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Exhausting aids
Yulia Kuznetsova (Almaty)
Since the discovery of human immunodeficiency virus Luc Montier (France) and Robert Gallo (USA) almost a quarter of a century has passed. In such a relatively short time, a life-threatening illness has gained global status. Today, in the Republic of Kazakhstan, 7,402 people living with HIV are officially registered, including adult patients - 464, children - 134. However, as always experts say, usually real data significantly exceed official ones.

“All this statistics is complete nonsense. She is 80% wrong. What you write is just the tip of a huge iceberg. And it will be so until the time when HIV testing is voluntary, ”shared Marat, a drug addict with 28 years of experience. A month ago, he learned that now, too, in the camp of HIV-infected.

- What does it mean “I don't want to take tests” if you are dangerous? I am sure that most of my friends are also sick. But they will never come to the survey, which means they will not be in your statistics. And all because the same district police officers, having caught, say, me, instead of taking me to the police and searching my pockets, would have taken me to these very tests ... ”

Today, such testing is voluntary, and otherwise would be a serious violation of human rights. The only way to know if a person is infected is to have a blood test for HIV antibodies. Many medical institutions are ready to conduct a similar test today. However, all the results should be confirmed by the laboratory of the enzyme immunoassay of the city center AIDS, which conducts 16-17 thousand studies each month. Modern equipment allows you to see the result after 3.5 hours. However, even with a positive outcome, the final “verdict” will be made after re-analysis. And this can only be done by the chief doctor of the specialized center, morally preparing the person for further testing.

Even today, the concepts of AIDS and HIV are often used as synonyms. AIDS is a series of conditions, a syndrome that occurs when a person’s immune system is significantly weakened by HIV infection, it is the final stage of the disease. This means that not all HIV-infected people have AIDS. They die not from AIDS, but from the fact that the organism is no longer able to fight against any, even harmless, at first glance, infection.

“The main contingent of infected people falls on the most active reproductive part of the population aged 20-39 years. They make up 82.4%. Moreover, the share of infected men in this list is 78%, ”commented Gulsara Suleimenova, general director and chief physician of the AIDS center in Almaty, on the situation. - If we take statistics as a basis, then drug users are putting themselves at greater risk. Their principle of common needle leads to massive infection. In general, there are only 3 ways of HIV transmission: through blood, sexually and from mother to child, including through milk. And the myths that you can become infected with HIV, and then die with a diagnosis of AIDS from a mosquito bite are becoming popular rumors, without having any medical justification. Indeed, in the external environment, HIV is unstable. Therefore, it is not necessary to say pretentious words about a new type of terrorism — the deliberately infecting people with an injection of a used syringe, even if the needle contained drops of dangerous blood. Although the possibility of infection is present. "

Many of us have a certain stereotype regarding the identity of carriers of immunodeficiency infection. Some are afraid to lend a hand, knowing who is in front of him. Others believe that this disease led to the complete insanity of the interlocutor. In fact, many of them, and perhaps of us, are no different.

Gulsara Suleimanova claims that HIV is present in the blood, semen, vaginal secretions, breast milk. Doctors have already developed a treatment called the antiretroviral therapy. With this treatment, special drugs are used to replicate (multiply) the virus and improve well-being. But everyone should understand that this treatment does not lead to recovery, but only retards the development of the disease.
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