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Who to be?
Svetlana Romanova (Almaty)
Young people of Kazakhstan prefer the profession of lawyer and computer technician. And the specialty oilman has become particularly popular in recent times.

At all times, young people tormented the question - where to go to learn? What to prefer - work for the soul or work with high income?

The times when young people chose a profession, proceeding from the interests of the state, when the desire for material goods was considered unworthy and immoral, have long passed. What motivation are young people guided by now when choosing a specialty and university?

The main criterion today, of course, is considered a high salary. Turning to employment agencies, university graduates claim a salary of 60 thousand tenge (the rate is about 125 tenge for one dollar) and above, considering that this is a normal salary for a young specialist. Therefore, lawyers and programmers are still considered popular professions. Although the labor market is already oversaturated with specialists in these professions. However, most graduate students want to become a lawyer.

Programmers are in demand more than ever, despite the saturation of the market. The fact is that it is quite difficult to become a highly professional IT-specialist, and it is on them that there is a huge demand. The salary of $ 2,000 still needs to be earned by becoming a professional. And this requires time and hard work. As well as the constant improvement of their professional level.

A large number of young people and to the specialties of the oil industry. The rating of the oil industry profession has risen sharply, as the oil industry is developing at a rapid pace. And wages in this sector of the economy are quite high. Education in the oil and gas specialties is quite expensive: from 200 thousand tenge to 1 million 125 000 thousand tenge, depending on the chosen university. Experts warn that in order for a driller to become a true professional, it will take 10-15 years. Professionals can earn up to $ 8,000 per month. Officially it is believed that in the next few years it will take 25 thousand oil specialists.

By the way, one should not forget about good knowledge of English for work in foreign companies. The teaching profession is still poorly paid, and therefore unattractive for young people. Although the state order for pedagogical specialties and was increased, in connection with the transition to a twelve-year education. Schools lack teachers in computer science, a foreign language and, oddly enough, in physical education. But graduates of pedagogical universities do not seek to join the ranks of teachers, preferring to get a diploma and work where they pay more.

The profession of dentist is popular. Young people hope in the future to open their dental offices and work for themselves. Without thinking what else you need to become high-class professionals in this area.

According to experts, the professions related to customs, energy and communications, geology, transport and construction enjoy the attention of young people. When choosing a university, young people pay attention to the rating of the institution. In the oil and gas industry, it is the Kazakh National Technical University named after K. Satpayev and the Kazakh-British Technical University. Future students are called more often than others: Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi (KazNU), Kazakhstan Institute of Management Economics and Forecasting (KIMEP), Abylai Khan Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages ​​(KazUMO), University of International Business.

While a student is studying at a university, he does not give up the opportunity to earn. The most popular "student" professions are waiters, dealers, bartenders and promoters. Students waiters receive from 500 to 2000 tenge per day. Depending on the prestige of the institution. But you have to work 12 hours a day, to the detriment of your studies. Promoters are busy 3-4 hours a day. Praising the customer's goods, they receive at 200-300 tenge per hour. Bartenders and casino dealers earn $ 400- $ 500 monthly, but they have to do their best “to the fullest”.

Specialties that are not in demand among young people: a teacher, an architect and an archaeologist, a musician; professions related to agriculture, athletes.

Oil workers and gas workers, doctors (surgeons, gynecologists and dentists), all construction specialties, programmers, accountants and financiers are receiving increased attention from young people.

According to a third-year student of KazUMOiMya, Alexander Dorongov, Kazakhstan needs specialists of technical professions. “If I entered the university now, I would choose a specialty oilman or a programmer. I am learning to be a translator, but the prestige of this profession is now falling. If earlier our university received 15 groups per translator’s specialty, now there are only 3. The faculty of international relations and the faculty of management and international communications are popular at our university. ”

Olga Erofeeva, second-year student of the Faculty of Philology, Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi: “I believe that the faculty of international relations is still leading in all respects. Although not everyone can afford to study at this faculty. Out of my class, 10 people joined him. Three people for economists, two people for programmers, one for an oil worker, three for lawyers, one for a dentist and two people went to study for dental technicians. These are demanded specialties, and I think that they will have no problems with employment ”.

Vyacheslav Romanov, vice-president of the Association of Professional Education Organizations of Kazakhstan, says that “now the project manager will be in high demand. This is a new promising specialty. Project management is ranked third in the business world. In Ukraine and Russia, such specialists are already being trained. In the context of Kazakhstan, the scope of project management will become a mechanism for improving the competitiveness of the state. We are talking about the training of managers of the modern world level. Young people realize that employers prefer true professionals. Therefore, they are very responsible in choosing the university where they will study. ”

Not all, choosing a profession and university, know where to go to study and poorly represent their future profession. Based on the opinions of parents and the advice of friends, thinking about the prestige and payability of the future profession, you can easily make a mistake and choose a profession to which "the soul does not lie." So it turns out that lawyers work at a flea market as sellers, and translators go to work on the construction sites of the city. Many university graduates say that they will not work in their specialty, because they do not like the chosen profession. It may still be necessary to think things over well and listen to your “inner voice”, asking yourself one of the main questions in your life “Who is to be?”.
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