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The basic Instinct
Who will be the successor to Turkmenbashi?
Rasul Beckham
This question is a matter of particular concern for the elderly Saparmurad Niyazov - who had undergone a heart bypass surgery at the age of 57, attempted encroachment on his life at the age of 63, and was constantly waiting for the “velvet” coup. The fate of former CIS comrades in Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine, whom the new authorities are threatening to deprive of immunity and real estate, is a good reason for the 65-year-old ruler’s insomnia. Billions of holdings in Deutschebank, luxurious mansions near the Sea of ​​Marmara - all this can instantly become a “mirage in the desert” if the power fronder opponents are in power in Ashgabat waiting for the time “X”.

Open question

About the alleged successor of S. Niyazov, who received the reins of power in 1985 in one of the poorest republics in terms of the standard of living of the USSR, has spoken regularly in recent years and publicly. The mandate of lifelong presidential powers handed to him by the “pocket” parliament seems utopian even for the “governor of Allah”, even if he is sitting on world energy reserves. He quite rightly notes that "there is nothing eternal under the moon, after all." As you know, one of the most ardent authors of the personality cult of Turkmenbashi and his “eternal reign”, Boris Shikhmuradov, who, when he was foreign minister, “pushed” his boss into the Nobel laureates, is serving a life sentence on charges of preparing a ridiculous ambush: with Kalashnikov machine gun his people supposedly were going to attack an armored presidential Mercedes.

Another is remarkable. If the rest of the kings in the Caspian region associated or associate a serene old age with the ascension to the throne of children and sons-in-law, then Niyazov avoided such a thought. In an orphan who was rejected during the years of adolescence, family ties inspire significantly less trust than everyone else. In the Western press, they casually wrote that the direct heir to the male line, Murad, an investigator by training, is somewhere in Europe and is content with the life of a playboy. “I have absolutely no dynastic claims,” the younger Niyazov confessed to one of the Western diplomats. Meanwhile, Niyazov has been arguing for a long time and alone about the appointment of the deadlines for the upcoming elections: he called 2010 in the year, then after 2006-2007, a new term was announced last year - 2008. At the same time, he first called potential presidential candidates. All of them were automatically placed on the waiting list and were under the vigilant supervision of the Ministry of National Security, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General’s Office. At that time, they headed the Akhal, Tashauz and Balkan regions, respectively, these were Enebai Atayev, Kakageldy Kurbyshov and Ishankuli Gulmuradov. As it is not sad, but all three of the fatherly care did not appreciate and did not justify hopes. Ataev and Kurbyshov for the failure of the cotton company, Niyazov fired miserably, and started a criminal case against Gulmuradov accusing of bribery - even the stunned official returned to the state treasury almost half a million dollars without waiting for the court.

Step forward two steps back

It may seem that the dramatic events in poor Kyrgyzstan, where a change of power took place with one click and a wave of explosions in neighboring overpopulated Uzbekistan spurred the process in the six millionth Turkmenistan. If so, then very slightly. At the beginning of April 2005, Saparmurad Niyazov proposed to implant pluralism, a multiparty system in Turkmenistan over the next four years, and prepare presidential candidates to hold open alternative elections in 2009. All this should have been impressive to an outsider - provided that all possible reservations of the one and a half hour monologue of Niyazov in the Cabinet of Ministers were omitted. Niyazov talked a lot about the danger of tribalism, about the need for writers to glorify the Seljuk sultans more, about unfulfilled plans to bring natural gas to world markets, about the upcoming tasks of diversifying the economy, about the sowing campaign. Finally, he shared his opinion that speaking openly about the beginning of a presidential company in ... four years is already a “courageous act” in itself, which only 20-year-old children, who were born during his reign and are ready for future transformations, can fully appreciate . Indeed, Niyazov’s invented electoral model is worthy of special attention. Starting from the end of 2006, more than two thousand delegates of the People’s Council (Halk Maslakhaty), the highest representative body of people’s power, who are allowed to make changes to the Constitution, will be elected everywhere within two months. In subsequent years, the new wave of candidates will have to independently elect the khyakims (governors) of the district (in 2007) and regional (in 2008) scale. Changing officials at all levels was still the undoubted prerogative of the president. Parliamentary elections can be scheduled for the end of 2008, presidential elections - a year later. And now, attention - all this balancing act will slowly but surely lead to a remarkable result: the new president will be in the role of the English queen. And the real power will be held by the chairman of the Khalk Maslakhaty, who “without limit of time” was approved from the first minutes by Niyazov. Like his deputies, the people closest to him are the speaker of parliament, Ovezgeldy Atayev, and the president of the presidential office, Recep Saparov.

* * *

According to the Glavred website, “they say that Turkmenbashi once saw Murad a successor, but then their relationship deteriorated. According to rumors, Niyazov Jr. controls the export-import operations of Turkmenistan, primarily the sale of hydrocarbons, as he owns offshore firms in Cyprus, through which the money goes for gas, by companies involved in the supply of cigarettes and alcohol. In addition, he owns casinos in Moscow and Tbilisi. It is said that he took money from businessmen for lobbying their interests in the oil and gas sector, but did not fulfill his obligations, and hid himself from scandals abroad, where he was addicted to gambling (according to opposition, in one of the Spanish casinos Murad lost 12 nights million dollars). He is also credited with the authorship of the deal in which the weapons received from Ukraine in the late 1990s were resold to Pakistan in payment for gas.

In principle, Murad Niyazov doesn’t draw much on the role of the new Turkmenbashi, but also on the successor in general, since he doesn’t know the Turkmen language and is virtually unknown in his homeland. His personal qualities leave much to be desired: according to the testimony of the former foreign minister of Turkmenistan Avdy Kuliyev, Murad could not even write an essay when he entered the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry. ”
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