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Went to chat and never returned
Yulia Kuznetsova (Almaty)
In Kazakhstan, there are about 4 million mobile subscribers and more than 1 million Internet users. Of these, the largest and most active part is the youth, especially in large cities - almost all are “infected” by chat & SMS; "Virus". More and more people prefer to exchange short phrases, communicate using text. The development of the epistolary genre is explained not only by the fact that it is elementary advantageous. This is a sign of the so-called visual culture in the context of mass slang, and the “democratic” ability to express oneself to introverts.

Prerequisites for the development of the chat & SMS; There have been several events and trends.

- computerization of the whole country plus the geographical proximity of the "yellow" assembly (China);

- creation by the national operator, the company Kazakhtelecom, the fiber optic National Information Super Highway, which united the entire country with the network and connected it with the outside world;

- availability of satellite communications for the population;

- development of mobile communication and expansion of the subscriber network;

- growth of incomes of the population;

In addition, an agreement between operators, providing for direct connection and provision of services, in particular, SMS exchange between users of different cellular operators of Kazakhstan of GSM standard, became a great joy for owners of mobile phones. And if earlier, in order to communicate with a friend who was "sitting" on another mobile connection, it was only possible to call him, giving double the cost of communication within the network, then from the middle of 2006 it became possible to exchange short messages. The cost of SMS, of course, is also different. For example, when sending SMS from Beeline to Activ instead of 3.5 tenge, you immediately lose 15 tenge ($ 1 / 118.7 tenge). To save money without responding to the congratulations of friends, or to switch to the services of another operator - everyone should choose their own strategy for rational spending their money.

And, despite all sorts of discounts and promotions of mobile operators, reducing the cost of services, the expenses of ordinary young people associated with the balance replenishment, on average, reach 2,000 tenge per month. Or rather, this is the minimum that is needed so that your correspondence friends do not forget about you, and parents and loved ones have no reason to worry when they receive a short SMS message.

This minimum will increase if you are among those who like to talk and listen, that is, you are using your mobile phone for its intended purpose. By the way, communication in mobile Internet chat rooms today is pretty cheap. Depending on the operator, the time of day, the site and the connected tariff plan, the price will vary from 10 tenge. Naturally, these figures will be somewhat different if the mobile phone is a means of promoting a business.

It is amazing how quickly and firmly the cell phone entered the daily life of a modern person. Even 15 years ago, he seemed to be an element of luxury and “coolness”. Today, attentive apaches call their grandchildren at lectures and ask what to cook for lunch. And this will not surprise us.

The virtual world has firmly entered the real world. A cell phone, even in a remote village, is not considered a wonder, and almost every Kazakhstani resident of a megalopolis has a computer, and every fifth in smaller cities. And because SMS messages, chatting in Internet chat rooms is no longer just a way to exchange information, it’s a modern person’s lifestyle. Communication is increasingly taking the form of icons, emoticons and words mutilated by the Latin font:

- Privet! 4e delae6

- Sigu v 4ate.3axodi. Poobwaemsya. - teenagers are exchanged messages, sitting at one desk.

“Chat is a world parallel to our real. There is still the same: there are friends, enemies, relationships. This world "sucks" its incognito. You communicate with a person, not knowing who he is, what he looks like. Even the presence of a photo does not interfere with the imagination to draw your image of the interlocutor. And then, who can guarantee that he is in the photo? ”- says the girl with the nickname“ Tasty sponges ”, who did not agree to reveal her real name, the queen of one of the chats. “For the first time I appeared in a chat in the tenth grade, but then live communication was more important: parties, courses, school — all this took a lot of time. Entered the university, calmed down a bit. I found myself in writing SMS-ok friends. Then she went to the chat ... and still in it. Not yet disappointed. ”

If you translate the word "chat" from the English language, then this is just a chatter, a friendly conversation. However, visiting a chat room called “lawlessness”, you begin to doubt the “friendly” tone.

It is difficult to display the exact number of chats, even more difficult - the number of their visitors. Moreover, the registration takes only a few minutes. This means that you can travel from chat to chat, communicate with people not only from Kazakhstan, but also from the entire CIS, establish relationships, ruin them, arrange weddings. In the chat, as in the same cauldron, both old and young cook. Moreover, all communicate on equal terms. And for those who avoid living communication, this world becomes real. He frantically presses the keys of his phone and looks forward to answering.

Today, psychologists are sounding the alarm. Virtual life absorbs the minds of Kazakhstani teenagers. People living next to each other are depreciated, and their chat room chatters (chat room — the chat room where Internet users rotate) are easily replaced by a new type of communication.

“To explain the phenomenon of non-verbal communication craze, or rather, its virtual type, it is necessary to note the main reason - the technotization of society,” said Dauren Kultayev, psychologist of psychological and educational counseling in Almaty. - “The last fifty years, there has been a sharp decline in the number of reading population. The 20th century brought television, radio, the Internet into our lives, and they successfully replaced in man the need to read and use literary language in speech. Now most of us use the same words, turns of speech, all as if by patterns. Agree, to speak well, you need efforts to interest the interlocutor, sometimes you need to use facial expressions. With online communication, it all becomes unnecessary. A smile will replace a couple of characters, and who sees there, you smile or not? And at such moments, speech itself becomes a secondary element. There is such a term - a violation of communicative activity. It is this diagnosis that can be made to the majority of our officials and managers of companies accustomed to giving instructions through the same Internet.

Not to mention the great importance of family culture in this matter. Today, when the main task of parents is to provide their child with everything they need, the moment of verbal communication with him is completely missed. Not enough time to praise or scold him. At school, even oral exams are replaced by tests. Therefore, being at home alone, the child resorts to a new means of communication - a mobile phone or computer. ”

Meanwhile, the Internet is full of life:

- Who will bring me home? I am so drunk ... - this was the way the “new” Olya was sitting in the chat.

Sustav responded. Did he bring it to the house - and remains a mystery. After only a month, one more of the regulars of virtual life under the nickname Priest solemnly took promises from the “newlyweds” both in grief and in the joy of being together and so on until death. Even kisses exchanged. And it became one "cell of society" more. Well, that did not have to officially register. "Bride" is only 15 years old.

“Honestly, I have already managed to wander through many chat rooms. But she did not dare settle on Kazakhstani. It is very inconvenient to use them, ”admitted“ Cutie ”, without taking her eyes off the display. “There are more people there ... now we have three hundred people.”

And try to imagine all the "stuck" in the chat rooms. A huge army of people with crazy speed snapping keys of computers and mobile phones. What is it? Addiction?

“I can talk all night long. I'd rather not sleep well, but how much positive! Yes, I chat every day. But addiction will not name it. If my account runs out of money, I do not run to replenish the balance, as if for a dose. But as I “load”, I’ll go to “chat” again with the already such “Beast”, “Neither й й yder” and others, ”shares his thoughts“ Tasty sponges ”.

And now, tips for newcomers from experienced Kazakhstan chat-rumshchikov:

- when entering information about yourself, do not skimp on interesting facts. They catch and hold the attention of interlocutors;

- invent an interesting nickname (pseudonym). Believe me, the chats are already overflowed with “Mashami” and “Dashami”, and even if you are “Sunny”, you can be ignored. So excel in your measure of corruption;

- do not think that interest in you will wake up after you, even if it is very cultural, send someone. Rudeness is not in fashion today.

In general, there are some rules of communication in chat rooms. And they are about the following, consisting of several mandatory "NOT":

- DO NOT use obscene language;

- DO NOT offend the chat user;

- Do not flood (in other words, do not write nonsense);

- DO NOT upload photos, very reminiscent of a portfolio of porn stars;

- DO NOT advertise;

- DO NOT challenge the decisions of moderators (VIP-users who monitor the chat, can throw out unscrupulous users or block them for a while).

Follow these simple rules and you risk in the virtual chat world to become completely “yours” among hundreds of others like you.
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