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Elena Dorokhova,
No 5 (5) May 2005
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Restless stability
Dmitry Alyaev
Unstable immunity
Nigora Bukhari-hit
Chronicle of two weeks
Kazakhstan: twenty years later
Anna Stepanenko, Sabirov
Jaroslav Razumov
Gozel Taganberdieva
Restless stability
Many observers believe that the Kyrgyz version of the change of power is hardly possible in Uzbekistan. According to them, if any popular demonstrations take place in the country, then there will simply be no one to lead the people and all these unrest will spill over into an uncontrollable crowd revolt, which can lead to dire consequences.
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Unstable immunity
The change of power and the development of the situation in Kyrgyzstan is still actively discussed by the public in neighboring Tajikistan. Of course, these events are perceived ambiguously: some of them are alerted, others cheered and reassured. The first category includes the ruling elites of Central Asian states, which the epidemic of “revolutions” spread to the region could not but be disturbed.
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Chronicle of two weeks
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan issued a note of protest sent to the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in the republic. It notes: "Rough insinuations of individual Kyrgyz politicians in the Republic of Tajikistan are perceived as a manifestation of political incorrectness with respect to the neighboring state."
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Kazakhstan: twenty years later
The reversal of historical events in the attempts of a coup of state power in Kazakhstan begins its countdown from 1986. Kazakhstan became the first republic to be part of the USSR, where mass disorders took place in recent history. True, then, in fact, there was no attempt at a coup - the protesters had a goal not to overthrow the power of the communists, but to express an attitude about the appointment of a new first secretary from Moscow.
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A new opposition is forming in Kyrgyzstan. A group of prominent politicians nurtured under the rule of Askar Akayev left its ranks to merge with the authorities. On March 24, the opposition dealt a crushing blow to the vertical of power and ... to itself.
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Is the development of the political situation in Kazakhstan possible according to that variant, as happened in Kyrgyzstan? This issue has become a major issue in the republic when analyzing the political processes taking place here recently, after the well-known events in Bishkek.
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After a series of “color” revolutions in the CIS countries and a number of harsh statements about the “last dictatorships in Eurasia” on the part of the US government and international organizations, many rushed to write not only Belarus, but also Turkmenistan as candidates for the next revolution.
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