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Elena Dorokhova,
№ 22 (42) November 2006
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Oleg Panfilov
Two sides of the same fruit
Artiem Fradchuk (Dushanbe)
Kazakh would learn ...
Adil Dzhalilov (Almaty)
Frank traffic
Zukhra Mamedova (Tashkent)
Who's new?
Aziza Rasulova (Tashkent)
Artery price
İsamidin Ahmedjanov (OSH)
Problem Karakol
Adilbek Kozybakov (Aktau)
Horsemen leaving
Svetlana Gafarova (OSH)
To the court of Paris
Beknazar Hanover (Ashgabat)
Court idle
It would seem that the new could happen in the post-Soviet space after the Russian-Georgian espionage scandal, when it suddenly turned out that one CIS country was carrying out some kind of intelligence (the Georgians claim sabotage) activity. It turned out that the number of security officers in the post-Soviet space, fighting with each other, is much more than we suspect. And the desire to spy is much stronger than to swear in love at the CIS summits.
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Two sides of the same fruit
This year Tajikistan was noted in the international arena as a supplier of fruits and vegetables: it made deliveries of early fruits to Kazakhstan and many regions of Russia. The state-owned enterprise Tajikplodovosch has concluded a contract with the Orenburg region for the supply of Tajik agricultural products in the amount of 28 million rubles. Now there are exported fresh vegetables and fruits.
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Kazakh would learn ...
Nursultan Nazarbayev urged to speed up the translation of the Kazakh alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin alphabet at a meeting of the 12th Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan. According to him, "Latin graphics dominate the communication space." The head of Kazakhstan is sure that there is nothing terrible in this, but it is necessary to assume temporarily parallel use of Cyrillic and Latin characters. Nazarbayev gave specialists six months to work out concrete proposals.
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Frank traffic
According to Radio Liberty, at the end of October this year, another group of Uzbek women involved in prostitution was deported from Kazakhstan. The youngest of them is 13 years old.
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Who's new?
On January 22, 2007, the second term of rule of President Islam Karimov will end. By holding two general elections and two referendums, by introducing appropriate changes to the constitution, Karimov has retained his power since 1989. The last referendum was held in January 2002, on the basis of which changes were introduced into the constitution - the introduction of a bicameral parliament and the extension of the term of office of the president from five to seven years.
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Artery price
In order not to check your luggage on the main highway of the country on the way from Osh to Bishkek and back, you need to detach various posts from $ 5 to $ 20 from the nose during the trip, according to a resident of the southern capital Adiljan.
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Problem Karakol
Lake Caracol is a vast, flowing, shallow-water reservoir with an area of ​​more than 5 k. ha with numerous islets. It occupies a part of the litter of the same name located in the coastal strip of the Caspian Sea, 10 km south-east of Aktau. The lake was formed due to waste waters of the enterprise MAEC-Kazatomprom LLP, which they have dumped on the fields since 1967. Its western part is partly limited by a water intake channel, a lake is separated from the sea by a strip of dune sands.
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Horsemen leaving
Collecting the facts for this publication, I turned to six men I know of different ages with one single question: do they know what includes the reproductive health of men. The result of the mini-survey was discouraged: only one of the respondents showed a good understanding of what is behind the concepts of reproductive and sexual health, although he was inclined to imply it is more of a woman’s health than men.
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To the court of Paris
In the famous Louvre filed an application. The initiative to hold within its walls the national exhibition “The Art of the Margush Country”, as written in the official seminal “30 members of the world, has been strongly supported by 30 scholars from 15 countries. All of them were guests of the November conference in Ashgabat, dedicated to the unique archaeological discoveries in eastern Turkmenistan - Margiana, namely in its royal town Gonur-Depe.
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Court idle
The government of Uzbekistan continues to fight against the so-called "religious extremism." The practice of the Uzbek security officials today terribly resembles the practice of their Stalin colleagues. We will not comment on the interview of our special correspondent with the sister of the convicted Abdurakhim Smanov. Let the reader make conclusions about everything.
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