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Elena Dorokhova,
How much is show business?
Volcano (left)
In Kyrgyzstan, there is a primitive business, but there is no show. So you can characterize the overall situation in the local show business. If you ask someone if there is a show business in the country, many people recall the recent boom in the Kyrgyz stage. When a whole group of young new artists appeared on the scene. In a country where recently there were only a few singers and music bands. And just one (!) Music program on television. Today, the number of new singers is over fifty. But until the quantity turned into quality.

The real and only breakthrough of Kyrgyz pop music outside the country was the resounding success of the now fashionable group “312” with the hit “Beyond the Access Zone”. Thanks to the songs of the group “312” in the countries of the Commonwealth, first of all in Russia, we learned that this is the phone code of Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. We can say that the songs of Svetlana Nazarenko (the soloists of the group) have done a lot for the country's positive image, after the “tulip revolution”. To the credit of the musicians, they did not deny their past and always present themselves as a musical group from Kyrgyzstan. Unlike their colleagues who work in neighboring Kazakhstan. For example, the group “Bangor”, which “invented” the myth about itself as a Kazakh group. Although she had shone in Kyrgyzstan for several years.

If you look through a dictionary of foreign words, it says “show business” - (eng. Show business, showbiz) - a commercial organization of pop group and individual speeches of actors, singers and others, a device for entertaining shows, as an entrepreneurial activity, a source of income. ” .

The financial side of the local show business is the most sensitive issue. “There is no show business in Kyrgyzstan. And where can it come from? If we take about three hundred dollars for a concert. Although, in my opinion, there should be at least $ 1000- $ 2000, ”emotionally exclaims the people's artist of Kyrgyzstan, Professor Ibrahim Zhunusov. Performances in the casino or at the opening of a shopping center are very popular among the local pop music representatives, when you can earn a few hundred dollars for a couple of songs with a phonogram.

The Ministry of Culture of Kyrgyzstan has repeatedly stated that it will fight with phonogram concerts. Only it is not clear how. The National Philharmonic Society, represented by its leader, the famous opera singer Kerim Turapova, officially stated that it is forbidden to give concerts to the phonogram in the concert halls of the Philharmonic Society. In the meantime, all concerts in Kyrgyzstan are held under the phonogram. When the artists feel free to tune their soundtrack right in the auditorium with the audience.

Solo concerts or big shows are extremely expensive events. Few of the famous artists allow themselves such luxury. But, here is a whole galaxy of new performers that have appeared in the last two years, almost like every day they make their own solo performers, renting the largest concert hall in the country, the Palace of Sports, in which up to 2,200 spectators can get in the way. Just manage to memorize the names.

According to the “old guard” of the Kyrgyz pop art, in order to organize a solo concert, at least twenty songs should be sung, summing up a certain amount of their work over the past few years, not weeks. But, here new performers are of little concern. Their solo concerts are held non-stop, if they already have only one or two songs in the repertoire that are recognizable by the audience. And everywhere the same faces. We calculate the costs in organizing a solo concert or touring. As a rule, artists do not like to advertise their income and expenses. Therefore, these data were told to us incognito by people close to artists, numerous organizers of concerts and tours. So, first of all, this is writing and recording songs, each of which will cost at least $ 200 to $ 500. Then rent a room. If you take the Palace of Sports (capacity of 2200 spectators), it will cost $ 200; National Philharmonic (capacity 1200 spectators) at $ 250; Kyrgyz Drama Theater (capacity of 800 spectators) at $ 100; cinema "Russia" (capacity 800 seats) at $ 120.

Promotional issue. Listing the most simple advertising billboards worth up to one dollar apiece. Maximum. Special companies are engaged in their hanging. For a thousand posters, they will take $ 150. Color stretching will cost from $ 200 and up, rental of advertising space $ 100- $ 200, depending on the place and time. Also, some of the singers love to design the backdrops of the stage and the facade of the building where their concerts will be held with their own image. So that viewers do not get lost and know who they came to listen to. Such a pleasure to cost an artist a few hundred dollars. Commercials on television per minute cost $ 40 on National Television, and on RTR and First Channel $ 48. In Kyrgyzstan, the advertising block on Russian TV channels is regulated by those who relay them. Cheaper radio ads. Where the ten-day announcement will be, it costs only $ 10. Stage design remains. It will cost from $ 100 one hundred to $ 1000. Rental of music equipment - up to $ 300. Invited artists cost from $ 10 to $ 300 per song. At what it was a good tone, because the “hero of the occasion” sings one (!) Song, and the rest of the time is occupied by invited artists. Thus, on average, organizing a single concert costs $ 4,000.

The average cost of tickets for concerts is one or two dollars. Despite the availability of tickets, viewers are reluctant to attend concerts. The capacity of the concert halls is zero. Therefore, performers earn performances at weddings, birthdays. So, at the recent wedding of the son of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Kyrgyzstan, all the numerous Kyrgyz pop music performed. For the first time, this practice was introduced by ex-president Askar Akayev, who invited all artists of Russian, Kyrgyz and Kazakh variety artists to the wedding of his son. Suffice it to say that there was not only Alla Pugacheva.

“As for the new wave of young performers, only two or three of them are worthy of attention. The rest of the singers are ephemeral ones who give out someone else's song for their own (more often Uzbek or Kazakh), reduce their voices on the computer and - to the stage. Previously, it was impossible to imagine that singers would steal other people's songs in a brazen manner, ”says Ibrahim Zhunusov. A popular singer agrees with him, Gulnur Satylganova, a prima of the Kyrgyz pop, who says: “The new wave of young performers has no creative search. Their whole repertoire is largely translations of popular Turkish, Kazakh and Uzbek songs. ”

Here you can recall the scandalous revelation of one of the fashionable VDJs in Kyrgyzstan, Aleksey Filatov, that the popular young singer Samandar sings the songs of Uzbek singers at concerts with a positive phonogram, even lazy to sing them. Two or three years ago, the popular Uzbek group "Shahzod" accused one Kyrgyz group of plagiarism. These are just two examples from the whole practice of local show business.

Analyzing the situation in the Kyrgyz show business, we can distinguish two camps of polar opinions. Thus, according to the famous producer and founder of the popular Kyz-Burak group, Gulshayir Sadybakasova, the positive development of the music industry in the country is evident. But singer Zamir Myrza, who is popular among young people, does not agree with her, who says that the local show business is still in its infancy. The appearance of a whole group of new performers should not be confused with the development of the music industry as a whole in Kyrgyzstan. According to him, show business in Kyrgyzstan is still "dirty."
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