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Stripping dissatisfied
Raikhon Akhmedova (Tashkent)
Everything is calm in Baghdad ... and the official statement of the Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan Mirza Ulugbek Abdusalomov about the beginning of the election campaign for the presidential elections, which are scheduled for December 23 this year, is not interested in electronic media. No political platforms, no agitation on the walls. No televised debates ... Nothing foreshadows the upcoming presidential elections. Once again proving to fellow citizens that everything in power is under control. All will decide for you and choose the one you need. Sleep well, dear comrade!

People apathetically look at the endlessly rising prices of food products. It looks like the cost of flour and butter, soaring at times, concerns the population more than the upcoming elections. And indeed, a triple increase in prices - what is not a PR move? And without that, an apolitical people began to think only about their daily bread. This is so reminiscent of the nostalgic "if only there was no war ..."

And who should go into politics? At the moment, three people have declared their intention to run for president. This intention appeared exclusively in the electronic version, which is also significant. Here they make up the appearance of democratic elections. There is no real opposition to the current government, and apparently it will not be. It is even ridiculous to hear from people fantasies about the fact that the country will be headed by none other than Alisher Usmanov, who will suddenly stop the senseless spending on English football and support the nation. This is our Uzbek Abramovich, some say, approvingly clinging their tongues. In the dreams of a new leader, people tend to choose their master. Such is the property of the nation, rich buy has always been here in honor.

And, of course, Islam Karimov is right in declaring to foreign journalists that all artificially created opposition blocs are doomed. And what is today the opposition? The most popular brands - the party Erk (Freedom) and the movement Birlik (Unity) - the leaders of these parties have long been abroad, and all their statements from abroad are like Bunin in Paris or Solzhenitsyn with his desire to build ... So , although they were sincere. What is not entertainment on a full stomach in a small house in Germany to cry for democratic transformations of their poor fellow tribesmen to death frightened by the Andijan Babi Yar ... All free and united leaders are communists in the past, and this is their Marxist-Leninist gut outraged by the injustice of the current division of state property. After all, before all stealing, and now only a few.

And who chooses and whom to choose? All of these "erki" and "Birlik" call for the presence of the opposition, without any political platform and basis. Officials and teachers of retirement universities who are accustomed to being listened to by the audience. Only they have already stopped listening. And the former services to the Fatherland of the Erkowists and the Birlikists do not allow them to sleep in peace. There is no hurmata (respect) from the current leaders in front of the party bonzes, and therefore the elders are offended. This is a subcortex of their Soviet party education and the essence of their claims to the current leadership.

The notorious Hizb ut-Tahrir? A politically marginal organization that has departed from true Islam and has become a separate denomination named after Akrom Yuldashev. But it is unlikely that one of the acromists will run for president and officially declare their intention. Those who have not yet caught, forever hid. Their relatives hastily change their names and leave their family nests. No one wants to be involved in political outcasts in which anyone can write. People whose distant relatives have been to dubious mosques, and in terrible nightmares wake up flinch. These are unhappy people, doomed to ten years of suffering. Maybe in 50 years the history of Uzbekistan will make them heroes or martyrs. And now, this is not the opposition.

Almost all foreign funds safely covered for the lack of registration, journalists-stringers cleverly handled by the prosecutor's office for non-payment of taxes. And the sunk into oblivion funds in general clearly demonstrated the farce of what is happening. Not one, but almost every local fund manager, from those created for the development of civic self-consciousness, was convicted of misuse of funds. Some shocking ladies working for the Western media were interrogated with passion and left, having received European citizenship.

What else could make up the opposition? The working class, since the intelligentsia chose Russia and the West. So there is no his working class. Almost all plants are in decline, and not without reason! The revolutionary force of the working class in the guise of Pavel Vlasov from the school curriculum of Russian literature is far from romantic. How not to be afraid of the official worker raising a cobblestone? Down with the proletarians!

Rural residents will not get into the opposition. The dehkane, intimidated from the times of Adylov, cannot mentally grumble. For this purpose, they are not specially taught in schools, they are specially starved for this purpose ... Yes, only they are sick, exhausted and driven, not that they are grumbling, they will not be able to throw a piece of paper into an urn. For them, this will be done by the chairman, who is intimidated and rigidly instructed by the district hokimiyat. The current generation of rural youth makes a sad impression. These are people from another world. It is also a correct calculation, an echo of the past - an illiterate and humiliated peasant is easier to convince of his wrongfulness.

And it turns out that there is no alternative to the current government. And if they used to say here, “the dog barks, the caravan moves on,” now there is no one to breach. So who will lead the country in the next seven years?

As Lenta.ru reported, “the current term is not subject to the Constitution, the current president does not have the right, but some experts believe that perhaps the country's legislation will be amended, which Karimov will be able to nominate again.” You can, for example, hold a referendum on the extension of the presidential term, due to the lack of candidates and the inability to leave the country to a weak leader. There are several scenarios for this benefit performance, one outcome, known to everyone. A painless transfer of power to another person can be only if it is a puppet of the current president, and he remains in one of the key posts. For example, the Head of the Senate. And the leader of the Upper Chamber may well rule the country, how many years God will let him go ...

Is the West us a decree? So after all, Western observers threw entertainment. The beginning of 2008 was marked by two significant reforms of the judicial system - a moratorium on the death penalty and the transfer to the courts of the arresting functions of the prosecutor's office. Of course, how else to convince the West of the correct line of the current President?

Will Russia support Karimov? Why not? The Americans were expelled, they shared gas ... Ideally, the official Tashkent in the direction of the Kremlin speaks of a desire for transformation and a better life. True, how do they express themselves, these transformations? Russians have not been oppressed for a long time. They themselves do not seek power. The old live, children are trying to push out to Russia or to train in the branches of Russian universities. What about Russia before us? So they themselves have so many personnel changes in the government and elections, and the Olympics! In this regard, Moscow, I think, still with what trick, Karimov will remain in power. And he most likely will remain. And I would like to think that without pyrotechnics or something else from the repertoire of the theater of military operations. Since political stability in an eastern country with clan feuds is a fragile thing.
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Alisher Taksanov
[email protected]
I am sure that five parties will declare: we have no candidates. Three self-promoted to be sent to a psychiatric hospital, or put in hooliganism. No one will speak openly anymore. Therefore, the parliament will appeal to the president with a request to go out for a new term, and he, having sighed, will have to “violate” the Constitution — the people ask how to refuse? And there will be a gerontocrat I.Karimov to govern Uzbek socialism.
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