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Elena Dorokhova,
Marching history
Dmitry Alyaev
The days at the end of October and the beginning of November were held in anticipation of the so-called “Russian march”, which was held not only by some odious politicians, but also by some deputies of the Russian State Duma. But the “devil” was not as scary as he was painted. From the outside, it all looked like a parody of “working May Day” in pre-revolutionary Russia, in any case, how we were presented by official historiography. Well, judge for yourself. Participants of the “march” were to gather at the Komsomolskaya metro station, evaluate the behavior of law enforcement officers, then wait for the coordinators and follow their instructions. In the future, act depending on the situation. In short, some kind of kindergarten. As a result, in fact, nothing happened. The question may arise, why then write about it? Maybe there really is no need if it were not for one “but”. A lot of associations arise in this connection. The “marchists” who all day on November 4 “played” in the deep conspiracy of the secret people's organization were ridiculous. But the actions of the authorities are not at all ridiculous. It seemed that, despite the apparently negative attitude to this, the participants of this march acted with the tacit approval of these authorities. Yes, dozens of participants were detained. But in most cases they were detained on such interesting charges as, for example, “crossing the street in the wrong place”. I would not like to go deep into the associations, but I immediately recall Germany until the thirty-third year of the last century. At that time, the fascists, too, were looked upon approvingly and condescendingly, and they seemed not to be taken seriously. And how it came out later. Not at all, however, "childish."

Of course, like Hitler's Germany, Russia will not organize a world massacre (if only because it simply does not have enough strength), but no one has yet canceled the slogan "Russia for the Russians" and it is this bomb that can once rumble. My Tajik colleague said that both he and his fellow countrymen, students on such days, have been trying not to appear on the streets, as many have their own sad examples of their meetings with skinheads. It turns out an interesting picture. On the one hand, the Russian government is widely discussing the possibility of simplifying the stay on the territory of the country of citizens from other countries of the Commonwealth, and on the other hand, it is understood that there are “Russian marches” in the country. What is it, so that no one would forget, “who is the master of the house”? And the fact that this event is directed and directed by someone is not only my opinion, but also the opinion of many observers. Moreover, some experts believe that this can be regarded as a kind of "test of strength."

So, what we have in the end. There was noise until November 4, after November 4 there was almost no noise. The media did not focus on this event. Only now I would like to see how the Russian media would react to, say, in Kazakhstan, some kind of "Kazakh march" ...
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