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Elena Dorokhova,
Hot march
A diamond stylus (OSH)
If there is August in Russia, then there is March in Kyrgyzstan. It seems this spring will be as hot as the last two. Almost every day, the country's politicians make opposite statements. In general, not to be bored. The new united opposition (although they are still far from complete unity) requires early presidential elections. Although the leader of the united front “For a worthy future of Kyrgyzstan”, Felix Kulov, at his first press conference in a new capacity, said this somewhat confusing: “Our demands do not require the resignation of Kurmanbek Bakiyev, but there is only insistence on early elections, I want you caught this fundamental difference. " What is the difference few people understood. But, there is one important detail, the new opposition movement with a military name is actually headed by two generals Felix Kulov and Omurbek Suvanaliev. Both had time to work in all the power structures of the country.

In addition to the requirements of the early presidential election, the former head of government Kulov made a scandalous statement in an interview with the Delo No weekly that First Deputy Prime Minister Daniyar Usenov once spent $ 300,000 for deputies to approve him in a government post. This statement by the leader of the new opposition movement provoked heated discussions in the country's parliament. Deputies summoned Usenov to the carpet, who categorically denied the fact of buying off the votes of the parliamentarians. As if he had confessed, if he had been invited not to parliament, but to another place. We agreed to the fact that, according to local media reports, the deputies began to argue which lie detector is better. American or Japanese lie detector. The opposition MP Melis Eshimkanov not without sarcasm noticed that even a lie detector would not help the first deputy prime minister, philosophically noting that there is no smoke without fire.

The protege of the country's president Usenov does not lag behind, threatening to sue Kulov for slander. When asked if he had any evidence of a bribe, Kulov pointedly answered that the first deputy prime minister had said about the vote buying in the presence of the president and other evidence. In general, you ask the wrong person, gentlemen, as if by the way an opposition general would like to say.

The ruling authorities are not responding to all statements, silently, in preparation for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit. But, not only they are preparing for the summit. It's like in an extravagant family, where on the eve of the arrival of important guests they do not know what to do with wayward households.

Political opponents of the president are trying to make maximum use of the political situation in the country on the eve of an important political event for Kyrgyzstan, such as the SCO summit. And they even set the next X hour for the president of the country, so that he would decide beforehand where to go and with whom, figuratively speaking. This is April 10, 2007, but as the oppositionists themselves say, the exact date has not yet been approved by everyone.

Thus, Deputy Bolot Maripov, who is known in the country as a man who literally won the deputy’s mandate from the country's eldest daughter, Bermet Akayeva, suggested that the country's leadership and the opposition sign the “Stability Pact” on the eve of the SCO summit. According to the Akipress news agency, MP Maripov even reminded his colleagues of Kipling's story “Mowgli” (!), In which a “water truce” was announced during a drought. The economic results of the SCO summit can become an “economic watering place” for the economy of Kyrgyzstan, the deputy believes. Well, that did not suit the public reading of the roles of the adventures of Mowgli, so that everyone could understand what it was about. Yes, also, the “Stability Pact” is proposed to be signed for a year, and there be that there will be. In Kyrgyzstan, it became a good form, to conclude what kind of pacts, agreements. Then walk with them, as with indulgences, shaking the air.

Waking up from hibernation, the leader of the Ata-Zhurt party, Azimbek Beknazarov, one of the active leaders of the opposition For Reforms movement, proposed an unexpected way out of the debt burden for the country. It turns out that it is necessary to give permission for legal opium poppy crops for a year or two. Further more. Deputy Beknazarov said that “the International Monetary Fund is the big international mafia” according to local media. The whole problem of the country's external debt, it turns out that when he was the attorney general, the president did not give him the opportunity to deal with these “bad capitalists” and solve this problem once and for all.

Regarding the early presidential election, the leader of the Ata-Zhurt party was categorical, stating the following at its press conference in the country's parliament: “Early presidential and parliamentary elections in the country can lead to a repetition of the events of March 24, 2005.” Unwittingly confirming the assumptions that the question of early presidential elections, raised by the edge of General Kulov, would be the beginning of a split in the mixed opposition camp. Where there is a former press secretary of ex-president Akayev, and a former foreign minister, and a former prosecutor general of the post-revolutionary period, and a former speaker of parliament during the rule of Akayev, and offended by all businessmen, and many others. According to the deputy Beknazarov, it’s better “in politics it’s better to sit out for a while and not to make statements in the heat of the moment just because of resentment.” Although, I remember, when deputy Beknazarov was dismissed from his post as prosecutor general of the country, he almost gave a “report to the people” in the central square of the capital.

So far, the “adults” cannot agree and reveal all the cards, representative of the political movement of the youth “Zhebe” Adil Turdukulov, for his part, claims that “there are opinions that the opposition comes to the conclusion about the need to nominate the head of state Omurbek Tekebayev the ministers are Almazbek Atambayev, and the speakers of the new parliament are Felix Kulov. ” He stated this to the agency "24".

The ruling power, in order to prevent a new revolution, has so far transferred the metropolitan police and special services to an enhanced regime of work. The official justification allegedly has information about possible terrorist attacks in the month of March in the capital of the country.

Our reference:

As Newsru.com reported with reference to 24.kg, Azimbek Beknazarov proposed to repay the country's external debt through opium poppy crops: “To solve this problem, we need extraordinary steps. I know that my proposal will cause great controversy. In Afghanistan in 2007 they announced almost officially that they would increase poppy crops. So we need to do so and allow for a year or two to grow opium. After that, all international organizations will be aroused and will themselves offer to cover the country's debt. ”

The deputy also demands to conduct a thorough investigation into the formation of a huge external debt of Kyrgyzstan. “We need to find out how much of this amount was used by Akayev’s associates, how much was paid to foreign consultants and how much was really spent on implementing programs and reforms,” he said in particular.
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