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Green contest
Dome Hammer (Ashgabat)
The academic year in Turkmenistan is gaining momentum, the first month of autumn is ending. The university entrance exams, about which so much has been said since Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s nomination as the next president of the country, were left behind, the applicants, becoming students, took places in the institute’s classrooms, and the losers returned to everyday life, but it’s time for us to sum up some results introductory campaign.

Recall that the future president promised to conduct fair entrance exams, allow everyone to attend, and only admit students to the most deserving ones who can become highly qualified specialists in the future. During the admission campaign itself, at one of the meetings of the Cabinet of Ministers, addressing the heads of law enforcement agencies, the president demanded that they monitor the situation in the strictest way and identify all cases of violations of the law, in other words, prevent extortion and bribery. One such case was made public when a teacher at an agricultural university was convicted of bribery. And a person who held a high position in one of the regional divisions of the trade union committee of education workers gave a bribe, although in this case he acted not as an official, but as a parent who wanted to attach his offspring to a higher educational institution by all means. We will return to this occasion a bit later.

In a word, the people of Turkmenistan had high hopes for the current reception. In particular, the fact that their children can go to university for knowledge, not for money. And this despite the fact that the competition turned out to be huge - the average for the country was 11 people per seat, and for individual specialties the number of applicants was off the mark for unrealistic marks ... Especially inspired by Turkmen applicants and their parents is the fact that from this year Ashgabat was held in a number of Russian universities. This gave, above all, hope to graduates of schools with the Russian language of instruction, because all universities in Turkmenistan, without exception, take entrance examinations in the official language.

The enthusiasm of potential students began to fade away during the admissions campaign. One after another, the institute’s audience was left by the young men and women to whom the members of the selection committee indicated the door. It is impossible to analyze every single case of such a “failure”, but dozens and dozens of people from Ashgabat, Dashoguz and Lebap provinces, from other localities told how teachers directly or indirectly hinted at money and made it clear that the reason for non-receipt was insufficient the amount paid for the receipt of money or even in non-payment.

Many people believed that this year there would be few people who wanted to do it, because there was no school graduation today, and therefore they paid 5, 7, 8 thousand greens in full confidence that this money would certainly be enough for their son or daughter. However, during the exams, it became clear that the stakes were much higher than those in previous years. This time in the country there was not just a competition, when they consider how many people claim one place, and a bribe competition - who will give more.

Maral K., who entered the Polytechnic Institute at the Faculty of Architecture, was preparing very seriously and relying on her own strength. But her parents decided to insure themselves and, through an intermediary, handed over to the “necessary person” $ 9 thousand. Maral perfectly passed the compulsory drawing and came to the second exam, for which she was also sure.

“I wasn’t given even 3 minutes to get ready,” says the girl, “they called for answering without preparation. I began to tell, good knew the topic well. But the teacher stopped me and said that my nine thousand is not enough for admission, that if I want to study, my parents should bring 4 more. I said that we don’t have that much money that I was waved at with a pen ... ”.

At the law faculty of the Makhtumkuli State University, the stakes turned out to be absolutely sky-high and amounted to $ 25 thousand and above, they also asked for the oil and gas faculty of the Turkmen Polytechnic Institute. From 15 thousand paid in the medical institute, double-digit foreign currency "estimated" knowledge of students in the Faculty of Tourism at the Institute of Sport and Tourism, at the Institute of Transport and Communications, at the National Economic and Azadi Institute of World Languages. Even in the Agricultural University, which was not very popular lately, the amount of bribes did not fall below $ 7-8 thousand.

Unfortunately, the heads of Russian universities did not send their admission commissions to Turkmenistan, but they donated the enrollment of applicants to their Turkmen colleagues, the same, in turn, discarded in full.

Alexander R. filed documents in the famous “Sponge” - the Moscow State Oil and Gas Institute named after Gubkin. He began to answer the ticket with confidence, although he, like Maral, who entered the faculty of architecture, did not give time to prepare.

“Suddenly, they stopped me in half a word and made me answer in Turkmen,” the young man said. - I replied that I finished school in Russian, and I am also going to study at a Russian university. To which I was objected, they say, I pass the exams in Turkmenistan, therefore, I must answer in the state language. ”

But Ashgabat Maksat T. the story happened exactly the opposite. He also handed over to a Russian university, albeit to another, Almetyevsky, but also an oil and gas profile. The guy began to answer the ticket in his native language, because in Ashgabat he rents it, not in Almetyevsk. To which the teacher ordered to answer in Russian. The guy hesitated, picking up Russian words, and that was enough to send the applicant to the door, pointing him to a weak knowledge of the Russian language. The main reason was the fact that the parents of these young people did not pay anything for admission.

Totally comical, and perhaps tragic, this is from which side to look, the story happened to an official from the branch committee of trade unions of educators. We call this gentleman a false name Muhammet, so as not to cause him even more pain and shame.

So, Muhammet gave money for his son to the agricultural university in the amount of $ 7 thousand. During the exams it turned out that this amount was not enough and the failed student was sent home. The father decided that the money would not go anywhere, he could be picked up later, and flew home with his son to his velayat. They did not have time to set foot on their native land, as they were called into the prosecutor’s office. Did they give you a bribe? They did and did not unlock it, so we found the list of those who gave it plus a record of a telephone conversation with the recipient of a bribe, and we also confessed to it.

Muhammet and his son were sent to the Prosecutor General's Office to testify, and not only about 7 thousand had to be forgotten, but an urgent search for another one and a half to hush up the criminal case ...

These people know the laws, know how to write a statement to the prosecutor's office and competently conduct a conversation, but they follow the path of least resistance and therefore, it seems to me, the most responsible for the level of corruption that takes place in the field of higher education. After all, if there is a demand, why not offer?
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