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Dmitry Alyaev
The Uzbek news agency recently published the annual report of Islam Karimov to the Constitution Day, in which the president defined the name for the next 2007. For several years already, for some, only to him known reasons, the Uzbek leader has been devoting each coming year to a certain direction of domestic policy. The president himself explains this tradition by the fact that every year the most attention is paid to the very social direction in whose honor the year is named. Strange all this somehow. And for some reason I thought that any state should always give priority to “social programs”. But apparently this tradition has its own pragmatic meaning.

So, for example, soon, after the country declared independence, Karimov declared that the Uzbek economy would have a social orientation. But it soon became clear that not everything sounded by the president should be taken literally. It was the social sphere that began to suffer more than others. Therefore, most likely, calling one way or another every year, Karimov creates, above all for himself, the illusion that the country is not all that bad. To myself, I repeat, but not to others. In declaring, for example, the year as the “Year of Care for the Old Men”, he does not recognize that for a long time already these very old men for the most part have been living in poverty.

Hearing the name “Year of Youth”, it will not even occur to anyone outside Uzbekistan that at the same time young people are joining the army and not to “repay”, but because in the army, unlike “citizen "Guaranteed a piece of bread. In addition, after the service, young people have a chance to go to the service in the power structures, in the tax inspectorate and the authorities - in other areas of human activity it is simply impossible to work and earn in Uzbekistan. But the “Year of Mercy” is somehow clouded by the Andijan massacre that followed it. Can we stop being a hypocrite, Mr. President?
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