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National design
Svetlana Grudnitskaya (Almaty)
“- Do you have greenback flags?
- There is.
- Are they merry?
- Come on - get rid of ... "

From unchecked phone call
in "Goroformenie".

May 7 in Kazakhstan is celebrated Defender of the Fatherland Day, although the population continues to celebrate this holiday out of habit on February 23. On December 16, Independence Day began to be celebrated more regularly; it had not yet taken root on October 25 - Republic Day. There are other dates to become new sacramental. This is a good and necessary thing - people need holidays, especially now, when we are working hard not for the state, as it used to be, but only for ourselves. And everything would be fine, citizens, but different thoughts are about this. Even worse, when you fixate on one thing - color, symbols.

After all, before, with that still power, how was it? They hang around only with red - and neither you are yellow, say, or green, or even some merry color. Postcards, again, as if on a selection - if we say, the Day of the Revolution, then there is either an Aurora with a gun and a beam, or Lenin on an armored car, or “1917” is written. Well, maybe something else, but only slightly. May Day, too - unit, May, dove for a change.

And in all this - nowhere to the side, no, no. Local designers (as they were called) were sent various brochures, posters and other explanatory and prohibitive literature. Say, you do not invent anything there, do not invent a bicycle, and everything has been thought up and approved for you long ago. No fantasy and amateur will not show, you know. This, they said, is a state matter! In both.

Moreover, they engaged, that is, the Bolsheviks, that is, the standardization of folk art and the suppression of fantasy almost immediately after the overthrow of the autocracy! Immediately you emblem - bang! Moreover, Malevich was different in his new government with his own sketches. Choose - I do not want! Here you have a proletarian sword and what the soul desires. And the rulers they sew! Sickle, they say, and the hammer is still nothing, and we, all the rest, as in the business of knowing that a pig in chocolate doesn’t understand anything, will give the capitalists to the unfinished from the island of Malta. Because, heard, there is only in some kind of heraldry and understand. And the creators and innovators went not lonely. Immediately hacked them all the initiative in the bud. They did not let her germinate and bloom in full color. So now we admire the "Black Square" and nothing more. And imagine what could be a wonderful coat of arms?

And in all the way! No need to make a barrel-organ, you still do not know how she scribbles there. There was a “holy trinity” - here Marx, Engels, Lenin, all with beards. They are accustomed to celebrate a religious procession - May Day demonstration. Scouts are running through the woods, apples in the gardens are stealing - we called them pioneers. Money and they did not specifically invent! Let them say what denomination they were, such things remain, even the color was left so that the people would not be confused. And how could such power ever survive for so many years? This is not interesting to live, there is no place for creativity to turn around! Under the old regime it was impossible, the new one came — hello again to you. Where the artist go!

So we were then stagnant everywhere, even in the brain. But they grumbled, pictures approved in small cells increased, and they believed that the end of this mockery, sooner or later, would come.

And so, it happened - you can! Fifteen years have passed, but still, that comes to mind, then create! Freedom, citizens, complete! As they say, for what they fought, they ran into it. Everyone can now hand to the national image, because how to take something suitable for use nowhere, and why. We are already known and recognized everywhere in the world. Remember the first passports? And here we immediately all the conventions of the shallows and wrote “Kazakstan” in English without h. And what? We do not want to be called, as everywhere written down. And nothing that our overseas customs said to our citizens that there is no such country and even Google cannot find it. Here are stupid, right? This is so impossible with you here, but with us this infringement is over. Then they corrected, really. One woman in the trolleybus told me that their ministers had called ours and had asked them not to violate the reports.

The emblem of Kazakhstan, too, initially turned out to be somewhat eared - the wings there strongly protruded to the sides. Everything would be okay, we will get away with it, and we had to redo it - when the president stood against his background, it didn’t work out nicely, although the mood of the unconscious comrades added.

And the rest of the anarchy recklessly, sorry, made a reservation, freedom is complete.

There are no symbols of official celebrations - you want an Arabic octahedron draw, and if you like, a Golden Man. Just do not get it wrong, I have nothing against it and fully support it. And the fact that it is incomprehensible to someone, why he climbed onto a leopard with wings, so I do not understand anything about it. Allegory, probably - he wants to fly, and we are with him. Or vice versa - let's see how you can now with such a load. In general, let us not be confused. And in an extreme case, we will then put the Man side by side - let, like a border guard with a dog, guard our conquests from various inquisitive ones. Get used to, we say them, to live and think in a new way. Sightedly, so to speak. Here, money is new for you typed. Everywhere it is like - portraits of figures of some kind, writers who no one remembers and does not know. We passed it safely, burned on it, that's enough! Who is Abaya reading now? Yes, and with the face value of insults can be - who what. Who wrote more, or what? And over time, maybe Harry Potter will have to draw on "one hundred thousandth." And forget about all the old stuff - we will become the new buildings. There are no problems for the foreseeable future - we will build such a thing, God have mercy!

Although the stones are underwater here, as in every good cause, there is. Here, for example, in Denmark. There, as it turned out, the same democracy, as with us. And they decided to paint someone, I will not say, you remember. Nobody told them what to do it without, because the image of the state may suffer. Well, let's do it, who it seems. And what happened? Confusion and only ... Then they apologized that, they say, they wanted it better, but the sediment remained.

So, it would be nevertheless necessary somehow to streamline this business, to do, so to speak, the corporate style of the fatherland, any pictures, on the Internet, perhaps, to post. And then, if we rely on our taste and desire to decorate everything, so we will screw it up - dear mother!

In the meantime, it's not too late, have fun and rejoice, citizens, with all the colors of the rainbow! Draw and decorate as you like and anything, show imagination! Everything is allowed, because no one cares.
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