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Elena Dorokhova,
Kill the journalist
Murad Aytakov (Ashgabat)
The material would have to be called "Kill the President." But, alas, we live in such a time and in such a space that this expression becomes much more than sedition. Even if someone thought you thought so. Presidents have become celestials. Write about them with a negative (or think) is already a crime. And it is punished in the most banal way. Death penalty, for example. Those lucky so straightened out more humanely. Someone will be accused of pedophilia, someone of homosexuality, someone will be sent to a psychiatric hospital. And all - one. Death Public Or in the Turkmen zindane. From a heart attack. Or from a blow with a blunt object. There is no difference - the result is one. The journalist stopped writing.

In the tenth of September, journalist Ogulsapar Muradova was killed in a Turkmen prison. She did not die, did not die. She died. In a closed court, she was accused of preparing for the assassination attempt on the president. In the storage of ammunition. And this woman is 58 years old and the mother of three children! In addition, the correspondent of Radio Liberty. She thought, wrote and spoke. And according to the Turkmen rules, she wanted to kill the president. And the feather was equated with a bayonet.

Physical torture leaves traces, but not moral?

The Turkmen authorities, backed to the wall with simple questions of any State Department and foreign offices, claim that, de, the journalist was not accredited by the government and had no right to write. There is no right in Turkmenistan to write or think. Without accreditation. And to be numbered among the traitors to the motherland is completely. And then in the zindan, in a shroud and a half meter underground.

French journalists reacted with lightning speed. They staged a demonstration at the Turkmen embassy in Paris, and then just broke into it and demanded an explanation. But the deafening silence of "our" journalistic "community" is striking ... There is no need to talk about the community of the former USSR, no ... but Asians! Those people who know all the delights of the real Asian manners of the authorities to deal with a free word - everyone is silent. Everything has become commonplace. Everything became familiar. Like a television gum with rivers of blood and mountains of corpses. And no reflection. Only a statement of fact. What is with us? Did everybody believe that there, behind the Turkmen wall, people feel pain less acutely than on the other side, Uzbek, Kazakh, Tajik, Kyrgyz? Does it really seem to all of us that what is happening behind that wall will not be, once tested there, then applied to you? And already every death of a journalist is no longer considered to be a bell ... ... it has already degenerated into an empty click. Alas.

Dullness of consciousness, conformism became the norm of life. Journalism increasingly resembles political studies. About geopolitics, prices for oil and gas. And the question of the price of human life is hiding away. And the journalists themselves seriously say that Kazakhstan wants to become the chairman of the OSCE, an organization that guarantees not only respect for human rights by each side (country), but also collective obligations. Oh, Kazakhstan extremely wants to be the OSCE chairman in some kind of year ... so what? I would ask the Kazakh ambassador to the Turkmen foreign minister ... "... why do journalists die in prisons in your country?" We want to know this! Well we will be steering in the OSCE. The mandate obliges us! ”And in Kazakhstan, at least the president does not wear rings like his Turkmen brother. But w-bro! And what bazaars can be between them ?! One has his own journalists, another has his own. Both get it. One more, the other less, one more, the other almost exhausted everyone. But the first one sees that the second for journalistic arrests and grave mounds is nothing. And at the time of the wind. And then the OSCE will get used to everything. Under such a presidency ...

And it is time for all journalists to prepare for the fact that the death of Ogulsapar Muradova, the sacrifice she made, will not be the last. For whom the bell tolls are well known ... To kill a journalist? It's simple.
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Taksanov Alisher
[email protected]
02.10.2006, Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Mne jal kollegu (da ostanetsa v pamyati ona kak chestniy chelovek i horoshaya mat). Eshe obidnee za teh kolleg, kto molchit. Ved i ih mojet ojidat takaya uchast, esli budut molchat. Ne vsegda molchanie - zoloto ...
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