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Remesan Abdulatipov (Ashgabat)
To their German patrons, the self-perpetual Turkmenbashi is experiencing "both fear and awe." It’s no joke, they are entrusted with the secret - the Munich doctors observe his health, Deutsche Bank keeps its billions in bills from the revenues of “state” gas, and finally, Siemens supplies its special services with special equipment. A certain diplomat seconded to the Karakum Sultanate, with ecstasy said: Saparmurat Niyazov, with a shout expelling the again defeated Chairman of the Central Bank, called witnesses not just anyone, but representative of the Deutshe Bank in Ashgabat Robert Schöpf, as if showing the world who in fact, his main banker. All this execution was shown on all TV channels of the country, including satellite.

The tiny, five-million state of Central Asia, geographically equal in area to united Germany, has a quarter of the world's natural gas reserves. At the same time, the attention of the world community, thanks to the efforts of human rights defenders, is riveted not only on fabulous resources, but also on a very peculiar “fatherly care” of the first person to citizens. With its submission, the “black list” of the restricted to leave, which can include unborn babies, is regularly updated; almost in every family there is at least one who has been behind the barbed wire, and in zindans for no reason can bring the mother of two children to the tragic death. Insomnia did not pass the inner circle — hundreds and hundreds of officials, especially the “siloviki” —the omnipotent patron, without batting an eye, from year to year sends either to exile or to prison. It would seem that there is something to ponder, but the new appointee believes that by some miracle the slaughter will bypass him and he, like a zombie, with a doubled zeal, begins to administer the more sophisticated punishments of the “most powerful”, eventually falling into the trap. What is not a thriller?

In this sense, one can understand the interest in shooting “terrible cinema” of world politicians in Ashgabat. The Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, by the way, was a lawyer by education, who could not resist the temptation to look at the "wonder". But in less than a month the EU refrained from ratifying the trade agreement with Turkmenistan and promised to return to the talks “only if there is a visible improvement in the human rights situation.” And even then, the long-awaited, but still banal ultimatum (and not the threat, for example, the freezing of the Turkmenbashi currency account), unfortunately sounded only after the death of an elderly human rights activist in the basement of the KGB that had stunned the world. The European Parliament, as is known, called on the authorities in Turkmenistan to release political prisoners, to allow a multi-party system, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the UN and independent human rights groups to freely carry out activities. But Turkmenbashi didn’t do anything; in fact, before him, the State Department of the United States, the OSCE, the United Nations asked him about the same thing, who responded to it with an uncomplaining silence and did not hint at the adoption of any sanctions. So, will it endure the EU, is it important ?!

Steinmeier is not on anything, he is preparing Germany in 2007 for the role of president in the EU and loudly announces that he will "try to achieve a new look at Central Asia." True, the “sharks of the pen” who accompanied him, as a venerable politician, he gave a little judgment that “in Turkmenistan the path to democracy and the rule of law is too slow” and finally, something babbled about the difference in perceptions of democracies in the East and the West. In general, he also fell under the spell of the Asian tsar, which an hour earlier, as if nothing had happened, by the way, after the recent mass amnesty (over the years of independence, according to information from the capital of Turkmenistan, more than 150 thousand people were pardoned !!!) to the German guest “I don’t want to say that we are perfect, but we live without a repressive apparatus, and you cannot see the soldiers with a machine gun, they are all in barracks”.

There was nothing to cover. According to an enchanted tradition, such an important kind of guests turned out to be unprepared, and they did not have specific names of “restricted to leave the country”, persecuted, and mercilessly punished in Turkmenistan for freedom of opinion. Taking into account the anecdotal loyalty to the Turkmen Foreign Ministry of the diplomatic missions of the United Nations and the OSCE, one can guess who has hidden these emergency lists from world publicity in a careful manner. Apparently, Mr. Steinmeier, who was given the opportunity to evade legal demagogy and switch directly to “especially important” matters, was apparently overjoyed.

“We ourselves are already worried about the security of energy supply in Europe and Germany,” a German diplomat replied in response to the sensational news about the discovery of the largest gas field in the world in eastern Turkmenistan, equal to two Shtokman gas fields in Russia. The discovery took place exactly at the arrival of Steinmeier, so that was why get excited. An impressed official hurried with a pledge to push the idea of ​​building a Caspian gas pipeline through Russia to Europe. “As for the construction of pipelines, you know that German companies are at your disposal and are ready to participate.” It's simple. You can certainly ask yourself, but what about the EU’s attempts to bring down the monopoly of Gazprom, which has supplied the Old World for more than a decade. As you know, the Europeans vainly convince Russia to sign the Energy Charter and its Transit Protocol, which would, among other things, guarantee the use of pipelines in Russia for third countries, moreover at compromise tariffs. It seems that earlier, the way through Turkey was considered more relevant. But here, too, the Turkmen leader was savvy and pragmatic. He knows that Gazprom has managed to get its hands on the German gas distribution system, and it is important for Berlin and Moscow to pay off the growing gas balance of the Old World, no matter what it costs. “Let's triple,” Turkmenbashi concluded his thought.

P.S. The study of corruption in the natural gas trade, the international independent organization Global Witness, says: “It’s hard to understand how Germany’s deep interest in a reliable supply of energy can be consistent with the readiness of the largest and most famous bank in Germany (Deutshe Bank) to secure a money tyrant’s operation "- and at the same time go so far as to come to terms with" the nightmarish consequences of this for peace in Central Asia. " No matter what they say, but upon returning to Bonn, Steinmeier was commended - in just a few days Germany, and then France, experienced the strongest power failures in the past 30 years. As it became known, in Ashgabat, they are already preparing for the holding of a conference of the EU Energy Charter in the spring to bring Turkmen energy resources to world markets. But what about the ultimatum of the European Parliament? Ah, and this is for annoying human rights defenders.
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