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Have you completed?
Dmitry Alyaev
Normal strange visit
Kurban Ataev (Ashkhabad)
English Syndicate
A diamond stylus (Moscow)
Will it be cleaner after cleaning?
Murad Aytakov (Ashgabat)
For energy, not for safety
Maxim Starchak (Nizhny Novgorod)
Dreams of union
Vyacheslav Tairov (Almaty)
On the death of Avdy Kuliev
Neighborhood Wholesale
Scientist, scientist, Fazhutdinov (Dushanbe)
Shuttle tourism
Irina Galyanova, Ekaterina Korchagina (Almaty)
Have you completed?
As of April 11, the so-called “revolution”, which has already become permanent, continued in Kyrgyzstan (for more, see “No comment” on page 2). It seems that it is needed not for something concrete, but for the sake of the revolution itself: the leaders find out the relationship between themselves, having fun (the rally on the square is always funnier than working), and the mediators between them are beaten by the old tradition . For example, according to I.A. "24.kg", employees of the GTRK, NTS and September TV channels were beaten.
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Normal strange visit
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s visit to Turkmenistan took place almost in the complete absence of media coverage of this event. The stinginess of the leaked information may reflect either the fact that Moscow still does not have a clear position towards the Turkmen authorities, or is ready to offer something cardinal to break the deadlock, but this cardinal is only consistent with the new Turkmen government.
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English Syndicate
The political crisis in Kyrgyzstan has reached its peak. The radical part of the opposition, not waiting for April 11 (this is the deadline that the radicals put to the president so that he could fulfill their demands) began their political hunger strike. According to various estimates, it was supported by twenty to one hundred people. The main opposition rally will be held on April 11 only in Bishkek, in the south there will be no meetings, the leader of the United Front Felix Kulov said at a press conference.
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Will it be cleaner after cleaning?
In Turkmenistan, the president removed the interior minister. For lovers of "conspiracy theories," you can leave the development of the theme of the struggle for power, and it will most likely find its confirmation in changing one of the key ministers who were in the president’s close circle during the transition period after Niyazov’s death. It should be noted that this time, too, by his actions, the president served public opinion, having fallen into one of the painful points of Turkmen society.
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For energy, not for safety
More than three months have passed since the beginning of 2007, and the energy resources of Central Asia have already become the main area of ​​interest in the region, and moreover, the problems of energy have begun to replace security problems. US Ambassador John Ordway was very concerned about security in Kazakhstan, for which he managed to meet with Kazakh Defense Minister Danial Akhmetov at the end of January. Security in Kazakhstan? No, the safety of Kazakhstan hydrocarbons. This topic was discussed by the parties.
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Dreams of union
The President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, again spoke of the need to create a Union of Central Asian States, the idea of ​​which he had voiced before. Will the new appeal to the old topic of the union of states of the region be able to live longer than a few days?
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On the death of Avdy Kuliev
On April 10, Avdy Kuliev died. He was the first foreign minister of Turkmenistan, but he went down in history as the first oppositionist to Saparmurad Niyazov and his regime. Unlike many of those who tried on this title after him, he was not seen either in a bow at the mercy of Niyazov or in any other crimes, except for the right to his own opinion.
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Neighborhood Wholesale
Wholesale markets in Central Asia did not originate from a good life. In the early 1990s, a breakdown in economic relations led to a crisis in production, especially in transport-stalled countries, such as Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Here stopped dozens of large enterprises that provided work for hundreds of thousands of people. And it was the “shuttle” business that became for many of them the only springboard for survival.
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Shuttle tourism
Every megapolis in the world has certain symbols, at the mention of which even a child will involuntarily give out a number of associations: for example, Paris - the Eiffel Tower, Los Angeles - Hollywood, Moscow - the Kremlin ... etc. You can continue this list indefinitely ...
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