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Elena Dorokhova,
Oleg Panfilov
“The law is harsh, but it is law!”, Writes a certain Stanistav Romanov on the website Press-uz.info, (link also to the website gorizont.uz) positioning itself as a “daily electronic publication created by the initiative of a group of journalists of Uzbekistan ". We don’t know the list of initiative journalists, the site doesn’t say anything about them, but it is claimed that they are “active, in a new way thinking”. What is "new-minded" is also not explained, but, as it is believed, "the site has a goal - to convey to the global Internet community objective and truthful information about Uzbekistan."

Judging by the number of propaganda articles that appear on the site under fictitious names, the word “inform” inadvertently became the only true explanation of the essence of the site’s activities.

The site has already published its denunciations of our employee, Umida Niyazova, “opening her eyes” to her activities, and on March 27, another “truth” appeared on Press-uz.info about the correspondent of Deutsche Welle radio station Natalia Bushueva. Pathetics - more than enough! “The law is harsh, but it is the law! This truth has come to us from the depths of time. And it is time that proved the truth of this statement. Therefore, attempts to change this axiom in favor of their interests, at least, cause bewilderment, and, by and large, laughter. Because the one who considers himself smarter and infallible than others shows his stupidity and commitment. ”

I cite a large quotation not only in order to return the reader to the times of the Soviet mass media, who stigmatized the dissenters from the Soviet reality with shame, but because of the regular blooper Press-uz.info. “Stanistav Romanov” exclaims: “Doesn’t the whole CEO of such a respected organization know that in all countries the activities of foreign media representatives are regulated by the legislation of the country where they operate? What exists is so simple and understandable for many others, but, just not for Mr. Betterman (the general director of Deutsche Welle - author's note), a thing like journalistic accreditation? If he does not know and does not understand, then I am sorry for the “German Wave”. But, most likely, Mr. Betterman, to put it mildly, is cunning, and simply lies. ”

We must pay tribute to "Stanistava Romanov," he is not distinguished by intelligence, but who knows about the limits of permissiveness when it comes to the authority of such a state as Uzbekistan? Bushuyeva was accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, but she lost it in 2005 "for publishing unverified and slanderous information about Uzbekistan." And who determined the degree of slander and fabrications? The same Foreign Ministry, which imagines itself to be a court and decided that everything that does not please, which contradicts the official point of view - “slander and fabrication.”

This, in principle, explains why Bushuyeva has problems. She, like her colleagues, was warned, and they "continued to violate the laws of the republic and broadcast frankly biased information about Uzbekistan on the air of German radio."

At the end of his article "Stanistav Romanov" completely let himself go, instructively advising Betterman to "bring order to his office". Once again, calling the CEO of Deutsche Welle a liar, the author came to threats: “And if the German tax authorities are interested in this, then God knows what might come out. Including with respect to the CEO himself. ”

Probably, having read these words, Mr. Betterman should be terrified and urgently flee to the Uzbek embassy in Berlin to ask for mercy.

Of course, it is more convenient for the authorities of Uzbekistan to deal with agreeable journalists who come to interview the “himself”, come back with gifts and think that they are well-known reporters who have learned the meaning of a profession that brings benefits - moral and, very importantly, material. Other journalists do not have a chance to survive in Uzbekistan, they are accused of all sins, having unearthed the “facts” from their personal life or non-payment of taxes, even without having evidence, and even more so - a court sentence.

However, the court in Uzbekistan is known for its "independence." Soothes the other - lies and propaganda - a temporary phenomenon, including, I hope, in Uzbekistan. And even the “Stanistav Romanov”, so valiantly attacking Mr. Betterman, is worthy of all respect, as a vivid example of the Soviet era, from which the Uzbek authorities officially get rid of, but continue to persistently maintain.

P.S. At the same time, while this number was being put up, the other side of this conflict, namely, the Deutsche Welle radio station itself, also determined its attitude to this. No, do not think that the German journalists reacted to the reports of “Press-uz.info” and “gorizont.uz” (they probably not only do not read these sites, but also hardly know about their existence) and even more did not enter into controversy with "Stanistav Romanov" (a lot of honor). Simply, as befits a solid and self-respecting media in such cases, they answered all the questions that had arisen in Uzbekistan. Thus, the deputy editor-in-chief of the German Wave programs in Russian, Alexander Varkentin, in an interview with Uznews.net said that the radio station repeatedly submitted all the necessary documents to the Uzbek Foreign Ministry with a request to accredit their stringers, who are not only Natalia Bushueva in Uzbekistan. But the issue of accreditation was constantly delayed, and then completely closed. That is, no one has received accreditation, despite the intervention of the German Embassy in Uzbekistan.

As for tax evasion, “HB” journalists paid all taxes in Germany and blamed them for still underpaying and nobody has the right to Uzbekistan, since Uzbekistan and Germany signed an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation.

Erik Betterman himself stated that Deutsche Welle demanded official clarifications from the Embassy of Uzbekistan. He reminded the Uzbek authorities of their international obligations to respect freedom of opinion and freedom of the press.

“We demand that Uzbekistan take all these obligations seriously and not put obstacles in the way of the work of free journalists,” the general director said.
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