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Tea, Boucher and Spies ...
A diamond stylus (OSH)
The revolutionary fuse of the new leadership of the Kyrgyz Republic apparently has not yet completely disappeared. Judging by the diplomatic “war of nerves” between the governments of the United States and Kyrgyzstan. The two countries exchanged the expulsion of employees of diplomatic missions. And statements, the content of which is held in great secrecy. This could not dream anyone in the region. Kyrgyzstan in all official and unofficial statements was called almost the only US stronghold in the Central Asian region. And suddenly, such an open anti-American position of the new leadership of the country. Moreover, the first foreign policy statement of the Bakiyev-Kulov government concerned precisely the expediency of the stay of the American Manas airbase near Bishkek. After official Tashkent “asked” the Americans to leave Karshi, it was an emergency. Then an “unexpected” visit to Bishkek was paid by a “war hawk”, US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, then a representative of the US Treasury Secretary. Well, in the end, Condoleezza Rice herself. It seems to be all persuaded, agreed ...

An, no. Not here it was! For a long time, official Bishkek, without thinking about it, expelled two employees of the US embassy in Kyrgyzstan from the country. The second adviser to the ambassador for economic and political issues, Paul Polites and the 3rd secretary of the political-economic department Kaku Kimura. The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic on this issue says very confusing: "This decision was made on the basis of reliable facts provided by the special services of Kyrgyzstan, about their repeated interference in the internal affairs of the state, not compatible with the status of a diplomat and generally accepted norms of international law." Even more questions were caused by the response statement of the US Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic: “American diplomats are accused of inappropriate contacts with leaders of non-governmental organizations. This can be seen as an attempt to intimidate the embassy and silence civil society. ” What kind of “inappropriate contacts” and who scared anyone more? So no one understood.

The “spy scandal” in Kyrgyzstan one-to-one repeated the Russian scenario, when Russia sent two employees of the British embassy for similar “inappropriate contacts” with Russian non-governmental organizations this spring.

Rescuing Kyrgyz-American relations and finding out what the Kyrgyz government really wants is “unexpectedly” flown by the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Richard Boucher to Bishkek. He met with the President, the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of the country. All meetings were confidential and closed. According to those who watched the negotiations, Richard Boucher came out sullen, unlike shining foreign minister Alikbek Dzheshenkulov, and limited himself to dry, protocol statements. Richard Boucher arrived in April of this year in Bishkek, at the same time some leaders of non-governmental organizations were invited to a cup of tea with a high-ranking guest from Washington. A cup of tea with Richard Boucher cost a career for two American diplomats in Bishkek, as it turned out later. Because immediately after the departure of a high-ranking guest, a “spy scandal” happened. This time, Boucher cautiously abstained from meeting with representatives of the civil sector. Moreover, he said that the extradition of refugees from Uzbekistan who were in the remand prison of Osh to official Tashkent is an internal matter of Kyrgyzstan. It was such a “nice gift” of the US State Department to Kyrgyzstan. Which made it clear, "we gave in and you give in." Because before that, Washington insisted on exporting these persons to third countries, and there could be no question of issuing them to official Tashkent. And suddenly, the Americans say that they are not against the issue, please, at least give everyone away.

Still, Richard Boucher did not fail to express his opinion on the future status of the American Manas airbase, stressing that "Kyrgyzstan receives many different economic benefits from its existence and relations with the United States as a whole." Kyrgyzstan has so far been shown carrot, and the whip has apparently been saved for “better times."

The United States is not in the mood for complications in its position in Central Asia when hostilities are raging in Lebanon and terrorist attacks continue in Iraq.

Vice-President of the Kyrgyz-American University, an influential politician Bakyt Beshimov believes that “the crisis in Kyrgyz-American relations arose because of a misinterpretation of the causes, nature and consequences of the“ color revolutions ”in the post-Soviet space. Of course, there are other explanations, but, in my opinion, this is the main thing. It is important not to lose trust, which is very much appreciated in international relations. No one is immune from mistakes, and most of them are treated with understanding. But it is impossible to build a profitable partnership on the unreliability and the absence of a verified position. ” Kyrgyz-American relations today are being tested for strength. In the meantime, against the backdrop of pro-Russian overtures, official Bishkek is taking the frankly annoying steps of Washington. How this “war of nerves” will end time will tell.
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