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Elena Dorokhova,
Pugayusçiy "Kyrgyzstan"
A diamond stylus (OSH)
Kyrgyzstan is experiencing the peak of its political crisis. Between the legislature and the executive. The parliament announced the early presidential elections, and the head of state, in turn, the early elections of the country's parliament. No one wants to leave first.

Moreover, there is a serious bargain for the post of head of government. The current Prime Minister Felix Kulov, led by the entire government, recently resigned. Now it is reasserted. Literally in the same days, Kulov’s party Ar-Namys split into two parts.

According to the director of the Center for Political and Legal Studies, Tamerlan Ibraimov, the country is facing another political crisis. There are serious contradictions between the legislative and executive authorities. In this situation, the dissolution of the parliament is not mandatory. According to him, the dissolution of the parliament could aggravate the situation. And we must look for a compromise. “The most acceptable way is to find points of contact between the president and parliament,” said Tamerlan Ibraimov.

So far, the country has begun to actively apply the methods of political provocations. Thus, at the Manas International Airport, a member of the national parliament, one of the leaders of the opposition movement Temir Sariev, was detained for smuggling funds in the amount of $ 100,000 at the Manas International Airport for smuggling money. Sariev did not declare this amount. By the way, the deputy himself says that he had only $ 10 thousand, and he “joked” one hundred thousand. At a press conference at the agency “24”, Sariev commented on the incident in this way: “I had in my bag not one hundred thousand dollars, but ten. One hundred thousand - this figure appeared in the staff of the National Security Service with my own words. After I registered, the security services approached me and asked: "How much are you taking with you the money?".

The debate about whether this is a crime is still going on. Of course, the colleagues of the deputy Sariev rose to his defense, they say, he is the people's choice, as much as he wants, and exports so much. But, if this would have happened to an ordinary citizen, hardly any of the deputies stood up for his defense. The selectivity in this matter of people's choices is obvious.

In the Jalalabat region, a robbery was attacked at the office of the non-state television company “September”, owned by the brother of opposition leader Omurbek Tekebaev. The governor of the Jalalabat region said that he has no idea where this ill-fated television station is located, commenting on the incident around her. By the way, speaking, the TV company "September" was established in September last year. She broadcasts to the southern part of the Jalalabat region. It is worth noting here that the television company received a license to broadcast when it is extremely difficult to obtain this license.

The so-called "floppy" scandal also reached its end. According to the official information of the National Security Service of the Kyrgyz Republic, an audio recording of the conversation of allegedly opposition leaders of Kyrgyzstan about the seizure of state objects was sent for examination in Almaty. In this case are eighteen people. Among them are seven members of parliament. The investigators have so far not filed charges against anyone. In the SNB, the countries emphasize that the course of the investigation will now depend on the expertise carried out in Almaty. Her goal is to give an opinion on the authenticity of the allegedly reproduced conversation recording of opposition members, where there were calls for the seizure of state objects.

It seems that the ruling power has gone all-in. In all directions. Examination of the “diskette scandal”, the attack on the non-state television company “September”, the detention of the deputy Temir Sariev at the airport.

The parliament presented another “surprise” to the executive branch by adopting the law “On Parliamentary Control over the Military Organizations of the Kyrgyz Republic”, according to which the committees of the parliament will exercise control functions and therefore approve the position of the Institute of Parliamentary (State) Commissioner for the military organizations of the country. In fact, for every “fire case,” parliamentarians want to control the country's military forces. Among the initiators of this law is the notorious Sariev.

The confrontation of two political forces in the country is ready to shatter the already precarious situation in Kyrgyzstan. None of them care what will happen tomorrow. The main thing today is to speak louder about yourself. Constitutional scandal also continues. It seems that what form of government is still acceptable for the citizens of Kyrgyzstan is more concerned with the authorities than the citizens themselves. “It seems to me that the form of government in Kyrgyzstan remains the same - parliamentary-presidential,” said Kurmanbek Osmonov, chairman of the Supreme Court, in an interview with 24.kg news agency. He decided to answer the questions of the agency in connection with the speech in the parliament of the head of the Constitutional Court Cholpon Bayekova. The latter is convinced that her colleague gave deputies the go-ahead to create a Constituent Assembly. The head of the country's Supreme Court denies such charges. The well-known political scientist Nur Omarov is more pessimistic about the new version of the Constitution of the country, “The new Constitution may become another apple of discord between the executive and legislative branches of power.” The political scientist believes that the adoption of a new version of the Constitution on December 30 has significantly undermined the authority of the Jogorku Kenesh and gives reason to talk about the need to dissolve parliament. “I think it would be honest on the part of the deputies to decide on self-dissolution,” Nur Omarov notes. “It would solve the political crisis.”

And yet, if early elections to the country's parliament are held, for the first time since 1991, they will be on party lists. By the way, for the sake of this it is worthwhile not only to remake the main document of the country, but also the Electoral Code. Here, too, quite predictably there will be no small disputes. One of the Russian journalists specializing in Central Asian countries Arkady Dubnov is sure that early parliamentary elections will take place in 2007. But, the main thing, in his opinion, is not to rock the boat before the SCO summit in Bishkek.

The authorities have announced that they are ready to spend about $ 16 million to prepare for the SCO summit. In the meantime, according to the law enforcement agencies of Kyrgyzstan, in 2006, 726 unsanctioned rallies, pickets and processions were recorded in the country. On average, there were up to two protests per day. At the same time in 2005 there were only 200 unauthorized meetings, pickets and processions.

And as a New Year's gift to Kyrgyzstan from Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has decided to continue issuing visas to citizens of Kyrgyzstan only after coordination with the special services. China, on the other hand, strengthened the protection of the Kyrgyz-Chinese border, fearing unpleasant incidents. According to some reports, a large group of militants allegedly belonging to the Islamic Movement of Turkestan movement was eliminated in the Xinjiang Uygur region of the Republic of China.
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