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Elena Dorokhova,
Right-hand, lottery and poet
Bostanov Justice (Almaty)
One day, while buying newspapers, my friend became an unwitting witness to the dialogue between the newspaper saleswoman and one of the buyers. They talked about the demolition of houses and the hype that unfolded around him. “I’m looking through the newspapers,” said the saleswoman, opening the number of a certain publication, “I enjoy reading about the protests and outrage of the inhabitants of the houses being demolished. Oh, I'm so glad, but I’m still waiting when they come to us. Everyone is afraid to stay on the street. ”

- I wonder how you will be evicted from your own home? - My friend intervened in their conversation.

- Why? Yes, easily!

- Have you ever wondered: why have you not been evicted yet? After all, this did not happen only thanks to those people who write, protest, resent - he answered her and noticed that she was a little embarrassed, and the buyer, not wanting to interfere in this conversation, immediately left.

“Yes, I know,” she sighed, agreed.

- Well, do you know that those who write are the least at risk of losing housing?

A somewhat perturbed saleswoman, having recovered herself, began to answer.

- Everyone does his job, and the job of journalists to write about it.

- Are you sure? - a friend was indignant: - A good half of the speakers are in your defense, so that you can then quietly sell newspapers not at all for journalists, but ordinary citizens who do not write for money.

- Young man, I agree with you and thank them. But understand, I am very afraid: I have children and, if I begin to speak openly, they can be hurt, and the family will not understand me, - and she sighed, remembering the fate of the girl who fell victim to political terror.

I think it makes no sense to retell the whole dialogue of my friend with the hawker. He conveyed the essence of this meeting as follows: Adilet, you know, you are right - society lives in constant fear, people remember one death and for some reason immediately identify it with theirs. Why do you write - do not they demolish you?

Unfortunately, in the words of my friend sounded the logic of modern Kazakhstan society, living by momentary interests. And such, alas, is the life of many: complete hopelessness, indifference to what is happening in the country. It's a shame that people whose houses are being demolished are openly protesting, being in captivity of fears and stereotypes. What is there to right-hand drive cars, when a woman who is about to be left without a home, passively awaits this terrible hour and justifies her inaction by taking care of children?

But today we will speak not about the order of the annoying demolition, but about our society and people who are not indifferent to this world.

People in society are divided into those who set the rules of the game, and those who play them. I have already said that a free individualistic society, by creating its own rules of the game, itself contributes to the overall progress. Equality of views, equality of interests live completely independently on the level of an idea. We, having gained independence, we think that we have found freedom. But what is she, this freedom? Freedom, when people are captured by imaginary fears, sneak by reading the independent press, they are terrified by what is happening in the country and dream that these horrors will not affect them, but be spared. At this time, at the other end of the city, a mechanic pours oil into a bulldozer, which, perhaps ten days later, it will demolish the house that was illegally taken from someone. And some “right handed” one will rush past, in the cabin of which an indifferent manager will be sitting, not paying attention to the fences along the road, which have already surrounded someone else's houses. He will only think that in some twenty years he will become the full owner of his already paid apartment from cinder block and Chinese alucobond. At this point, the lonely heroes will desperately fight off the police, who are detaining them for handing in petitions in defense of this very hawker, whose house will be demolished very soon, in order to build a mansion for an indifferently speeding creditor of a bank that owes itself.

However, even in this urbanized picture of indifference and acquisitiveness there is a place for bright dreamers who secretly make plans for the common end of the ashes and ruins, eager for the equality of the “right-handed” ladies and the owners of the world.

I want to believe that the resolution of existing problems and the awakening of people's consciousness will occur on their own, or, unable to bear it, one day someone will take it hard to wake him up. And after all in a society there are a lot of those who are not indifferent to the fate of the country and the fate of people. Reading the independent press, I increasingly find interesting articles and opinions of citizens concerned about what is happening in the country on its bands. The very independence of this press was created thanks to the rare but sincere, and therefore very attractive impulses of the souls of the few I write about.

Once I ran into an article of one, and then another, I realized that in fact the society is replete with indifferent people. Friends often reproach me: after all, society doesn’t care, and to be not in the mainstream and lead a non-conformist lifestyle is stupid. Like, it is better to do this somewhere far away, where society is prepared. Alas, being in captivity of stereotypes, they are unlikely to stand with me on one side of the barricade, without risking to change the imaginary happiness of the right rudder and the loan for ephemeral thoughts of equality and justice. It is this buffer that is an obstacle, a barrier for those few who are trying to fight against the few in whose hands almost everything is concentrated. The wealth of the country, its wealth is with them only with the connivance of the "right-hand drive" society. It laughs when it comes to wrestling and rallies, but in reality it is ridiculous in its “right-hand drive” judgments. After all, a hawker, afraid of the most ephemeral fear, will be waiting for a newly oiled bulldozer in an embrace with her children, and then she and her whole family will fall under this bulldozer of life.

As long as there are free societies in the world and countries in which rights are respected, they will always want to emulate them. Many who have been to the Emirates immediately pay attention to the wealth of not only the indigenous population, but also those who serve them. Simple owners of the country, and not only relatives of the sheikh, frolic in “left-hand drive” jeeps, testing their strength, and receive education abroad. They are not surprised by the fact that in the center of the megalopolis, in a circle of interchanges, there is a house, the owner of which did not agree to give it for any money, and its constitutional rights of the owner were respected, even to the detriment of the notorious state needs.

Probably, I am writing this for the few who understand me, who, perhaps like me, are looking for ways of confrontation, struggle. Sometime, when the degree of national self-consciousness is over the top, when cities are surrounded by a wall, when the last dying “right-handed” car goes out, then the people will follow the leaders, those who will fight for equality and happiness, the right to live decently on their land, for the right to think about future generations who lose this right in view of the total sale of everything and everyone. The time of leaders will come, the era of heroes who are now in the minority among the crowd, but tomorrow they will follow them, behind us.
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