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Elena Dorokhova,
Autumn anarchy
A diamond stylus (OSH)
Kyrgyzstan lives in another “pre-revolutionary” situation and political anarchy. It is not clear what the power in the yard. The capital of the country is covered by the rally passions. Today, politics in Kyrgyzstan is done exclusively on the streets and squares. The irony of the situation is that everyone requires constitutional changes, but at the same time the methods for solving these problems are far from being constitutional.

Recall that the syndrome of "street politics" appeared after the Aksy events, when the authorities, instead of going on a political dialogue with the protesters, decided everything by force. The fact that such methods of solving problems are fraught with serious consequences for all, no one wants to know or even does not suggest.

“I don’t understand why the opposition leaders are not aware of this. Even if their demands under the pressure of the street would be satisfied and the tandem would resign, where is the guarantee that every next step of the new government, no matter how good or bad, will not be challenged again by street elements, and not by some constitutional , the legitimate structures of power, ”says Arkady Dubnov, a Russian journalist in an interview with the Ferghana.Ru web portal.

Dissatisfied with the policy of the current head of state is headed by the former speaker of the parliament, Omurbek Tekebaev, in a campaign with other former Roza Otunbayeva, Azimbek Beknazarov and others. In Kyrgyzstan, everyone knows about the personal dislike between Tekebayev and Bakiyev. All this was speculation until this summer at the open parliamentary meeting the whole country witnessed a public skirmish between the then-speaker Tekebaev and the presidential representative in the country's parliament. After this scandal Tekebaev and had to resign.

Valentin Bogatyrev, the coordinator of the analytical consortium “Perspective”, in an interview with the Ferghana.Ru web portal, assessed by the leaders of the current opposition is harsh and direct: “There are various people in the opposition. Some of them burned bridges behind them. Someone did it in advance, just like Atambayev (Almaz Atambayev, co-chair of the For Reforms! Movement), someone at a rally, like Muratbek Mukashev (deputy, chairman of a large bank). These people are the most dangerous because they understand that there is no way out of the situation for them personally, they can offer or even try to organize some extreme things. ”

And this is what Russian journalist Arkady Dubnov says: “I think that in the depths of the situation lie the unfulfilled claims of many current opposition leaders to admit to financial flows, economic resources inside the country, redistribution of the state pie or the pie of power, which is one thing same. "

The new opposition has chosen the “red color” for its corporate color, and on the day of the main opposition to the current government on November 7th. In Kyrgyzstan, until this day, November 7 was not a public holiday. Traditionally, this day they celebrated the professional holiday of journalists, but this time they decided to celebrate the next anniversary of the October revolution. At the same time, everyone understood in his own way the revolutionary nature of the situation. The communists talked about the second coming of the capitalists to power, the opposition about the disappointed hopes, and the authorities about the unconstitutionality of the actions of the opposition.

To an inexperienced observer it may seem that the whole problem is in different versions of the main law of the country. Each of the political parties offers its own version of the Constitution. In the opinion, the opposition in their version greatly curtailed the power of the president. The presidential version of the Constitution is in parliament. But it seems that the parliament is not up to the presidential version of the basic law of the country. According to the incumbent (because the opposition creates a parallel government) Secretary of State Adakham Madumarov, according to the introduced version of the Constitution, 75 deputies remain in the parliament, 50 of whom are elected by party lists and 25 in single-member districts, and the political party , which will receive more than 30% of deputy mandates. And the most important feature of this option is a mixed form of government with the broad powers of the country's parliament. Reverence towards opponents of the president in the country's parliament.

But already few people care about which version of the Constitution will be adopted today or tomorrow. The opposition is already dividing portfolios. On the Ferghana.Ru Internet portal there are already lists of those who will take up what position if they come to power. Omurbek Tekebayev will become the head of state, and the government will be headed by Almazbek Atambayev. The only vacant place, the Ministry of Culture. It is noteworthy that in front of all the names in the brackets it is written "I agree." Of course, if one of the opposition leaders Temir Sariev openly declares in an interview with the Tazar web portal that a new republic will be declared today, the new government and all branches of government will have new powers. Elected bodies will retain their functions. In the new edition of the Constitution, the Jogorku Kenesh (parliament) determines the Prime Minister and elects a cabinet of ministers. The official statement of the current government of Kyrgyzstan on the methods of coming to power of the opposition openly states: "This is nothing but an open intention to seize power in an anti-constitutional way."
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