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Slave educational program
Every eighth Kyrgyzstani can become a slave
Svetlana Gafarova (OSH)
According to the State Committee on Migration and Employment, 22% of the population of Kyrgyzstan, that is, one in eight, identify themselves as unemployed, not counting labor migrants who are outside the republic. On one free seat claim an average of 19 people. This is a high level of unemployment, which is one of the most urgent problems of a small republic with a population of just over five million people.

Such an unhappy situation forces Kyrgyzstanis to look for happiness outside the country and to trust people and firms that promise high-paying work far from home. Only in the last month, the law enforcement agencies of the Osh region have stopped the activity of four false companies that worked without licenses and recruited specialists to foreign countries. For example, the company Eldorado promised employment at enterprises in South Korea, and a private person recruited doctors to distant Yemen, where they allegedly needed specialists in narrow profiles and were ready to lay out fabulous sums for the banks - over a thousand dollars a month. The activities of one-day firms involved in the relevant bodies, and the private recruiter disappeared.

“About a hundred people who applied to recruiters waited for slavery,” states the police colonel, head of the public security department of the Osh region internal affairs department, Akmal Saetkulov. “Trafficking in people has become a profitable business in our republic, in which, besides visiting guest performers, local residents are also being drawn. In two of the three cases we investigated recently, the victims were well acquainted with the sellers who had deceived them. So a resident of one of the districts of the region, promising six fellow villagers to employ them for a highly paid job in Almaty, as a result, sold them to a Kazakh farmer. On this fact a criminal case. For 10 thousand Kazakh tenge (about $ 80 at the rate of 126.81 tenge per dollar), a 25-year-old resident of the Nookat district was sold in the same republic. His father asked us to help in the rescue of his son, who took a good friend of the family.

People are also sold inside the republic: from poor rural areas to the cities of Osh and Bishkek. Accurate information about the number of victims of traffic in Kyrgyzstan does not exist. The International Organization for Migration under the UN refers to an approximate number of citizens of the republic who are becoming living goods. About 4,000 people annually end up in slavery in the territories of neighboring Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, Syria, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ... In a well-established scheme of the slave trade hundreds of thousands of dollars spin, allowing you to maintain a wide network of recruiters and intermediaries. Men, women, whole families are taken out, but young girls and boys who are involved in the sex industry and are a very profitable product are of particular interest. The recruitment option is simple: the republic’s newspapers are full of announcements about high earnings as hairdressers, governesses, waitresses in the countries of near and far abroad.

According to the US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report 2006, Kyrgyzstan is not only a source country, but also a transit country and destination country for men, women, and boys exported from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and South Asia for the purpose of forced labor and sexual exploitation.

The operation of officers of the National Security Service Directorate in the Osh region, who detained 60 girls at the airport in Osh, who were preparing to fly to the United Arab Emirates, received wide resonance in the republic. The investigation revealed that they were residents of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, who were traveling on fake Kyrgyz passports to work as priestesses of love. They were collected at a safe flat in the small town of Kyzyl-Kiya, located 50 kilometers from Osh. Selected documents and issued new ones with other names, minors added age. Law enforcement agencies have yet to answer the questions of how many years this illegal channel of supplies of live goods has been in force, and how many girls have been sent outside the republic.

“Today, there is probably not a single village in the country whose residents would not be involved in the labor migration process and some of their relatives, relatives, acquaintances were not in the slave traders network,” says the slave trade expert Kudrat Karimov, “Make sure In this, we are allowed to study the problems of illegal export and trafficking in persons, conducted by the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the Osh State University in three southern regions: Osh, Batken and Jalal-Abad.

884 respondents demonstrated a high level of awareness of the facts of human trafficking. However, the majority of legal forms of employment abroad, most would prefer a device through relatives, friends and recruiters.

- Mistrust of the state structures involved in employment of citizens is explained simply: for many years they brushed aside the problems of the unemployed by offering them a meager allowance or work with a ridiculous salary, the interlocutor continues, - Therefore, to the question: people, over 50% of respondents called the state.

“The state is currently trying to reduce the problem of the slave trade by directing the labor migration process in an organized way, offering help to job seekers,” said Nurilya Dzholdosheva, chairperson of the Osh city committee on migration and employment, develops a special program, which will offer a range of activities in all areas of unemployment. In particular, assistance is planned for young professionals, graduates of universities, those who work abroad. The department of external labor migration of our department collects data on vacancies in countries of importers of labor, which anyone can get acquainted with in the departments of the committee. This information has already been used by the Oshans who have applied for advice on employment issues abroad. 15 people, having filled out the necessary documents on site, left at the invitation of Russian companies. If only recently, migrants were left to their own devices, today we have the opportunity to track their fate through offices in Moscow and Krasnoyarsk. For example, we helped several contacts with concerned oshans, concerned about the silence of relatives who left for work. In addition, we advise those who wish to work abroad for free, providing legal information on how to avoid “all the charms” of a migrant worker’s life and not become a victim of a slaver. This information is presented in our security passports issued by migrants traveling to the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. The brochures were developed in the framework of the joint project of the Mission of the International Organization for Migration in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Department of the Migration Service under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic and the public foundation Golden Goal "Providing information support to migrants in southern Kyrgyzstan when going abroad."

In the development today there is another document that will help the legal protection of Kyrgyz citizens away from home “Passports for the legalization of migrants”.

“In January last year, the law“ On Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Persons ”was passed, defining the coordination of efforts of all branches of government, civil society and international organizations dealing with the slave trade,” said Taalai Abdiraimov, head of the public foundation “Podruga”, which provides assistance victims of trafficking. - However, no significant progress is observed. All work with the problem alone.

Together with the public fund “Golden Goal” and with the support of the local OSCE office, “Podruga” decided to overcome isolation by becoming the organizer of the workshop of the Fergana Valley NGO “Approaches to solving the problem of human trafficking in the Fergana Valley. The role of the civil sector ”, held in Osh. Employees of migration services, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, non-governmental organizations of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Moldova, who signed a memorandum of joint cooperation in the field of human trafficking, were invited to participate in the event.
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