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Murad Aytakov (Ashgabat)
This year there will be no graduates in Turkmenistan. Neither school nor university. After returning to the 10-year education system, all those who studied under the truncated Niyazov program will not graduate from school after 9 years of study, but will go to the 10th grade.

This fact was met, if not with glee, so with the “wide approval” of the whole society. This can be said without sarcasm and quotes. After the Niyazov experiments with his people, things gradually got better, and the people are again ready to give advances to the government. And this is good news. And even the words of the new Minister of Education that the great Saparmurat Turkmenbashi Ruhnama will occupy a prominent place in the education process do not frighten anyone - amid the return to civilized training programs, this nonsense is quickly devalued. It can not but rejoice that the authorities finally removed the oath of allegiance to the president with a self-agreement on self-harm. Although it was done with reservations, de, there is nothing to commemorate the motherland and the president in vain, this anachronism with elements of insanity will not break the psyche of children who used to read "... let my hand wither, let my tongue weaken ..." every day! But the psychological yoke is still hard and clumsily, the authorities are still trying to change life for the better. Maybe in the heads of our rulers Niyazov cockroaches are still running? As in the Soviet joke: whatever car they collect, everything turns out to be a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The authorities have announced access to the Internet, so an hour of work with the Internet costs $ 5, and the Internet café is guarded by soldiers. Whatever the ombudsman, the former nestling nest of a gebuhi.

About Niyazov cockroaches in their heads here said not in vain. That still legal nihilism and disregard for generally accepted norms pops up here and there, actions are still being done that are simply unthinkable in other countries. And candidates of science in the Turkmen government should know about that. Well, it’s impossible for the president of a democratic state to sign a decree “to elect such-and-such chairman”. Nor should the head of parliament be included in the cabinet of ministers, bearing in mind the principle of independence and the separation of powers.

But all this is experienced and removable, it would have been the will. There is such a tradition, by the 100 days after the inauguration a certain result is summed up, according to which one judges the potencies of the new ruler. What he managed to do, what to show, what he managed and promised to designate for the future. Shyly, with an eye to the Niyaz orthodox, the new president is trying to isolate himself from the old one. He will do it for a long time, without a doubt - it will not turn out too briskly, it will seem too indecent in relation to the Kagal who is ready to rush to the theory of racial (nationality) exclusivity of the Turkmen people. But once it will be necessary to become indecent to become civilized.

But while this time has not come. On the front pages of newspapers is still the new leader and no news, except for the affairs of the government and their consequences. News from the fields is not counted yet; so far nothing has given birth to fields after the death of Turkmenbashi. And the last cockroaches all run and run in the heads of Turkmen officials and along the corridors of Turkmen power.
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