Marco Materazzi, Zidane hit him in the chest with a strong header.

It was more than suddenly and did not look like the best player in the championship. In a logical way, everyone assumed that the Italian, while provoking a great player, said something so offensive that Zidane lost his head and used it as a weapon. After which, of course, was removed. As a result, the Italians won the championship, and even their fans scolded Zidane.

Recently it became known that Materazzi called Zidane "dirty Arab" and "terrorist." It's a shame that indisputably, though stereotypically, is banal. But in any case, it is curious to trace the connection - the stereotype - the provocation - the forced impulsive attack - the punishment.

This scheme works smoothly almost everywhere.

And here it is worth mentioning the second head, which designated the news-making of a planetary scale. She belonged formally to a Chechen Russian, who most likely did not formally work anywhere, but was engaged in exactly what is called “terrorism” - Shamil Basayev. Man, too, is undeniably charismatic. Basayev, according to the Russian authorities, was killed. Exploded on KamAZ with ammunition. He was identified precisely on the head and notified the world that the Russian "terrorist number 1" was dead. It would seem that peace and tranquility will now come to Russia. Persons of Caucasian origin (and even looks) will no longer be bullied (the very stereotypes), the Caucasus will again turn into a resort, and the promise of “drenching in the toilet”, though not literally, but fulfilled. And the matter is not only that approximately the same scheme worked here.

Both of these events, seemingly completely from different worlds, are connected much more firmly than it seems at first glance.

“Thanks to” politicians and politicians, migration flows (by the way, they have accompanied the history of human civilization since ancient times) and, accordingly, the emerging mass stereotypes more and more often ethnic conflicts occur. Moreover, the phrase-provocation on the football field can sometimes be no less dangerous than the statement of the politician. In a multinational Central Asia, this problem may escalate into a regional cataclysm.

So, for sure, not only the arabophobes, but simply the boys, and not only the Italian, are unlikely to condemn the newly made world champion, who rationally turned off the most dangerous rival from the game. And even take on board. For them, it is an effective tool, shown in all its glory. And the most dangerous thing is national racial dough.

The fact that, in the Russian media, Basayev’s head is naturalistic in the style of the bulletin is also bound to “play” in the right direction. “All that remains of a terrorist,” “an inferior body,” “a miserable death.” Yes, objectively, and it is hardly worth blaming Russian colleagues. But all this fuels the prevailing dangerous stereotypes of Russians - hatred of the “infidels”.

It is noteworthy that both the United States in the person of President Bush and the European Union actually welcomed Basayev’s death, forgetting about the notorious presumption of innocence. And it is unlikely that the leader of the Chechen militants had a chance to legally explain themselves, to argue their position, to defend themselves legally. However, like bin Laden. And it is unlikely with their death peace will come between the East and the West. The reason is different, and the whole world policy is aimed at eliminating the consequences.

And while the heads of football players are on their shoulders it is very important that they do not become a weapon, and even worse, a target.
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