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With measles (demonstrations)
The new youth movement “Zhebe” distributed its loud political statement, in which there are such words: “We will be the initiators of the process for the change of power in Kyrgyzstan”.

Another youth movement, AntiPhIPPIK, unsuccessfully demanded an official apology from the head of state. Allegedly, now former Prime Minister Felix Kulov, in his speech on the country's accession to the HIPPIC program, accused the organizers and participants of the AntiCIPIC movement of having connections with corrupt structures.

Another association of youth organizations in the country (this includes the Republican Youth Union “For Unity of Kyrgyzstan!”, The Union of Young Entrepreneurs, the Altyn Muun Youth Foundation, the Environmental Alliance, the Bishkek Youth Development Center of the Zhashtyk UMC).

One of the coordinators of the forum of young politicians in Kyrgyzstan, Adil Turdukulov, literally said the following: “The Zhogorku Kenesh is turning into a political circus. He reminds the girl of easy virtue. Parliament does not represent the interests and will of the people. ”

Youth organizations in the country again spoke at the forefront of the political struggle for power. This is a political sign in Kyrgyzstan. When it becomes very hot, then youth organizations, associations, forums come to the political foreground. Although before that, no one even suspected that there are such youth organizations. Someone, maybe like this “offhand”, recall some of the above-listed youth organizations or associations? So it was at the last parliamentary elections in 2005, in a country where previously “progressive” young people were seen only in the speeches of the Clubs of cheerful and resourceful and presidential Christmas trees. Suddenly, at the same time, for no apparent reason, the youth, opposition movement Kel-Kel appeared on the political arena. It was the Kyrgyz counterpart of the Georgian Khmara or the Ukrainian Pora. They launched such a vigorous activity, demanding reforms and the resignation of Askar Akayev, that the son-in-law of the former President of the country, Adil Toigonbayev, created a clone of this organization in order to neutralize it. Only if the former were engaged in politics, then the latter were hanging out at the ski base "Norus", which belonged to Toygonbaev. In this struggle for young people, it was difficult for the average person to figure out what was happening. Who is who. Because each of them assured us that they are the most that neither “real” Kel-Kel. Then, "Kel-Kel" imperceptibly split into another youth movement called Birge. But this was not enough. Because after six months was gone, neither the first nor the second. At least, something was not heard guys. Noisy and enough. Moor did his job ...

It is worth noting that all the youth organizations mainly acted among the capital's students. In the regions, their popularity was less than the popularity of the Iranian singer Arash. And these two politicized youth organizations have been replaced by a certain Free Generation Alliance of liberal youth.

Not only that all of these youth organizations listed above are trying to actively influence local politics. They also make clumsy attempts to “export” their political know-how to neighboring countries. First of all to Kazakhstan. Liberal Youth Alliance "Free Generation", "Kel-Kel" and a number of other local youth organizations have come to the defense of their allies from Kazakhstan. “We are only trying to share with Kazakh friends our experience in the fight against the regime that does not suit us. The experience of Georgia, Ukraine or Yugoslavia does not quite suit the Kazakhs. We are nevertheless closer, ”says member of the youth organization Birge, Mirsulzhan Namazaliyev.

Last year, in Bishkek, the leader of the Union of Patriotic Kazakhstan Youth, Makhambet Abzhan, was arrested and extracted into the Republic of Kazakhstan. Kyrgyz politicized youth organizations came to the defense of Makhambet Abzhan, picketing the embassy of Kazakhstan in Bishkek. According to a number of Kazakh experts, the influence of the above-mentioned Kazakh youth organization in their homeland is minimized. Their activities are currently limited to a small army of students from Kazakhstan. Although the guys themselves in an interview with the media often say that their influence is much stronger than it seems at first glance. Moreover, they created the Coordination Council of the progressive youth of Kazakhstan. The founders of the new organization were the youth leaders of seven opposition political parties in the country.

In fact, in Kyrgyzstan, the activity of local youth organizations is limited only to the capital. Their activity depends on financial investments. Where are the leaders of “Kel-Kel” Alisher Mamasaliyev or “Birge” Timur Sharafutdinov now? Or why you can’t hear the leader of the Youth Party of Kyrgyzstan, Aydar Bakiyev? Can the leaders of these youth organizations say, honestly, how many members they have and what is their specific goal? What have you achieved?

The government of Kyrgyzstan, both past and present, is making repeated attempts to win over more or less active youth organizations to use them in political struggle. Moreover, on the eve of possible presidential and parliamentary elections. But, the youth, who yesterday was loyal to the authorities, today are incredulous about the manifestations of such a “love” of the ruling power elite. The leaders of the most active youth organizations and associations are offended by the government, that it has not kept its promises since the last parliamentary elections. When so much was announced that would be enough for the whole five-year period.

The authorities, on the contrary, liquidated the Department of Youth Affairs in the government of the country. The building of the Youth Palace, which President Kurmanbek Bakiyev personally promised to the youth organizations of the country in December 2005 (!), Does not satisfy the representatives of the country's youth. According to them, there must enter with a detachment of rescuers. A lot of complaints from youth organizations are also caused by the state youth support program. According to representatives of the youth wing, the Republican Party of Labor and Unity, the $ 24,000 that the government allocated in 2006 for youth policy, in per capita of the young population, is 1 cent per person per year. This miser, according to them, you can not even comment. They sarcastically responded, let the government give the money to the more needy. Because the youth organizations of the country, regardless of the form of their activities, have long since received serious financial injections from abroad. Therefore, on the eve of the possible parliamentary and presidential elections, the political forces will have to seriously fork out in order to entice one of them to their side.
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