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Zero cycle
Dome Hammer (Ashgabat)
The first working visit of the new President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov to Russia took place. They waited for this trip, not only Russians living in Turkmenistan, but also Turkmen themselves pinned their hopes on it. While listening to the news on TV and reading local newspapers, many ordinary people of Turkmenistan, half-eyed and half-eyed, followed the gas talks of the two sides and showed much greater interest in other issues under discussion.

One of them is education. It is no secret that today's education in Turkmenistan, even the secondary, even the highest, is at the lowest level, below nowhere. And it is gratifying that Berdymukhammedov, barely taking up the position of head of state, called improvement of education in the country one of his priorities. Today's middle and high schools are in such a pen that it will take more than a decade to correct what the predecessor of the current president has done with national education.

What did V.Putin and G. Berdymukhammedov talk about when discussing ways to cooperate in this most important area? It turns out that nothing more than the opening of the International University named after Ruhnama and the branch of Moscow State University in the capital of Turkmenistan! The Turkmen leader also expressed the wish that “famous professors and academicians from Russia” should teach at the University of Ruhnama.

Now, if it were possible to glance at this moment into the souls of the Russian president and other participants of the meeting from the Russian side, then I wonder what we would see there? Smile, and even frank laughter? Quite possibly. What kind of branch of MSU and what professors and academics can we talk about if it’s time in the country to open an educational program! Where to strike at the university of international level, if graduates of Turkmen schools, in addition to Ruhnama and poems of "the great Turkmen poet Saparmurat Turkmenbashi," do not know anything else. But who will admit this, and even on the very first official visit to Russia! Although it was not necessary to confess, listening to the Russian, which G. Berdymukhammedov spoke.

But back to the country, to secondary education. Today it is necessary first and foremost to change the school itself, the attitude of children, parents and teachers to it, to increase the value of teaching work, to stop “leaving” school teachers, putting them into everything, forcing them to engage in unusual activities, use them as sort of scapegoats. Teachers are sent for regular laying of flowers to the monuments of Turkmenbashi and his parents (even the term was coined to be “laid” and it sounds in the context as follows: “We are going to be laid today at 10 am”). Teachers use "for mass" in the theater at a performance, in the stands of the stadium during a football match, in parks and squares, where the next round of the competition "Yanlan Diyarim" is held. It is the teachers who are forced to fill the roadsides with themselves, on which the president who arrived in the velayat can drive. At the expense of teachers' salaries, they make repairs at schools, install water supply taps, arrange classrooms, impose buying books written by S. Niyazov, take 10 percent of the salary for a subscription to useless local periodicals in the most predatory way ... And not to go for each teacher and not to ask him for cash, money is simply kept from salaries, forcing teachers to sign the statement. Signed - it means agreed with the amount that will remain after taking into account all deductions. And such robberies not only did not disappear together with Turkmenbashi, but became even more sophisticated. Now teachers who dare to object or write complaints to the new president are threatened against the wall with threats to face trial for slander and slander, and a naughty person can fly from work in two accounts, no one will stand with him.

Over the past eight to ten years, teachers have become accustomed to the fact that the main criterion of a school is not the level of students' knowledge, but their appearance (standard form and tahya on the head) and attendance, not how students respond to the lesson and how active they are, but is there a complete set of books of the Great Serdar in the class, is his portrait hanging, are there other attributes of statehood, how many quotations from the Ruhnama and other wise statements of Turkmenbashi are hung.

And if teachers with experience were forced to please this ideology to produce this same reassessment of pedagogical values, their young colleagues are sure that this is the way to work. In their understanding, everything that, from the point of view of an intelligent person, is turned upside down, is the only correct one. And it's scary ...

In high school, the situation is also far from normal. Study is also secondary, but social, showy life remains the main one. Students can easily be removed from class and sent to the theater all day for the same “mass character” or sent to the facility to be put into operation in order to applaud the ribbon-cutting president; Saturdays and Sundays are available on any day of the week, starting on Monday, in spring and autumn, students plant gardens, parks and foothills. And beautiful students, of which they take someone to the institute in the literal sense of beautiful eyes, long braids and a slender camp, generally fall out of school for all four years, the main occupation for them is to stand in a line of beautiful women, through which they went to pass the current presidents (they say they are thus charged with young energy of the virgins), to be able to shout toasts, to present flowers, to make obeisances and then on the list, in a word, to be able to do what the university education is not required for. But after these deadlines, all these girls receive diplomas of higher education and come to work in workshops, institutions, schools ...

So, back to where we started. Until knowledge and real knowledge become the priority at school and university, until teachers and professors begin to carry out their direct duties, that is, teach and educate, until Ruhnama’s lessons are replaced with normal subjects, until values ​​are reappraised Education - until then, speaking and making plans regarding the opening of an international university and a branch of one of the world's leading universities, the Moscow State University, is simply pointless and ridiculous. There is no need to strive for big things, you have to start small, namely, to face the truth and recognize that education in Turkmenistan is almost completely collapsed and is at the zero mark.

Here from scratch or, in the language of builders, from the zero cycle and everything must be started.
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Lemeshkin Bogdan
[email protected]
05/09/2007, Poland, Lodz
Thank you Sahra for such an interesting, and most importantly truthful article. I graduated from high school number 44 in Ashgabat a year ago. Honestly, I was simply “given” by these lessons of the Ruhnama and everyday trips to the extras. Everything is absolutely as you say. Every day we checked the availability of: forms, tyhy and books of the "Great and Immortal." I am currently studying in Poland, but still on vacation I will return to Turkmenistan. I would like to actively participate in the life of my people and my country. Therefore, I am going to create my youth movement. I hope I will succeed. Thanks again and success in your work. Lemeshkin Bogdan.
Ahmet Babageldiyew
[email protected]
29.04.2007, Fennoskandiya, Shpitsbergen
Spasibo Sexra za xoroshuyu statyu! Pravil'no govorish chto v strane nujno otkryvat likbezy, a tem bolee nujno, tak po kraynei mne kajetsya vo vsex buzax vvodit podgotovitel'nyie kursy na dva goda! Potomu chto reforma obrazovaniya nardyadu so zdravoxranenieyem i oboronoy strany samoe vajnoe v nineshniy period. Zdoxshiy v dekabre "vechno velikiy" Maniakozawr spetsial'no ugrobil obrezovanie i nauku s Turkmenistane, vprochem kak i vsyu stranu, pot 's economics iin' sa 's howto za saparmuratozawr Niyazow ne tol'ko ne xotel obrazovannix iydee i pre iz i like you n iz i like you, i'm i like you, i'm ok u nego kompleks ot kulturnyx !? K tomu je yeshyo u byvhsego teper uje byvshego ljeprezidenta narodu k-oe on podlo nenavidel ... Uvaj. Sexra! Napisala by yeshcyo bolee podrobno kak sredi studentov podbirali konkursantov dlya garema podlogo ljeprezidenta, gryaznogo "vojdya" naroda Bashmelguna S.a.Niyazowa !! Po svedeniyam eto praktika nachalos yehsyo s 1992 goda, s neposredstvennym uchastiyem gospojoy Aksoltan Ataewoy, byvshey utexoy ego 'velchestwa Nejismuratozawra.
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