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Passport long-suffering
With measles (demonstrations)
The passport problem in Kyrgyzstan, which has not been resolved over the past three years, threatens to become a serious test for the new government. According to local media, more than 700 thousand citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic need identity cards, that is, passports.

It all started with the fact that in 2005 there should be an exchange of 1994 sample passports for new ones. At the same time, such an innovation was first introduced as an ID plastic card, which is like a passport for use inside the country. Good intention almost turned into a political farce. Because the government was going to sell new passports for citizens for 35-40 euros, while the average salary in the country was $ 20. As a result, the new "revolutionary" government reduced the payment to $ 16 for domestic and foreign passports.

According to Artyk Suyunov, a resident of the village of Ozgur, his brothers working in Russia handed him over to go urgently to Russia, as they found work for him. But, unfortunately, he cannot get a new passport for seven months. According to him, if you need to get a document quickly, then you can simply buy a passport for $ 300, otherwise, the dates are repeatedly stretched.

The leadership of the department of passport and visa work Osh city

The Internal Affairs Directorate categorically rejects rumors of corruption in issuing new passports. Succinctly saying that they "do not even have the smell of corruption." It is noteworthy that in one of his public speeches, the head of the Kyrgyz government, Felix Kulov, said that according to his information, passports are sold for up to one thousand US dollars.

As a result, part of the country's citizens live on the 1994 sample passports, another small part lives on new passports, some of the population walks with guides (where it is said why he does not have any passport and where he lives) and the smallest with Soviet-style passports of 1974 . As a result, it is not clear which document is priority, which document is real. Which of them can get a bank loan, a visa, fly abroad, get married, get a divorce?

At the beginning of the year, the Kyrgyz leader Bakiyev set a condition for this problem to be resolved before June 1, 2006. Then the passport office worked until late at night and on weekends. Of course, it was impossible for everyone to get a new passport before the X hour. Now everything is back to square one. There are still no blanks, it is also hard to get a passport. As well as in Soviet times, they require a certificate that you are really going abroad to get a passport. Interesting, and who will give such a certificate?

At the same time, the position of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country Murat Sutalinov, who believes that one of the reasons for the passport problem is a misunderstanding of the people, is curious. “Still, our population misunderstands the problem with a passport, everyone thinks that passports end, because of what they are trying to take a queue from 7 in the morning and push up to 8. The work begins at 8 am, and after lunch there is a complete silence, ”the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said in an interview with the national agency Kabar \ News. According to Sutalinov, most of the documents are returned, due to the fact that the photographs are wrong and not high-quality photos. With photos in general, an interesting thing. In the regions, some photo salons received a certain monopoly on the provision of services in this area to the public. Now no one else takes photos, except from these "official" photo studios. The difference in prices in “official” and “unofficial” photo studios is decent.

According to official data, only 20 thousand citizens received passports (data as of May 1, 2006), but about five hundred thousand citizens need to exchange old-fashioned passports for new ones. “Why can't we make passports ourselves?” Here, I have a foreign-style music center in my home. Even he has a passport, but not me, ”said Aicholpon Asanova, a resident of the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan, emotionally speaking.

New Kyrgyz passports must have been stamped for some reason in Moldova, although it was previously mentioned about Germany and the United Kingdom. When the government at the time of the acute passport crisis decided to get at least those passports that were already printed, it turned out to be quite interesting, for example, that new Kyrgyz passports were printed in Kenya! The passport crisis in Kyrgyzstan almost led to a diplomatic conflict between Moldova and Kyrgyzstan.

Then Deputy Prime Minister Adakham Madumarov proposed to print new passports in South Korea, proposing to abandon the idea of ​​metric passports. The fact is that the idea of ​​exchange and improvement of passports arose from the fact that the blue passport with the Kyrgyz coat of arms was very popular among traffickers. And it was very easy to fake. In European capitals, illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and even a number of African countries with Kyrgyz passports were caught.

For now, it is still difficult for citizens to get new passports. Only in one Karasu district in the south of the country about three hundred thousand citizens needed new passports, and there were only 250 blanks! And this situation is typical for almost all passport offices in the regions. Where there is always one answer to the next visitor "no forms". It is symbolic that even the head of state Bakiyev himself stated that: “... I know the situation well. This problem came to us from the previous government, which for two years was engaged in red tape, and not its resolution. But already a year, as the new power pulls with its decision. GAIRT has the ability to produce 7.5 thousand passports per day. However, problems arise in the passport office. ”

In order to somehow solve the passport problem, the government of Kyrgyzstan was ready for anything. Until the issuance of free passports to socially unprotected segments of the population - pensioners, disabled people, single mothers. Considering that the whole country is “socially unprotected”, it would be possible to issue passports to everyone, except for the deputies and members of the government.

It seems that the authorities have understood for themselves one detail that the passport problem was resolved on June 1, 2006, when the kind of ultimatum of the President of the country expired, when he demanded to solve this problem by this deadline. But, the queues at the passport office, the confusion with the propiska system, the lack of elementary forms suggests that the crisis has not passed, but is growing. Moreover, if the authorities decide to hold a general referendum on constitutional reform then which identity document will the citizen of Kyrgyzstan show at the polling station?
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