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Oleg Panfilov,
project Manager,

Dmitry Alyaev,
chief editor,

Roman Zyuzin,
webmaster [at] cjes.ru

Adil Dzhalilov,

a diamond stylus,

Nargis Zokirova,
zokirova77 [at] mail.ru

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in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
not disclosed

Lyudmila Burenkova,
technical editor,
lyuda [at] cjes.ru

Elena Dorokhova,
No. 18 (62) September 2007
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Oleg Panfilov
Who is against?
Bahodur Zoirov (Dushanbe)
"Union" has fallen
Nargis Zokirova (Dushanbe)
Disgraced servants
Kakamurad Berdyev (Ashgabat)
Stripping dissatisfied
Raikhon Akhmedova (Tashkent)
Life without power
Vyacheslav Tairov (Almaty)
Green contest
Dome Hammer (Ashgabat)
Free payment
Zarina Yusupova (Tashkent)
On September 21, an election campaign began in Uzbekistan. The elections themselves will be held on December 23. The nomination of presidential candidates, according to the law, should begin 65 days before the election, that is, October 19.
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Who is against?
In Tajikistan, in the opinion of the authoritative Russian newspaper Kommersant, there are not and there were no prerequisites for a velvet revolution. Because, according to the publication, local authorities took timely measures to curb the vigorous activity of opponents, literally disarming them in a figurative and direct sense of the word.
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"Union" has fallen
During the September visit of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to Tajikistan, a joint statement was signed by the presidents of the two countries and five more documents defining further cooperation between the two states.
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Disgraced servants
From the time of the late Perestroika and ending with the palace coup after Niyazov’s death, there could be no question of any legal political political pluralism. First, under the guise of a mandate from the CPSU Central Committee, and then by the presidential mandate, Niyazov clearly formulated his attitude to a multi-party system and democracy in general in one of his keynote speeches back in 1991, when he announced the launch of the 10 Years of Stability program.
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Stripping dissatisfied
Everything is calm in Baghdad ... and the official statement of the Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan Mirza Ulugbek Abdusalomov about the beginning of the election campaign for the presidential elections, which are scheduled for December 23 this year, is not interested in electronic media.
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Life without power
The Kazakh opposition, analyzing the results of the election campaigns of the last three to five years, will most likely get rid of illusions more and more. The opposition’s chances of coming to power are less and less. The authorities in Kazakhstan make it clear that only those who are in power will be able to win in the country. At the same time, the government behaves exactly as the society allows, more and more frustrated in politics and politicians.
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Green contest
The academic year in Turkmenistan is gaining momentum, the first month of autumn is ending. The university entrance exams, about which so much has been said since Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s nomination as the next president of the country, were left behind, the applicants, becoming students, took places in the institute’s classrooms, and the losers returned to everyday life, but it’s time for us to sum up some results introductory campaign.
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Free payment
The Constitution of Uzbekistan, which promises free medical care, acts according to the principle of our Uzbek OCP - I will, but then, maybe ...
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