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chief editor,

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webmaster [at] cjes.ru

Adil Dzhalilov,

a diamond stylus,

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technical editor,
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Elena Dorokhova,
Way to eternity
Oleg Panfilov
Here I wrote a headline, quite suitable for information under the heading "Bulletin of the dictator." But otherwise it is difficult to imagine one that is full of surprises, dangers and sweet moments of glory and honoring the path to perfection, which is called the lifelong presidency.

Why talk a lot: the fate of Turkmenbashi shows that this path has so far been mastered theoretically, not supported by experience, analysis and recommendations. Fidel Castro doesn’t count, Cuba is an island, and his associates Saddam Hussein, Kim Il Sung and potentially Slobodan Milosevic never received karma to appear in front of their own population in the form of a glowing cloud from which emanates the grace and fragrance of eternity.

In the post-Soviet space, Nursultan Nazarbayev and Islam Karimov, old-timers of power, pillars of regulated democracy, experts in polity, corruption and geopolitical intrigues can potentially become potential helmsmen, directing the sheep of the erring (electorate) into a bright future. Laksander Rygorievich Lukashenko, already 13 years old, has been breathing behind their backs, tormenting his body with unlimited power and permissiveness, proving that all East and West have come together in a single Belarus. Here you and Eastern despotism, here and Europe, jumped over Poland, and there Western Europe too.

All of them, eternal, by hook or by crook (read - a lie) call elections periodically held in their countries as regular holidays of democracy, meaning by this, by itself, a very important circumstance justifying the very essence of the electoral process - “who, if not me?” And "Without me you are nowhere."

Nazarbayev and Lukashenko have long learned how to play the trifles with any democratic rabble of international scale: what kind of dictators are we? These are the elections, this is the will of the people, this is the whole press for us, and television even more so. Islam Abduganiyevich had a “puncture”, he did not prepare seriously for January 22, he never came up with anything to entertain the liberals with a slightly useful explanation of why the hell he continues to occupy the residence of Durmen if his official 7- summer presidency.

Karimov did not have advisers, experts and consultants. He fed Moscow journalists, gave presents with gifts, they became lazy and did not write any more abstruse articles about the greatness of the president’s ideas, about the happy life of the Uzbek people.

On January 23, Islam Abduganievich should wake up fed, his body should be weightless and smell like myrrh. This is an incredible feeling when you are, here is a leg, here is another one, here are both hands, a head, a wife, two daughters, paws, son Peter, and in fact you are not there. That is, you are like something, with a passport in the name of Islam Abduganievich, but as a president you do not exist. All over.

And here begins the most interesting. On January 24, Karimov flies to Singapore, it is reported that he is on a state visit, at the invitation of this country's president Sellapan Rama Nathan. So, Karimov will have to greet his hand with Nathana and, most likely, will have to sip champagne at an official reception.

All the Uzbek people will observe Nathana's behavior with a secret trepidation: what if he was also touched by the touch of the eternity of Islam Abduganievich, goodness and insight would fall on him. He will see how the champagne will flow through the loins of Karimov in a sparkling stream. He can even knock on his knees and perform something like what real Buddhists do in this case: Lektrima dedicated to Tara, Losang Gyalkunma, prayer to the all-conquering Masters, Josi Tubchok dedicated to Sukhavati, “Pure Blessed Land”, Teng-ge Nesi - “ Hence, to enlightenment ”, written by the 1st Panchen Lama, Sangvey Namtar - written by Jamyan Chshoja Tashi Palden Lama, who founded the Drepung Loseling monastery in the middle of the 15th century and is dedicated to the mystical biography of Lama Tsongkhapi.

And there will be eternity ...

But Islam Abduganiyevich will come up with something anyway. He will come to New York for the next General Assembly and say in a voice ringing with excitement: I forgot, brothers, I got used to eternity. And all keep silent. Only Nursultan Abishevich is holding a still greater insult for the fact that he and his associates are spending huge amounts of money, so that in the West his dictatorship is called somehow differently, and Karimov is getting away with it.

That's how we live...
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